Why You Should become a Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller

The education is the backbone of any country. The use of Information Technology in education is getting popularity in developing countries. Not only the student but also business people are adopting new IT technology in developing countries. The Microsoft Education Reseller products are very popular in developing countries for their user friendliness. Although, the students and business people of developing countries are mainly using pirated products. It is not like that the students and business people are doing it willing. The education institutes and offices are not purchasing licensed version of Microsoft reseller products because they are not available and only limited companies are suppling those products. But, it is gaining popularity to use of licensed version day by day. Therefore, there is a huge market in developing countries for Microsoft seller products.

It is very difficult to get attention as new IT Company in developing countries. As a new IT company,it will become a gold mine if it become a Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller. Because Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller will meet the academic and business customers’ growing needs in working environment.

A new IT Company can delivers educational and business solutions that enable users to get proper service and helps to achieve the optimal organizational processes.As Microsoft Corporation is a well-known brand, it will increase the brand value of the new established company as a Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller. It will show the commitment and specialism of new company in the academic and business IT marketplace and demonstrates its knowledge of Microsoft and its academic products.

Microsoft Corporation is always provide discounted Microsoft academic products to students, which will become a strategic advantage for new company with limited resources.As a licensed Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller, it will be helpful for company to buildlong-termrelationship with other companies, which may bring new opportunities for the company.

Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller will help to grow business and reach target customer as aspecialist of this sector. The personnel of new company will get world-class training from Microsoft Corporation via online. This training will increase the strength of the company and it will help to offer services that is more satisfactory to customers. This training will help IT Company to understand the latest products and services, which will get more market share in future. The new IT Company can attract more customers with this training and certification and it will increase its expertise on specific field.

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