SEO Marketing – How to On page SEO

SEO Marketing – How to On page SEO, In this video, I will share with you a brief idea on what is on-page SEO.


SEO Marketing – What are the social media you ought to use for SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing – What are the social media you ought to use for SEO Marketing, I will list out some of my favourite social media platforms you can used to have a …


Test Your Diabetic Sugar-count with min pain – TRY This!

SAFETiCET is a safety lancet designed primarily for pricking the finger for blood glucose sampling. By reducing the pain and challenges of using lancets through such unique design features and packaging.

SAFETiCET promotes regular self-testing amongst people of all ages and backgrounds, and ultimately aims to save lives.  With an total achievement of 8 Accolades, including President’s Design Award 2016, SAFETiCET has proven its ability to help and improved diabetics’ condition needle by needle.

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Hydrogen Therapy @ only $38 per hour RP: $120 per hour. (1st timer Only)

Hydrogen Therapy @ only $38 per hour RP: $120 per hour. (1st timers only)

Hydrogen Hydrogen is an element which is present in all the fluids in the human body which allows the toxins and waste to be transported and eliminated. Nutrients are also transported to the cells, joints remain lubricated and subsequently the immune system is able to function well. If you are stressed out, have problem sleeping, deep eye bags, try our hydrogen therapy to feel a difference.

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Singapore Lobangs

Top 10 Lobangs in Singapore

Learning Swimming At the Comfort of Your Condominum/ Private House pool. Learning Swimming At the Comfort of Your Condominum/ Private House pool. 1 to 1/ Group swimming Lessons for Kids / Adults Why learn from Us? – our coaches are STA/ASCTA certified . – Patient & friendly – lifesaving 1-2-3 certified – AED & CPR certification – Non Swimmers welcomed – Female Coaches available(additional cost apply) Not Staying in Condo? No problem at all! Preparing for SwimSafer test? We will work with your child to ensure they are ready. You can attend the lessons at my condos pool 1) Toa Payoh 2) Bedok Available Slots – Mondays evening 6.30pm to 8pm – Saturday 10am to 6pm – Sundays 10 am to 4pm – other dates pls contact us. Contact us at 93804197.

Income Tax Computation & Form C submission from $250 Income Tax Computation & Form C submission from $250 You need Advice on tax payment due dates upon receipt of the NOA? Have you submittedForm C and Form C-S for company income tax return?

Have you file your ECI? Aware of key Compliance Deadlines for IRAS & ACRA? Our services • Accounting Advisory • Assurance & Audit • Business Advisory • Corporate Secretarial • Human Resources • Offshore Incorporation • Taxation Services & Advisory Avoid Last Minute Rush or Late Filling Penalties Call us @67023226 WhatsApp us @90308905 For more information please Visit our page at Or send your enquiry to
Love yourself. Pamper yourself – Classic Gel Manicure @ $32.90 nett. Be ready to be pampered liked a Princess with FREE Scrub and Massage for the true enjoyment of our Classic manicure service. Your nails and cuticle will be taken care of while you choose a Gel Polish of your liking! If Nail Art is your thing, you will sure be impressed by our well-loved experienced nail artists, amplifying on your X-Factor with beautiful and exclusive nail designs! Call 8161 3322 to make an appointment with us, or visit
Hydrogen Therapy @ only $38 per hour RP: $120 per hour. (1st timer Only) Hydrogen Hydrogen is an element which is present in all the fluids in the human body which allows the toxins and waste to be transported and eliminated. Nutrients are also transported to the cells, joints remain lubricated and subsequently the immune system is able to function well. If you are stressed out, have problem sleeping, deep eye bags, try our hydrogen therapy to feel a difference.

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Test Your Diabetic Sugar-count with min pain – TRY This!

SAFETiCET is a safety lancet designed primarily for pricking the finger for blood glucose sampling. By reducing the pain and challenges of using lancets through such unique design features and packaging.

SAFETiCET promotes regular self-testing amongst people of all ages and backgrounds, and ultimately aims to save lives.  With an total achievement of 8 Accolades, including President’s Design Award 2016, SAFETiCET has proven its ability to help and improved diabetics’ condition needle by needle.

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Where to buy LED lights in Singapore

Are you looking to buy LED lights in Singapore and do not know where to buy, here are some recommendations and methods you can use to find the recommended lighting shops in Singapore for your LED lights shopping.

1) The Lighting Shop Paradise

Travel to Balestier Rd and you can see a strentch of LED lighting shops at almost every end of the road. Lighting shops such as:
  • Chan Huat Lighting House at 391 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329797
  • Balestier Lighting, Balestier Hotel, 471 Balestier Road (S)329842, 329842
  • Unique Lighting Pte Ltd 509 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329848
  • Extreme Lighting 371 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329788
  • Light Connection Pte Ltd 609 Balestier Rd, s’pore, Singapore 329907
  • Strass Lighting 501 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329844
There are many more lighting shops along Balestier Road itself, so shop around and you maybe able to get some good bargains, many of the shops are very traditional lighting shops and the owners can be quite old. Hence do be prepared if they do not speak good English. However, some of the older lighting shops had been handed over to their 2nd generations and apparently some of them are pretty modern and updated in terms of technology and speaks good English too.

2) Local Reviews

Another way to search for good LED lightings in Singapore is to use local reviews such as Google reviews and search for LED lights or Lighting Shops in Singapore or some keyphases surrounding LED, Lighting shop, you should be able to see some local listing as the one below. Go through each of them to see their reviews, see their reviews whether it is good in an average, be careful of fake reviews too. If the reviews sounds too good to be truth for the lightings shops, usually it is! Haha…Just be careful when you see Google reviews, it can be manipulated by the owners or marketing companies too… If the company has a Facebook page, you can go to their FB page and look at their reviews too. If the lighting shop Facebook page do not have any reviews at all, be very careful. Likely they have deactivate the reviews as some people have given some bad reviews on their lighting shop Facebook page. There will be some “reasons” for them to deactivate the review section in the Facebook page.

3) Google Wisely

Many people use Google to search “Where to buy LED lights in Singapore”, “recommended lighting shops in Singapore”,”LED lights Singapore” to search for some good LED lights suppliers. As a professional SEO coach and SEO consultant, I know that getting listed in the first page is pretty easy and possible for any “bad” lighting shops. Hence, from a professional point of view, I may suggest to you that being on the top 3 of Google in the major keyphases such as LED light singapore, LED ceiling lights, ceiling lights singapore may not mean that they are the really “recommended lighting shops in Singapore” or the best LED Light shops in Singapore.

4) Check their website

Check the LED Lighting Shop website thoroughly and see if they do put some attention to their branding, the quality of the photos and do they have any reviews over there. The most money and time they have spend on the website, higher chances that they are of good quality lighting shops in Singapore. You can also see the website AGE to see when the website is register so that you have an estimate on how long the website is around. Goto this website and key-in the website address, you will be able to see exactly when the domain had been register. This will give you an idea how old is the domain and possible how long they are in the LED lighting industry. Btw, if they do not have a website at all, please do not buy LED lights fromh them. In this era, if a business cannot even afford a website, or even DIY their own website, that shows how insincere they are in their business.

5) Checking the “Top 10” listing for LED Lighting Shops

If you notice, there are some blogs and articles related to lighting shops that are listed in top 5, top 10 or top 20 of a specific title such as Lighting shop. Do be mindful that the purpose of the websites that writes such articles are trying to bring you to their website. Google ranked such website very highly and because of that, the authenticity of the ranking and the lighting shops mentioned in there may not be 100% accurate. There are cased where the LED lighting shops pays the blogger or website owner a fee to be listed there too! Hence, do be very careful when you are looking at blogs that reads “Top 10” lighting shops in Singapore… The listing may not be too accurate at all.
Forte visuals Reviews

Forte visuals Reviews

Forte visuals is a wedding videography Singapore provider and the reviews from the public are as follows: Engaging forte visuals as our actual day videographer was such a pleasant experience! My family and friends sang praises on their work and we all had so much fun! We love their unique style of work and trust me,no regrets engaging them. Once again, thank you Junior – Goh Noriko We engaged Forte Visuals for our wedding day in Oct 2019, so this post is long overdue. What I liked about them is that they never rushed us throughout the day. They gave incredible creative suggestions and captured all the raw & candid moments of our actual day. It was a long and hot day, but they never once complained. What I loved most once I got the full video was all the little messages from our loved ones. There was also a scene of us walking down the aisle, but I loved how they captured our friends laughing & with us in the background, which really made my heart soar. They also managed to capture all the humour that we wanted to inject in our wedding without making it look too cheesy. Thank you Junior & Hong for completing this wonderful experience!! Natasha Lim For someone who has high expectations on videography, I must say it was a pleasure trusting FV with our pre-wedding shoot. Right from the consultation stage, the team was very friendly and constantly experimented with fresh ideas to make our video “unique-ly us”! The best part is that most of the footages were candid, where we just did our “couple thing” while they worked their magic on us! They were prompt in delivery without compromising on the quality of work. In fact, it was sooo good that our only comment was that we wanted to see more of it! A video teaser is simply too short and doesn’t justify their good work and collective efforts of the day. Such great work needs to be appreciated by guests on our wedding day and we’re definitely playing this keepsake on replay.
Thank you Junior and team for skilfully capturing very precious and beautiful moments that we would cherish for a lifetime  Samantha Kaylee Whang Had an amazing experience with Forte Visuals for my wedding earlier this year – Junior and his partner were punctual (even when we weren’t), and extremely dedicated and patient in making sure they captured every moment sufficiently to give us a brilliant video as a memento of our special day. Don’t hesitate to engage them for their videography services if you’re looking for a team who will make your vision come to light! Sabrina Wong Our prewed & AD PG & VG were all done with forte visual. When we first met the team, we felt that they were a bit young but we eventually went along with Forte Visual as we like the videos and photo that the team produces. Prewed Photo was taken 4 mths before our AD in feb, during the shoot, the team was lively and friendly. It made us feel very fun and relax despite the hot sunny weather. we specially LOVE the photos taken in VCH which turned out amazing! The prewed video made our guest laugh so much cause it really reflects the couple we are in real life and it was really well taken
🙂 When approaching the AD we were a little worried as the team of 3 was down by 1 person but the guys did informed us 2 weeks in advanced. The most challenging part was that we had solemnisation right before dinner, it was almost impossible to include the snippets into our AD highlights. Michael proved us wrong and told us to give him a little time to add it in. Our AD highlight was not the typical video that you will see in other wedding, it was filled with emotions and had all elements of our actual day, we simply love it. Thank you for the great job Forte Visual, it was our best decision in engaging you guys! IDy Chua We engaged Fortevisuals as our videographer after doing a detailed research. Their style of shooting is very interesting and different from many other vendors. Junior is our videographer. It was a pleasure to work with him. He’s very professional, friendly and easygoing. We love the SDE video and looking forward to receive the full edits. Would definitely recommend fortevisuals to those that are getting hitched! Low Likhoon Huge thanks to FV for making the entire video experience fun and memorable. You guys were true warriors – battling the crazy sun trying to get the best shots, carrying heavy equipment, and going the extra mile to facilitate our speeches on film. It was a busy day with tight schedule yet they remained energetic throughout the day & did what was needed to. Their passion and dedication to their craft (definitely more than a job to them) is impressive! Highly recommended! Dwayne Chai We engaged Forte Visuals and had the young and talented Junior film our pre-wedding videoshoot back in June. He was very prompt in replying to our inquiries and was friendly and approachable from the very onstart. He made sure to find out what we had in mind and also showed us some of his work to provide us with some ideas. Junior did such an awesome job in the video editing that the final product didn’t show a single bit of our awkwardness in front of the camera! It was simply amazing what Junior could produce within a relatively short span of time and it left us in awe. We absolutely loved the video and I just couldn’t stop watching it on loop! 😍 This video will definitely serve as one of the many precious moments for us to look back on. It was a pity that Junior’s schedule was already booked on our actual wedding day so we couldn’t have him do our AD shoot. 🙁 Highly recommend Forte Visuals for pre-wed or actual day videoshoot! Felicia Huang Engaged Forte Visuals to do my ROM highlights video which I played during my AD on 4th feb! I would highly recommend them as they were really affordable but yet delivered brillantly. I think they are pretty new hence the rates but Junior and Micheal are very experienced in this field. During the shoot, we also felt very at ease with Junior and left everything up to him. Love the end result and only slight editing was added after the first draft. Joanna Tay Superb service, very friendly people, professional and super helpful during our wedding! We had the pre wedding video shoot and same day edit. Stephen and Choon Yong had really gone all the way to take beautiful shots of us on our special day & even occasionally assist us for our admin, even though they didn’t have to. Awesome experience!!! Lim Ting Hui Lucas It was a good experience to work with Forte Visuals.The wedding Photographer, Jaya, was very professional and put in a lot of effort to capture every moment in the party on his own. He initiated in approaching guests themselves to get group and several candid shots, We received the edited photos promptly from him and all the guests loved all the photographs a lot! We would definitely recommend them to our friends and family. Thank you so much for capturing the memories of the event beautifully! Vaibhav Kumar We had the chance to work with Forte Visuals and we love our ROM video! Despite their ages, Junior and Hong are really talented and put in their best for their work. The video turned out beautifully and exceeded above and beyond our expectations! These young talents should definitely be more recognised for their hard work and undeniable skills, and we cannot recommend them enough! Thank you for capturing our special day so beautifully, Junior & Hong ☺️ Desiree Jw Tan Me and my husband are so lucky to be able to engage Forte Visuals for our ROM and actual day shoot. The guys are prompt in their replies, and they are able to deliver high quality work despite the short time frame. Most importantly, the crew is able to capture the true character and dynamics of our relationship in the photos amd video. Totally recommend them to everyone who is looking for wedding videography and photography!
😀 thank you @[378650315647112:Forte Visuals]! Lynn Lim Yu Jing 3 months before my AD I engaged forte visuals for my pre-wedding shoots, 1 month before my AD we did the filming, and now it’s 2 days after my AD I’m still loving it!! Sincere thanks to junior and team for brainstorming the video concept with us, and actualizing our concept! They are committed to their job and never fail to deliver what we want! Goh Judy We came across Forte Visual through online and fall in love with their work at first sight, and have decided to engage them for our solemnisation video. The team is filled with young and energetic talents that were so wonderful to work with throughout every step of the process (from our first brain-storming session till the big day itself). We did not meet Junior in person, but Stephen and Hong did a great job in capturing moments that are candid and intimate. They were professional, passionate and truly have a keen eye for details. We love the end product and only did a few minor changes upon receiving the first draft. We have also received numerous compliments from our guests. Thank you for the wonderful experience and video!❤️ Hwee Jie Hello! Just had our wedding recently and my husband and I would like to give a big shout out to our videographer Junior and his colleague Hong! We are really impressed by their professionalism and thankful for all the help and advice provided even before our actual day. Our SDE was shown during our second march-in and both our families and friends were impressed at the speed and quality of the video whereby it also included scenes of our solemnization that was just held before our evening banquet! Video was very well edited with creative captions that really bring out the morning highlights. Really thumbs up for making this possible within a short time! Our full day highlight was sent to us very quickly after our wedding. Very thankful to Junior for making all of us feel at ease around him and capturing all the emotions and essence of our big day with his expertise. Video was beautifully synchronized with the songs we chosen and we can’t stop replaying it again and again! The entire day videography and communication was a breeze with Junior and we really enjoyed the overall filming experience with him and Hong right from the start of discussion stage to delivery of final video. Would highly recommend Forte Visuals to our family members and friends who are getting married! Jazreel Chua We found out about Forte visuals and yip mage moments online and contacted them. After viewing their works and seeing how awesome the end result were, we decided to engage them to be our actual day videographer and photographer. It turned out to be the best decision ever. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event so it is important u choose the right person to document the many special moments. They were very prompt, engaging and accommodating. They made sure all went smoothly throughout the day and made us feel comfortable. We highly recommend their service! A big thank you to stephen for directing us well and doing your best – you were awesome! 😊😊 Vanese Ng We were sourcing for a wedding videographer that suits our style and came across Forte visual’s profile. My videographer, Junior was very warm and patient as he kept us relaxed during our prewed shoot as well as AD. His team made the whole process engaging and smooth, our videos turned out really candid and natural! My husband surprisingly shedded a few tears while watching our video🥰 Overall we are satisfied with their service and professionalism, as they would readily go the extra mile to capture these beautiful memories. Heartfelt thanks to Junior and team!💞 Cherie Linghui Soh This will be a joint review for both VG and PG! I will like to thank PG Matthias and VG Stephen for their incredible skills on my wedding day! We engaged Visual Forte in BOWS after deciding them over some other studios. It was the best decision we’ve made. Matthias and Stephen sat down and went through their portfolios with us. They did not do hard selling like the one we forsaken. Both of us really like how their photos and videos turn out and how easygoing they were! A few days after signing, Matthias liaised with us in confirming our casual shoot that was included in the package. I was intrigued as I’ve never heard of casual shoot inclusive in AD packages. With a curious heart, we went for the shoot. The weather was not in our favour as it rained the whole afternoon. We managed to secure some nice photos. Thinking that the causal shoot was over, we went to plan out AD schedule. Out of surprise, Stephen contacted us requesting for another shoot as he did not get enough shoot for that day! I know it sounds like a silly thing to be shocked at, I mean you might think because we have already paid them, this was the least they can do but I know there are some VG who couldn’t care less. Therefore I was quite taken aback when Stephen initiated another shoot. That second shoot was absolutely delightful! We gotten a lot of better videos that was used in SDE. On the AD, both of them arrived 15 mins earlier and they did a quick set up in order not to affect the auspicious timing. Their photos and videos captured the best moments of my wedding. Being as easygoing as they were, they did not make any request for their lunch and only asked for a simple dinner meal which we forgotten as we were very occupied with the dance for 2nd march in. They did not make a fuss and even asked us to concentrate on the wedding. When we overshot the timing, they did not argue or leave abruptly. Their professionalism wowed us. I will definitely recommend them to any of the BTB and GTB. Thumbs up!
Jaylin Huang
Definitely no regrets engaging Forte Visuals for our Pre & AD wedding! They’re really awesome and thanks to their great personalities, we were very comfortable w them! From the beginning to the end, they offered support, guidance & advices which helped us a lot! Their experiences & professionalism allowed us to stay relax and enjoy our special day! They are really talented & genuinely love what they do (which is evidently showed in their works)!
Many many thanks to Junior, Michael, JJ & Jaya for capturing beautiful memories that will stay in our hearts! Good job guys! Nicole Pang You can check out some of the video they have done before below:
SEO Top 10

Top 10 SEO Agencies in Singapore

Looking for the best SEO company in Singapore? Here are some suggestion by Dougles Chan, The Kisau Marketer

As a business, you only want one thing; to saturate the market as much as possible. With the advent of high technology and social media, each business is now able to reach out to a vast market. Each brand has a chance to be known to the billions of people surfing and browsing the internet every day. The issue now is with each and every company using the internet as a marketing platform, how would your business stand out from among the rest? The answer: resorting to the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies there is.

SEO is not as simple as it seems. In essence, SEO is optimizing your company’s online media channels such as its website and social media pages so that it appears on top of every search engine like Google. Being on top of internet search sites means that customers will get to see your website first whenever they try to search something that you sell or provide service for. For you to be able to do that, complex strategies must be applied. You have to deal with keyword density, search engine algorithms, reputation maintenance, and regular online activity.

Of course, you will have to hire the services of the best SEO company in Singapore to succeed. But not all SEO companies in Singapore are the same. Different strategies yield different results, and not all are effective. You also have to consider the price and the quality of the SEO service they provide. For you to make the right choice, I managed to make a list of the top 10 SE0 companies in Singapore. Each of these companies in the list can provide you with high-quality, effective, and personalized SEO approach with very reasonable prices.

1. Scotts Digital 

While many local SEO Singapore agencies share a common mantra about being in the “TOP 3”- “Your business deserves to be in the TOP 3” and so on and so on. While ranking is a huge part of what SEO agencies are about, reaching the top ranking is only the beginning.

Even if you’re among the top search engine SEO Singapore results, hypothetically there will be an influx of visitors, but how do you manage that interest?

Big questions aren’t solved with stock answers

How do you convert that interest into sales? What are your selling points and how do you make them work for you? Those are questions that rarely have the simple answers. That’s why Scotts Digital’s SEO Services are here to help you answer those questions with custom-tailored solutions that work especially for you.



Address:             146 Robinson Road Level 8 Singapore

Contact No:       93880851

2. Reelmedia

Reelmedia is a company that uses SEO as a part of a bigger strategy to make potential customers visit your company’s website. What they do is that the company creates unique, interesting, and high-quality content that is then shared to giant multimedia platforms such as Facebook and YouTube which has backlinks to your website that visitors would then click on. As content are shared by netizens, the wider your audience gets and the higher the potential of website traffic. Not only does Reelmedia provide your website with high-quality blogs and articles that keep readers hooked, they also create informative and fun videos that people get to watch. Keywords are strategically placed on every content to ensure that your website is on the top of search results all the time.

Speaking of videos, Reelmedia actually specializes on videography as the primary means of increased website traffic.                 They banner video marketing as their main strategy to reach out to the highest number of potential customers. They have video production services and video marketing packages that has the potential of increasing website traffic without additional costs.



Address:             46 East Coast Rd. #07-03 Eastgate Singapore 428766

Contact No:       5272655

3. Digibrand

Digibrand is an expert in terms of lead generation. The company employs a variety of means including viral marketing to ensure that as interest from potential customers build up, the contents they create live up to the hype and eventually convert to a good ROI. They successfully incorporate this strategy to their main services such as web development and digital marketing. They effectively use SEO techniques that not only pushes the website up the rankings but also generate a large amount of following and increase website traffic as a result of viral campaigns through social media websites such as Facebook and YouTube.

Digibrand offers other IT services that focuses on increased ROI such as web development and maintenance. They also banner the service Gsuite, which is an all-in-one shared cloud drive which improves workflow and efficiency in the workplace especially if the group is created virtually. The company also provides e-commerce strategies and assistance to help company start-ups.



Address:             25 Kaki Bukit Road 4, #06-44 Synergy@KB, Singapore 417800

Contact No:       6527469

4. Novage

Novage is mainly a web design company. But their approach to main design is not just aesthetics and flashy graphics. For Novage, a good website is a website that drives traffic, generate leads, and makes sales. This is their approach in providing their clients with their web development services. They can also improve your company’s existing website by strategical placement of SEO techniques, unique and interesting content, and also apply SEM (Search Engine Marketing). All the while creating a visually stimulating website design.

Novage also provides other services such as Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing, E-commerce management, and other tools to ensure that your company can get the highest possible visibility in all media platforms. They also have a dedicated technical support team for you to contact anytime for any assistance. The company also provides a website analysis for you to monitor the performance of your website and to make the necessary adjustments to improve it further.



Address:             The Commerze @ Irving 1 Irving Place, #09-01 Singapore 369546

Contact No:       67444064

5. E-Alchemists

In terms of SEO strategies, E-Alchemists does not just have a vast arsenal of optimization tools, but is also an expert in using those tools appropriately. The approach of this company is to understand the client deeply; what does it sell, the target market, and the preferred approach, before giving a comprehensive proposal of the effective SEO strategies needed to make it work. Its not just about having the right tools, it is also having the right usage and approach.

Part of this company’s huge repertoire of SEO techniques are local SEO, website optimization, mobile phone SEO, landing page optimization, and great SEO strategized content including unique articles and videos. But prior to launching any of this strategies, E-alchemists employ analyses such as SEO monitoring, SEO consulting, market analysis, keyword research, and targeting. All of these to ensure that each strategy will yield the best possible results.

Along with the SEO expertise, E-alchemists also offer website development and design, website maintenance, and many more. And if you are unsure of what your company really needs, you can contact them to have a no-obligation chat where the company can provide you with everything that you need to increase the online visibility of your company.




Address:             55 Market Street #10-00 Singapore 048941

Contact No:       68718921

6. Rapidcloud

As the company name connotes, Rapidcloud is one of the premier cloud computing solution providers in Singapore. But the company also excels in website development service and employs effective SEO strategies for increased rankings in search engines such as Google. Not only do they provide top-notch SEO services, but they also ensure that all the strategies applied to comply with algorithms necessary to maintain the rankings organically without having to shell out more money. They also provide analysis, monitoring, and qualitative and quantitative results that can be measured. Their website maintenance service is very reliable with a tech support that is easily accessible.

Their one-year SEO packages include research and analysis at the early stages, a selection of the number of keywords, a certain period of keyword optimization, and website page optimization in which there is an option of as to how many pages of your website you want to be optimized. The company also provide keyword research to ensure that you use the most effective keywords for your website and also conduct website audit and competitor analysis.

The company also provides services such as link-building, RSS feed generation, URL structure optimization, HTML sitemap creation and search engine submission, and site performance analysis. All of these are essential to ensure that your website has employed all the means necessary to increase traffic and generate leads which equate to an increased ROI.



Address:             2 Leng Kee Road, #05-09 Thye Hong Centre, Singapore 159086

Contact No:       68839555

7. Serpshake

Serpshake is a digital marketing company that focuses on customer satisfaction and success more than anything else. The company prides itself with highly effective SEO services tailor-fit to each client’s marketing needs at the same time ensuring that they comply with the highest standards and norms of online etiquette for the sole purpose of keeping the client from any violation, penalties, and from being removed from the rankings.

The company invests in research and analysis of Google algorithms to ensure that its clients would get the most out of it safely and organically, meaning to say for no additional advertisement costs. They employ keyword research, create an online marketing plan that suits the client’s business, and avoid any automated tools that risks of blasting dangerous links to the website. Everything is custom-made and meticulously designed to meet the clients needs and ensure their safety as well.

Serpshake provides free consultation to discuss with potential clients all the means necessary for them to achieve their marketing goals. The company also ensures that they will only engage in the partnership if they truly believe that they can help the client increase their website traffic, lead generation, and eventually ROI. They also do not engage in long-term contracts so that clients can opt-out of the service if they deem necessary.



Address:             14 Robinson Road, Singapore, 048545

Contact No:       31522423

8. The Verticals

The Verticals is not just a company that specializes in SEO, but also provides a lot of online marketing solutions tailor-fit to the needs of each client. The primary focus of this company is to create organic, safe, no “black-hat”, SEO techniques that ensures lead-generation and increased online traffic. They boast of 15 years of experience in website development and optimization and a compilation of success stories of their previous clients on their website. Aside from effective tailor-made SEO strategies, The Verticals also provide 24/7 SEO reporting system, monthly link report, and page 1 in 6 months guarantee policy.

The company’s strategies include authoritative backlinks, unique and interesting content, social media marketing, and other effective techniques. They also provide other services such as web development, e-commerce development, marketing consultancy, corporate branding, and more.



Address:             1 Genting Lane, #03-01, Singapore 349544

Contact No:       62257335

9. Media One

Media One can be considered as a one-stop shop for all of your company’s online marketing needs. One of their many expertise is SEO, which incorporates ethical and best practices to ensure that rankings are organic and based on “white-hat” SEO practices. The company is so confident that their clients will get their website on page 1 of google within 6 months or less, otherwise the company will not stop working until the websites land at the first page no matter how long it takes for no extra charge. They also provide 24/7 SEO reports that clients can acquire anytime of the day for real time monitoring of the website’s performance. All of these services will start with a no-obligation consultation and keyword research and audit. Once everything is clear-cut and agreed upon, that is where the process will take place.

Media one also provides multimedia marketing, SEM, online reputation management and so much more. They also provide trainings and courses about SEO and Digital Marketing among others. They have a very presentable and user-friendly website where you can get to chat with an online representative right away.

They also have several branches across Singapore where you  can get to discuss you company’s marketing needs in person.



Address:             Central HQ

40B Tras Street S(078979

Contact No:       67899852

Address:             East Branch

70 Ubi Cres S(408738)

Contact No:       67421048

Address:              West Branch

1 BtBatok Cres #08-38 Plaza S(658064)

10. First Page Digital

The name speaks for itself. This company will definitely get your website to page 1 of Google rankings. They are very confident that the SEO strategies they employ will work for their clients that they implemented a 90-day promise of guaranteed results or else they would work for free until they are able to do so. First Page Digital also offers a free 30-minute strategy session with an experienced digital marketing executive which is valued at SGD500. Upon visiting their website, you will see a number of testimonials from satisfied clients.

Aside from expert SEO service, the company also provides other digital marketing services such as Google Ads placement, SEM, Social Media Marketing specializing in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn, premium content writing, and reputation management. All of these strategies are meticulously applied and tailor-fitted to ensure increased website traffic, lead generation and eventually a higher ROI.



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A Top 10 article by Dougles Chan, Kiasu Marketer


Photographers SEO – Top 4 Tips

Advantages of SEO for Wedding Photographers

Are you running a photographer business or a wedding that is looking to get consistent leads and customers?

Do you want to have more photography assignments REGULARLY every single week?

Are you posting or boosting in Facebook almost every single day you in your beautiful Facebook page and still get very disappointing results?

I have a piece of great news for you!

Provided you are a running a photography business, let me show you some basic steps to use Google and ranked in Google Singapore so that you can have about 20-40 enquiries every week!

(By the way, you know it really works, because somehow you managed to Google and reach this page! LOL)

BTW, just to introduce myself, my name is Dougles Chan, I have been doing SEO for over 15 years and one of my focus client is wedding videography and also wedding photography. One of my wedding videography clients is Forte Visual and they are ranked number 3 in the keyword “actual day wedding videography” in! Not too bad, considered it is in .com, not

Before we begin, I would like to share a SECRET, and this is very important….

Most photography business owners DO NOT DO SEO. Many used traditional and referral marketing to get leads and clients.

So what is so great about this?

Let me explain, please read it carefully. It will make a HUGE difference in where your photography business will land.

80% of the photography business or photographer DO not do SEO, either they do not know, they do not believe, they have no time or simply they are not able to afford the cost of SEO, it can easily take about $8,000-$15,000 a year to outsource SEO to someone like myself.

The 20% of the photography business owner who does SEO, 80% of them will not generate the results they are looking for, reasons are that likely hood, they used the wrong methods of doing SEO, outsource to the wrong SEO consultant or they failed to take into account the marketing and branding process for SEO, there are other reasons why a SEO campaign will not work, I will cover them in another topic.

So averagely only 4% of the photographer business really make money from SEO

Step 1: Choosing your website platform

It is important to be careful on what platform you are using to publish your website, some of the common ones are WIX, Weebly, WordPress, HTML or even adobe.

My recommendation is that when possible, stick to Wordpress. Wordpress is the most user-friendly for Google SEO and is the most popular publishing platform.

If you choose the wrong platform, and if you are competing with other photography business or another photographers in Singapore, your ranking likely will not outrank them, when you are not above your competitors, your enquiries send to your mobile phone or email will get lesser.

Step 2: Choosing the Focus

Here is a tricky situation, I notice many of the photography company or photographers are doing the same thing, they put many services in their website, not only they do wedding photography service, they also do corporate photography service, product photography , wedding photography service and even photo booth!

And yes, those creative ones will add other services such as event organizing, wedding planner, catering……You get my point…

But to be very honest, this is not the best way to do things. Here are 2 directions I can share with you:

  • Google loves websites that has only 1 focus, the better the ranking it will get. But you will argue, I am doing wedding what… no, hear me out, I need you to be laser focus, throw away everything else. If you are doing event photography , just focus on event photography ONLY and Google would love to rank your website higher because it will please the users who are searching for anything that relates to wedding photography. That is the reason why my website focus on one thing only – SEO, nothing else…LOL and Google loves it…. and that is how you get to this page and read this information, anyways lets move on.
  • From the customer point of view, if you are the lady that is going to get married, do you want to get a photography that specialized in photography or someone that is the jack of all trade, someone that is also doing corporate photography service, product photography , etc…The lady would love to have the best wedding moments captured by the expert, the specialist, not someone who knows everything…. seriously~~

Step 3: Your Website Content

I know you would love to showcase all your videos on your website but mind you. SEO is still very much in TEXT based, yes, there are images and videos too, not saying that videos are BAD but I will cover how to use video on step 4.

Many of the Google searches is in TEXT based, hence, make sure your photography website is filled with a good number of relevant text.

When I mentioned relevant text, meaning that whatever “keywords” you are focusing on.

If you are focusing on the keyword – wedding photography, make sure the word “Wedding photography” is inside the content, at least 2-5 times in different places. it can be in any “order”, not a big issue.

If you can put the text on other pages, that will be good too.

If you are choosing more than 5 to 10 keywords above, then it gets a little complex, but anyhow, see below on how you should do the text layout.

Example of how it to write your text on your website

Title: Best photographer in Singapore (Correct)

Title: Best photographer Singapore (Wrong), the grammar does not make sense, so write for the users to read, not for the Google robot to crawl.

Title: Wedding photographer Singapore (Wrong), it does not make sense at all. Even though plenty of SEO expert said you should put the entire EXACT keyword on the content.

Step 4: Upload Your Videos

Yes, you will also need to upload some of the videos you have done for other wedding couples and showcase your ability, choose the best few and put them in the HOME page of the website.

Upload another few in another page of your website so that you have many touch point to the viewers, good for SEO too.

Remember to add about 100 – 200 words of text per video.

Here is a tricky question, should you upload your website to Youtube and embedded them in your website or directly upload in your photography website?

Things to consider:

When you upload to youtube:

  1. Additional exposure, if your video is popular, and if you do create a backlink to your website, it will benefit your website in terms of ranking
  2. Loading time will be lesser (Good for SEO)
  3. You are making Google happy because you use Youtube (Google bought over Youtube)
  4. The video may lead to other competitor videos via youtube
  5. Youtube may terminate your account or delete your videos if there are many complaints

When you upload to your own hosting:

  1. It takes some time to load, not too good user experience.
  2. It will take up space for your hosting if you have a small budget for hosting, not recommend
  3. Complete ownership
  4. Not easy for competitors to upload your proprietorial videos

Well, there are no fixed rule saying which method is the best, it will be very much up to your own preferences.

Step 4: Promote Your Wedding photography Website

Here is the toughest part, you need to promote your website to many platforms, such as Facebook, Linkedin, emails, SMS, whatapps…..and build some backlinks by yourself or outsource the entire process to a third party. It may take a few months of the promoting activities to make your website see some lights and start to get enquires, usually, when any photography company asks me to help their SEO, I will tell them will take about 3-6 months to see anything interesting.

Promote your website regularly but not spamming, it will help in the organic growth of your photography website rankings.

Cheers and good luck in your SEO thing!


Dougles Chan


Pendant Lighting and The Different Types Available

Pendant lighting has become very popular recently. From kitchen islands, to restaurants bars and museums, pendants are seen everywhere these days, perhaps more than any other type of lighting. The simplicity of a single, downward facing light, hung from a single cord, chain or stem, is very visually appealing and attractive. Vivid multi-hued glass designs are often used, bringing a focal point of color to an otherwise uninspired room or space. And many styles are available, including mini pendants, bowl pendants, lantern pendants, drum pendants, and multi light pendants.

Mini pendants are usually less than 10 inches in width, with downward facing light. Very often these are designed with a modern look and style, using brightly colored glass shades. Mini pendants are perfect for use above kitchen counters, bars, dining tables, and other small seated areas. Often, multiple single mini pendants are hung in a series of 2-5 or more. This is a very common sight in modern restaurants and bars.

Bowl pendants are often hung as the focal point of a room, and can be used instead of a chandelier in kitchen and dining areas, entryways, etc. Bowl pendant lighting is usually softer than other pendant types, because the light is diffused through the much larger glass bowl. And because the bowl is open on the top of the fixture, it gives off up and down lighting. For this same reason, though, bowl pendants should always be hung higher than eye level to keep from looking directly into the open top. They are not recommended for area near staircases and balconies because of this.

Drum pendants are becoming a popular new style as well. They are used extensively in modern homes and contemporary business settings. Drum pendants are a short cylinder shaped “drum”, usually covered in fabric or metal, closed on the bottom and top sides, and hung from a stem or cord.

Multi light pendants are usually simply a string of individual mini pendants, hung together from a single mount. They are especially ideal for use over coffee tables, pool tables, kitchen islands, and wetbars.

Finally, lantern pendants are commonly used in any foyer or entrance area. Consisting of glass panels set in a metal frame, these “lanterns” are usually chain hung and may match outdoor lanterns hung at the outside of the entrance.

Pendant lighting can update the look and feel of any space that is being modernized. With the many styles, types, and finishes currently available, you should easily be able to find the perfect match for your room!