Microsoft Reseller Program – What is it all about?

The Microsoft Reseller program is a program that enables small businesses to sell Microsoft software to end users with the benefit of being able to procure software at substantially lesser prices when compared to the street prices, and to be able to gain substantial revenues on the sales of the software.

The Microsoft Reseller program opens up the market in a substantial way to both Microsoft as well as the individual retailer by bringing them both closer to the end clients in a good way. With piracy being rampant in the software world, having such a close connect with the clients helps in the overall effort to curb piracy and to drive more legitimate sales and increased revenues for both Microsoft and the authorised Microsoft Resellers.

Microsoft Resellers are eligible to sell all Microsoft branded software (or as defined by the reseller Agreement) including desktop solutions, cloud solutions, office solutions like Office 365 and so forth). This brings a whole wide range of sales opportunities for your business and a lot of scope to properly target the consumer market.

Becoming a Microsoft Reseller is more or less a straight forward process.

The first step involves you signing up to be a Microsoft partner and joining the partner network. You need to satisfy a few eligibility requirements, and you’ll be good to go. However, this is more easier said than done.

Developing a credible software sales business requires tons of hard work and a determination to penetrate the market. This means that you will have to put in a lot of paper work and be able to convince Microsoft of the benefits of making you a Microsoft Reseller for a particular region. Working with Microsoft as a Microsoft Reseller will reduce a lot of the effort for you when it comes to marketing the software products simply because of the sheer weight that the Microsoft brand carries.

Being associated with such a brand of great repute helps you focus on the main aspects of expanding and sustaining the growth associated with the business rather than having to focus on the minutiae of advertising and building up a brand image. This is a novel business idea for anyone looking to get into the software sales market.

However, like every business, being a Microsoft Reseller does not guarantee business success. But the added bonus is that you get to ride on the successful brand image that Microsoft has built up over the years, as well as the wide range of software solutions that they offer to a wide variety of clients.

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