Mobile Apps Marketing

Mobile Apps marketing is all about the total number of downloads, participations and retention, as long as you are able to maintain a good numbers in each category, your business will definitely able yield good ROI from the mobile apps platform.

Increasing Downloads

  • Ensuring your apps is downloadable in all available platform such as playstore, itunes,etc.
  • Clean and acceptable branding and presentation
  • A hook – The reason to download
  • Wide coverage, ensuring everywhere knows that your apps is available – (This is where Scotts DIGITAL comes in)


  • Creating giveaways, freebies, contest and games within the apps
  • Update new contents frequently
  • All enquiries, suggestions and feedback by the participants will need to be attended immediately
  • Refresh the feel of the apps every 6 months – 12 months


  • Good mobile apps interface
  • Serves the purpose of users
  • Ensure what the apps is worth the time of the users, in short – giving more than what is expected
  • Push notification is great but do not overuse it.

 The Master Plan Reveals……over here