Modern Feng Shui Tips

As we progress with the modern world, it also changes the way we interact with other people. Due to our fast-paced lifestyles and busy schedules, we often forget to take care of our Qi. A Lot of people also try to be practical as this saves time and money. For those people that are more inclined to modernity, here are some few tips on practicing Feng Shui in the Modern World.

  1. Repairing Broken Items

Broken Items are considered unlucky in Feng Shui. When things are broken, it also breaks the good flow of Qi. An example of this could be fixing squeaky doors with lubricant. This is also practical because it gets rid of the ear-screeching noise. You can also throw away any unrepairable items such as broken glasses and plates as this can cause injuries.

  1. Applying Fresh Paint

Feng Shui incorporates colors as a great way to bring in Qi for a certain purpose. That is why it is good Feng Shui to have colors within your home to bring in harmony. When there is harmony, Qi will certainly bring in positivity and good results. For example, people with Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth should prefer gold or green colors. If these colors are present in your surroundings and are looking dull, chipped or cracked then it is practical to apply a fresh coat of paint using the same color. This is very practical because it brings in beauty and lets Qi flow through more vibrantly.

  1. Removing Clutter

Sometimes it is unavoidable to hold an emotional attachment to a certain object. This can be a chair that was your favorite, or a clothing item that you have had for a very long time. An example for people with Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth can be piles of papers, inkless ball pens and highlighters is considered as clutter. It is best to remove these as Feng Shui states that these cluttered objects will collect stagnant Qi. Think of it as sticks blocking the flow of a river. The sticks halt the flow of water, causing harmful effects to inhabitants at the bottom. Try to sort out junk from what is important.

  1. Natural Ventilation

Always wipe down windows to remove any hand marks usually made by children with oily hands, or dust it to remove the buildup of grime and smoke particles. If you are living in an urbanized location such as a condominium, you can close windows and let the natural sunlight come in. Taking care of your windows is very practical because due to the natural wind and sunlight, it saves money too. This is because you wouldn’t need to turn on any air conditioners or lights. A great for people with Direct Wealth as they are really focused on where their money goes!

  1. Adding plants

Natural or Artificial plants bring in a great amount of Qi. For people with Direct Wealth, adding plants can enhance prosperity and good luck. It can also serve as great home decoration as well as an air purifier!

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