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SEO for Etsy, eBay, Instagram and Twitter

Whether your business is 100% online or your storefront is a physical spot, chances are good that you do all you can to boost sales. Here, we’ll review what we regard as the top 20 ways to do just that. We’ve broken things down into categories for Etsy, eBay, Instagram and Twitter. Regardless of whether you’re comfortable with online promotion or you have to ask your high-school sales clerk how to run certain aspects of your smartphone, read on – we’re sure you’ll find tips and tricks to drive your next sales report through the roof!

The table of content of this article is as follows: 

What is SEO?

Before we begin, let’s make sure you’re clear on the basics of this all-important sales tool. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s the practice of tailoring the words in your online posts or website in order to make it easier for customers to find your business.

Google and Bing are two of the biggest search engines. Imagine that you’re a customer searching for a product or service that your business offers. For example, if you sell handmade wooden toys, you might search for “wooden toys,” “handmade toys,” or even “handcrafted toys.” The closer the wording on your site matches what a customer types in, the more likely that your shop or business will be closer to the top of the search results. With great SEO and a decent amount of traffic, your business can turn up on the first page of a Google search. With poor SEO and little traffic, your website might be listed on the 5th, 10th or even 15th page – and we all know how often anybody searches past the first page – never.

With our tips, we’re confident that you’ll be well on your way to taking your business ever-closer to that coveted first-page spot!

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SEO Tips for Etsy

Etsy is one of the hottest websites for entrepreneurs and crafters of all kinds. With everything from handmade bath and body products to clothing and artisan jewelry, it’s easy to see why both creators and shoppers alike flock to the site.

If you operate an Etsy shop and you’re reading this, you may be wondering why you’re not getting the same level of sales as some of your contemporaries. Your products are amazing and you take great pictures to show them off – what’s going on? Chances are good that your SEO could use some work. Read on for how to up those sales and start keeping up with top sellers!

  • Load Your Titles with Keywords Without Sounding Repetitive

    – We’ve all seen product descriptions that read like a never-ending stream of keywords. An example of this for a piece of jewelry might read “Beautiful Womens Ladies Ring Rose Quartz Crystal Jewelry Wire Wrapped American Sterling Silver Handmade Handcrafted Artisan”

Not too much fun to read, right? A properly optimized title for this same piece of jewelry might sound something like “Rose Quartz & Sterling Silver Ring – Crystal Healing Ring – Traditional Wire Wrap Design – Handmade Artisan Jewelry.” It’s easy to see the difference – and a lot easier to read! All the same keywords are included, but they’re not a jumble of words. They flow, just as though you were verbally describing your jewelry to a customer face-to-face.

  • Use Tags to Your Advantage

    – On Etsy, tags are an incredibly helpful way to include keywords that you might be tempted to put in your title, but which make it sound crowded. Sticking with the jewelry example, you might choose to put “Healing Jewelry” in the tags section instead of the title. You might also want to include words like “Crystal Energy” or “Soothing Stones” for shoppers who believe in the power of crystals.

You know your products best – Etsy currently allows thirteen tags, so use up every last one to optimize your sales potential. Using tags like “gift for woman” are also great if your products are fairly gender-specific, and “Christmas Gift” is great for snagging those holiday sales.

  • Optimize Your Shop Name

    – If your shop’s name doesn’t make it extremely clear what you sell, change it! Slightly ambiguous or mysterious names are great for drawing a customer in, but they should always hint at what you actually sell. “Cathy’s Cute Creations,” for example, says nothing about the products in the store. “Artisan Jewels by Cathy,” however, broadcasts your products loud and clear.

  • Include Keywords in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Posts

    – Even though we’re focusing on Etsy, you may (and should!) be running several social media accounts for your Etsy shop. If so, be sure to use your strongest keywords (jewelry, crystals, handmade) in every post. Remember to keep it conversational.

  • Don’t Forget About Descriptions

    – Etsy gives you loads of space for product descriptions, and while they rank lower in search engine results than titles or tags, they’re still a great place to insert your keywords. Remember to keep it conversational instead of crammed, but take advantage of all that space and tell potential customers all about a particular piece of jewelry. Even if you’ve used tags like “Christmas Gift,” you can still add a line to your description saying “Would make a wonderful holiday gift for the special woman in your life.”

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SEO Tips for eBay

While lots of sellers – especially those who work with vintage goods – utilize both Etsy and eBay, the two sites are very different in many ways. There is far less opportunity for promotion on eBay; sellers have to rely on a smaller set of tools in order to promote their goods. This does not mean, however, that you should put less effort into your eBay shop than any other platform for selling. In fact, it means that you should utilize every last opportunity available to turn your shop into a star and earn top-seller ratings. These ratings not only automatically boost where your shops ends up in a search result, but they drive consumer confidence and therefore lead to more sales.

  • Broadcast Your Goods

    – Whether you have a shop on eBay or you list without signing up for a shop, utilizing social media is a must for driving buyers to your items. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are excellent for this purpose. As with Etsy, use all your keywords when you list a new item for sale, announce a discount or let buyers know about virtually anything in your shop.

  • It’s Okay to Stuff Your Titles with Keywords

    – eBay is less formal than many similar sites, and more like a flea market. It allows buyers and sellers to haggle over price, for example, and shoppers are used to seeing titles stuffed with keywords – a red flag on many other sites. Use this to your advantage. For the sake of maintaining a professional appearance, do your best to keep titles sounding conversational. However, you can worry a bit less about it than on Etsy. Use dashes to separate keywords – this makes your titles easier for shoppers to read.

  • Fill In All Item Specifics

    – If you’re not familiar with Item Specifics, you’re losing out. This is the section which allows shoppers to pare down their search to find what they really want. It’s one of the simplest ways to optimize SEO for eBay. You can fill in specifics like color, size, brand, features, materials and many other options, depending on the section in which you’re listing. Shoppers regularly rely on the Item Specifics section to narrow their searches, so do your part and make it easy for them to find what you’re selling!

  • Fill In Your Profile Page

    – Your profile page is how buyers get to know you, so don’t leave it blank. You can use this space to add keywords relevant to what you’re selling, tell buyers important information about your business, and much more. Establishing yourself as a seller buyers can trust is paramount, so include anything that shows off expertise in your niche.

  • Follow Best Practices

    – eBay regularly updates what it considers “best practices,” and following these will help your rankings on the site. Currently, they place a high priority on free shipping, short handling times (less than one day), competitive pricing, high-quality pictures, returns accepted, quick question response time and discounts.

Be aware that the site reviews your practices, makes sure that you are sticking to them on a regular basis and will raise or lower your ranking accordingly. It’s not enough to simply advertise fast shipping times – you must consistently get packages out the door in the time frame you advertise. Best practices are also more likely to earn you five-star feedback from customers. eBay is notorious for placing an extremely high level of importance on customer feedback, so you need to earn five stars from every single customer. Sometimes this may mean bending over backwards for a difficult customer or taking a hit on shipping charges to keep a buyer happy, but customer service is the backbone of every successful business!

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SEO Tips for Instagram

If you’re not utilizing Instagram yet, it’s time to get up to speed! This social media powerhouse is not just for teens swapping pictures and vying for the most followers. It can be a powerful tool for driving sales if used correctly.

Instagram is different from our other featured sites in that it is entirely mobile. You can view Instagram photos on a computer, but the vast majority of users post, view and interact using their phones. This sense of spontaneity helps your business to feel fresh and new, even if you’re selling vintage goods. Instagram can also be a great way to connect with potential customers who don’t frequent other platforms or websites. For example, a teen who spends their time glued to Instagram might not be your target market for handmade specialty foods, but if they spot you on the app, they may be inspired to purchase from you as a gift. The possibilities are endless, so create an account today!

  • Check Out the Competition

    – While copying another similar shop reeks of unprofessional conduct, checking out shops and businesses similar to yours is a smart move. Take a look at shops which are like yours or which offer a similar service. How are their photos? Which hashtags do they use? Check out those with lots of followers as well as those with barely any, taking careful note of the differences. You can then apply those differences to your own account, emulating the successful accounts. This step can provide you with invaluable information regarding SEO, letting you see what sells, metaphorically speaking, and what doesn’t.

  • Link All Your Accounts

    – One of your first steps toward optimal Instagram SEO is to be sure that all your social media accounts – including your shop’s web address if you have one – together. A shopper needs to be able to access all your accounts easily – this conveys a professionally run shop. Link Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and any other accounts so that Instagram followers can check out your information easily.

  • Use Hashtags Carefully

    – Instagram is one of the social media giants most famous for hashtags, so use them wisely. Choose tags which represent your shop or business, utilizing the keywords you’re already using. Don’t make viewers guess what you sell or offer. Ideally, each photo you post should contain about half description and half hashtags. Keep them short and easy to read – nobody likes deciphering those sentence-long hashtags.

  • Stay Active and Engaged

    – Once you’re set up on Instagram, be sure to follow and like others’ accounts and posts. This can build up a network of contemporaries from which you can draw tips and advice. It can also lead to their followers following your account.

  • Discounts and Contests

    – Offering discounts, running contests and announcing flash sales is a great way to boost sales through Instagram SEO. You might offer a followers-only percentage off, offer a free item with purchase, heavily discount items for just a few hours or set up a contest which can be entered through Instagram and shared on the app.

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SEO Tips for Twitter

Next to Facebook, Twitter may be the social media platform with the largest following and most recognition. This means that a Twitter account is a virtual must for your business. Setting up an account is easy, and it can be a wonderful way to boost sales and attract new potential customers. Read on for our best SEO tips for Twitter, designed to help you get the most out of each and every tweet!

  • Account Name

    – On Twitter, your account name and username are different. This gives you an extra opportunity to tell the world about your business! Be sure to include the name of your business and, if possible, something about what you sell or the services you offer. You’re limited in the number of characters you can use, so think a bit about this step.

  • User Name

    – This is your next opportunity to let fellow users know who you are and what you do. You want others to be able to tweet your name easily, so keep your character count down as much as possible.

  • Ask for Followers

    – The Internet is no place to be shy about asking for favors! Use your website and any (and all) other social media sites you utilize to ask customers, fans and followers to follow you on Twitter as well. Some business owners are still stuck in the old-fashioned idea that asking for this is somehow unprofessional. Not true! Think of the last YouTube video you watched – the content creator probably placed a link to their Twitter account directly in the video, or at least included the link below. Asking for a follow is nothing in the world of social media, so don’t be shy about it. Your Twitter link – as well as all your other social media links and website – should be easy to see and click on in every post.

  • Follow Your Competition

    – Just as it’s nothing to ask for a follow, it’s really nothing to follow others in kind. In fact, it’s the polite thing to do. Follow others who are selling or offering the same types of goods and services you are – this is an online version of networking. Feel free to follow just about everybody, because this encourages others to follow you. A customer who sees that your account has a huge following is more likely to trust you – and therefore buy from you – than they might be if your account has only a few followers. Some selling platforms have teams which specifically follow each other on Twitter, tweet each others items, and engage in other forms of mutually beneficial promotion.

  • Word Your Tweets Carefully

    – Obviously, with such a short character limit, this rule is automatic in the world of Twitter. However, if you’re concerned with SEO, it’s even more important. Let’s imagine that a potential customer runs a Google search for a piece of jewelry you created and put online. Of course, you tweeted your posting (right?). A potential customer may or may not see your tweet – depending on what you put in the first 42 characters (approximately). This is the number of characters a typical search engine will display in its results. If you began your tweet saying “Look at this amazing wire-wrapped pendant I just made,” you’re not likely to show up in anybody’s searches. Instead, you could have led with “Rose Quartz Wire Wrapped Pendant – Brand New Listing in My Etsy Shop!” This option is far better as far as SEO is concerned.

As you can see, there are tons of ways to increase sales through the careful use of SEO. If you’re brand-new to this aspect of online business, it can feel almost overwhelming – don’t give up! Once you start implementing a few “best practices,” it will begin to feel like second nature. As an added bonus, you’re likely to start seeing your sales numbers rise, which is the best motivation in the world!


9 Reasons Why Your SEO Will Fail ever if you Ranked Number 1

Many companies who have, in the past, ventured into using SEO to increase their traffic failed miserably because of the following reasons:

1) Bad website layout

All website visitors would like to have a good experience while navigating or surfing; as such, if the layout is not user-friendly enough, many visitors will stop surfing and move on to another website that is interesting enough for them.

2) Poor Website Content

The logic is about the same as above, if users do not find the content useful or enriching in any way, they will also move on to another website.

3) Poor or no Graphics

Remember that many internet users are “picture” persons; therefore,if your content consists of only words or your graphics are not too professionally designed, your readers will not be interested in reading what you are offering.

4) Poor branding

Branding is all about the logo, color, and theme of the entire website. If your website does not project a decent brand, it will not make the user “trust” the company, and with no trust, you can jolly well conclude that your SEO campaign will be a total failure.

5) Targeting the wrong audience

Many SEO “experts” are only experts in carrying out search engine optimization and fail to understand the specific industry in-depth. As a result, the keywords sometimes suggested by them may not be totally relevant. Even if the keywords are ranked #1 in the page, the traffic that’s brought in is not composed of the right group of people.

6) Proposal of Wrong Keywords

Contrary to what they claim, SEO experts don’t hold all that much expertise after all – many have used broad-based keywords to optimize where the potential traffic will be high, however, the relevancy of the targeted audience will not be present. Hence it is always better to narrow down to exact keywords, where the potential traffic will be lesser but the audiences are much more highly targeted.

7) Putting all eggs in one basket

Remember that SEO is only ONE of the marketing tools; you will still need many other digital marketing platforms such as email marketing, social media, pay-per-click, banner ads and other digital platforms to make an overall impressive impact on your marketing campaign. You need to spread your risk and use multiple workable platforms in order to yield the best returns.

8) Do not have a mode to collect potential clients’ details

Remember that you will not be able to convert ALL your visitors to clients, hence you need to create an interesting platform for them to leave down their name, email or contact details in exchange for something such as a free e-book related to your products and services, a discount coupon, voucher or anything that they feel is valuable. Once you have managed to collect their contacts, keep in constant contact with them so that they remember your offering. One fine day, they could become your best client.

9) Not keeping Updated on Google animal farm

Google always comes out with updates on Google Panda, Google Penguin, and even Google Hummingbird. With these “animals” being generated from Google, the updates will change the entire “equation” of SEO, and apparently if one is still using the old methods of optimization on their website, the URL will be completely “lost” in the Google search engine.


SEO and Business, what you need to focus on. The bloody Truth…

Some years back, I was approached by a company to help them in their SEO campaign to get their company listed in Google so that they would have good traffic and potentially receive more leads and, of course, more sale revenues.

I gladly accepted the assignment as I am an SEO freak, and, wanting to show the world how good I am, I took on the assignment at a fee of $18,000. Then I started to help them with the SEO campaign.

What happened was that when I visited the client’s place, I had the shock of my life!  

The main doorway and the main office area was totally dark, and the whole team actually worked in a smaller room that was only able to accommodate up to 10 people.

I asked the boss:

“Err…how come the lights in the front are not switched on?”

He proudly said that he needed to save money on the electricity.

I scratched my head.

I asked: How much could he really save by doing that?

One hundred dollars per month? Hmm…

Further, to my surprise, while I was helping them in the SEO campaign, he actually looked at the long light bulb in the office and calculated the watts.

Out of curiosity, I asked him again, “Why are you looking at the bulbs?”

He proudly told me that he had done intensive research on light bulbs and found that the lower the wattage, the lesser the consumption of the electricity.

“Ooo…that is something interesting,”

I replied, trying to be polite.

Then he told me that he could switch off this bulb, that bulb and this…to save some money…

Hmm… I asked myself, “What is happening here?

Why is this bloody idiot, who has an MBA, focusing on light bulbs, when he could be using the time to do something better and more productive?”

My goodness!

I went to the restroom and started to bang the walls in order to vent my frustration.


Luckily, the toilet was far from the office and I don’t suppose anyone in the office heard my banging noises!

After successfully getting their company website to the top three position in Google, I ended my project with the reputation in that company of being the SEO Guru because I managed to tear down the old SEO analysis done by another company (which was supposed to be the expert), and showed them that what they were doing was 100% wrong.

Anyhow, back to the MBA-CEO of the company: although the company was receiving very good traffic from the website, the last I heard from the ex-staff was that the company is no longer in operation because the boss had used all his funds in focusing on MINOR things that were not productive and did not yield any sales results.

Although this example is very extreme, it actually happened in real life.

My key point is this:

The bulb is not important (Minor things), the sales are important (Major things).

Without sales, even if you use a candle, you will still not be able to survive.

For the sake of the business and everything else, focus on major things and not the BULB!

Question: Do you major on major things or minor things?


Sick Kid? How to Deal with a Child’s Fever: 8 Steps

Pediatrics is the branch of medicine that involves the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends people be under pediatric care up to the age of 21. A medical doctor who specializes in this area is known as a pediatrician, or paediatrician. The word pediatrics and its cognates mean “healer of children”; they derive from two Greek words: παῖς (pais “child”) and ἰατρός (iatros “doctor, healer”). Pediatricians work both in hospitals, particularly those working in its subspecialties such as neonatology, and as primary care physicians. A major difference between the practice of pediatric and adult medicine is that children, in most jurisdictions and with certain exceptions, cannot make decisions for themselves.

The issues of guardianship, privacy, legal responsibility and informed consent must always be considered in every pediatric procedure. Pediatricians often have to treat the parents and sometimes, the family, rather than just the child. Adolescents are in their own legal class, having rights to their own health care decisions in certain circumstances.


The Ultimate Guide to Rank #1 in Google Singapore in 2020

Index – The Ultimate Guide to Rank #1 in Google Singapore

1) Target The Correct Keywords

2) “Singapore” appearing in Domain name

3) Local Singaporean Style

4) SEO Kiasu Techniques

5) Pinterest is KING

Thank you so much for coming into my website and read more on SEO Singapore Guide. 

This website focus very much on using Kiasu Marketing Techniques and SEO Singapore strategies and tips for website owners, SME Singapore businessmen, and digital marketing personnel.

Of course, if you do not belongs to any of the group mentioned above, you are welcome to read this article too! 

If you do not know what is SEO, don’t read this, or you can Google what is SEO first… if you continue to read on, you will be blur like sotong!!!

If you have some basis on what is SEO, read on…

Are looking to rank your website to #1 in Google Singapore, then you have come to the right place.

In this exclusive article, I will give you a huge list of strategies that I have done to rank many of my websites and my client websites to #1 in Google Singapore in 2018. 

All these tips I have personally tried, tested, re-tested and proven to be very effective.

By being number 1 in Google Singapore with the correct targeted market, it automatically brings many target audience and customers to your website.

With correct landing page and persuasive “selling”, with thousands of visitors coming to your website every single day, you will be able to generate a lot more leads and sales for your company and website. 

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1) Target the Correct Keywords and Group

It is so so so so…… important that any website owners will do extensive research on the correct target keywords, it is like setting a direction for the company.

If the target is wrong, no matter how you are ranked in Google Singapore, you will never get a decent traffic to your website.

And even if you are getting thousands of people going to your website every single day, you be surprised there aren’t any inquiries on your website!

With over 15 years of SEO activities, I have seen so many websites owners are using the wrong group of keywords that make their website ranked number 1 and yet not getting the leads they are looking for.

Here is the statistic basing on my findings – Average of 93% of the websites I have come across have not done the correct keyword research, even reputable SEO agencies in Singapore are also facing the same problem.

What does that REALLY mean?

That mean even the top SEO agencies in Singapore are not getting the right keywords for their clients, so how do you expect them to help any of their clients?

This information is quite shocking and yet, many SEO agencies in Singapore continue to have this problem and made many clients invested in SEO services packages and because of that, many of them are not making money from the SEO service that they have invested.

In turns, most of the companies and website owners are NOT getting results in SEO itself.

The reason is that they are not focusing on the correct keywords to start with. If the SEO project manager is giving you the wrong focus, then the SEO campaign will likely not yield any good results. 

Be extremely careful that some SEO project manager knows you are not in the SEO industry and may resort to suggesting keywords that are of low competition and yet extremely low search volume.

And they will give you plenty of reasons to justify their “wrong” approach!

By doing so, they are able to rank your keywords easily and account for the task of getting your website to the top 3 and yet there are no visitors.  

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2) “Singapore” appearing in Domain name

To rank well in Google Singapore, your domain name when possible should have a Singapore in it.

Of course, you can also get a or .sg domain, usually, it is more expensive and the paperwork is more complex, my personal preference is a .com domain, easier and faster. 

Example 1: This domain focus in providing a list of laptop repair vendors in Singapore, instead of people going to various places to source for a reliable laptop repair vendors in Singapore, this website had done extensive research to list out the reliable laptop repair vendors.

This domain, which I have created around the end of 2017, with some search engine optimization, I am able to get it to the first page within 4 months in, basing on the top keyword “Laptop Repair Singapore.” 

As you can see, it is already ranking below, it is actually a compliment to because hardwarezone is one of the pioneers in forum discussion and worth millions of dollars in values!

So imagine if is always hovering beside hardwarezone or even ranked better than hardwarezone, how will the value and perception of 

I think you are getting to my points….

Of course, the activities you are doing for SEO should be as natural as possible, always remember that Google loves organic content, natural and not too PUSHY, there is no need to push too hard in SEO, the more you push, the worst ranking it can be.

But having said that, being relevant is important, over putting “Singapore” or the “keywords” that you are targeting as a keyword in your website, title page, descriptions will also be a NO-NO. 

Example 2:

1st Page in for SEO Reseller Singapore keyword within 1-2 weeks This domain focus basically tells by itself, it deals in SEO reseller in Singapore.

Hence, objectives of the website are to attract people who are interested to become a reseller for SEO in Singapore to approach us to resell the services or refer business to us. 

Basically, it is a very targeted audience and with very little search volume, it this case, we are already ranked number 6 within 10 days after the domain is registered. 

If you notice the 2 examples above, the key phases and the domain name are actually the same, this is a very old method of doing SEO and it can be very interesting and yet FATAL.

Google knows what these guys are doing and the tricks they are using. 

However, the fundamental still remains, as long as you have relevant and quality content with people liking it, sharing it and commenting about it in forums, social media, and many other platforms, your domain will still rank high up there.

** However, if you provide minimum quality to the website in terms of content and poor user experiences, not only your website will not be rank, it will be penalized!

Penalised in terms of not ranking at all or even ranked far far away… LOL, so be very careful about this. 

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3) Local Singaporean Style

If your target audience is in Singapore, then the way you write ought to be in Singaporean STYLE. Probably the using of Singlish will help to make the website more localized.

This will also make the readers feel more friendly and able stay on the website longer. Remember that with that Singlish feeling, people will feel bonded and feel closer to you, even though it is just a website or article.

Once you are able to bring the level closer, people will start to love what you are writing, and trust will begin to build your brand and the potential clients.

When trust is slowly built, the reader will read further and this will in turns increase dwelling time, for a detailed understanding of what is dwelling.

With a better dwelling time, it is telling Google directly that your webpage is important and deserves more respects and exposures, and your ranking in will improve gradually naturally. 

Time will take care of everything in your rankings.

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4) SEO Kiasu Techniques

Let us be a little KIASU in SEO Singapore, alright, mind my “words”, you need to be a little KIASU, not over KIASU, because being over KIASU will not just make your ranking drop than to rank it higher in Google search engine.  

How to be Kiasu in SEO:

Social Media Kiasu

When you do social media marketing for your website or article, go for Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Digg, etc…

The purpose is to SPREAD your social media to be seen in more than just one social media accounts so that you will be able to build your foundation of SEO WIDER, once your base is WIDER, it will not be easy to make your ranking drop too much. 

The purpose is to build the base, with a good foundation, your ranking will be stable in case of any changes in Google algorithm.

In the event of any changes in Google algorithm, your Google ranking will not fluctuate too much. 

Keyword Focus Kiasu

Most SEO agencies will suggest starting about 10 keywords to start with for your SEO campaign, this is actually quite dangerous because, in any minor changes in Google algorithm, changes in competition or habit change in the search pattern, your effort in SEO will go down the drain easily.

I would suggest for a start at 30 keywords in SEO, if better, go for 50 keywords, spread the focus on the keywords to short tail or long tail keyword.

As long as it belongs to the same category and same page optimization, it should be fine.

Do not make a mistake of optimizing 30 keywords and each of them has a unique landing page, that will be committing suicide for SEO marketing. 

Ideally, it should be about an average of 15-20 keywords per landing page. 

Awareness Kiasu

Well, so you have a very interesting website or an article, the next step is to let as many people know about your webpage as much as possible, you can do the following to let many people know about your webpage and send them the URL link:

  • Sent SMS, whatsapp, Line, QQ, Viper, WeChat and Telegram and let your friends know about the article
  • Email to your contacts about the webpage you have created
  • Collect all the business card you have collected, compile them and tell them about it.
  • Announced to social group such as church, community clubs, business networking group, etc 
  • Volunteers in different events or activities that related to the website you are promoting
  • Attend seminars, talks, and workshops on related topics
  • Print the link on your business card
  • Put the link in your Header Description such as Wechat, Whatapps
  • Create related group chat in whatsapps, Line, wechats 
  • The idea is to let as many people know about this…yes this is Kiasu in action!

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5) Pinterest is KING (Huh, what is Pinterest? It is Pronounced as pin-terest)

The more relevant graphics you have on your webpage, the more interesting your webpage is going to be, remember that more people are a visual person, they like to see graphics that illustrate your points.

Having visual also makes your webpage have more depth and will let user believes that you have actually spent more time and effort to create a better content for the readers.

Pictures give great backlinks – Yes, for example in, it is a social media where people can pin to their Pinterest account and every PIN itself is a link!

And Pinterest is generating so many links for my website in some topics that some of the top keywords are already ranked top 3 in Google without me doing anything!

Alright, here you go, the ultimate guide to rank #1 in Google Singapore in 2020. Hope this helps your Google SEO ranking.

If you have any question related to SEO service or Kiasu Service, do let me know, I am reachable at dc @ 

Dougles Chan – Kiasu Marketer

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How to Generate More Buyers for New Launch Condo using Rapport Building

Generating more buyers for property agent for some very tough. In fact, almost everyday single day,  I am being bombarded with many property agents from properties agencies all over the world from Australia, UK, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Africa, USA, India, Middle East and many others seeking help on how to generate buyers for them effectively.

SEO – By helping my property agent client website, they are able to generate some enquires to their new lanch condo listing. Bearing in mind that generating enquires is the FIRST STEP, the most important step and you will need to follow up with the potential buyers.

Today will like to share some valuable tips on rapport building and ONE method to generate more buyers for property agent.

Rapport building is a process where you create similarities or mirroring with the potential buyers you are talking or meeting them in order to gain trust and confidence.

With the positive trust and confidence created, it is potentially able to lead to many positive events that could happen and one possible outcome is that the potential buyers will become your long team client, some people use this rapport building technique so well that they are able to convert almost anyone to become their good friend without the other party figuring out why.

Rapport building is in fact extremely powerful and lethal, using it well at the right time and environment will create many wonders for you and your offerings.

Let me give you an example of how to generate clients using rapport building skill.

When I reached a clients office and introduced myself as the representative of company “ABC”. I gave him the firm hand-shake to showcase my extreme confidence.

During the introducing, I realized that he tends to complain about how hot the room is as the air-con is not working very well, from there I got that gut feeling that he may like to complain a fair bit. 

I noticed the manager is holding the phone – iPhone X, I recalled how I also had the same model and at that very instant, I started to highlight about his iPhone X and also mentioned about the DISADVANTAGES.

I intentional did not mention about the advantages because from his “complain” nature, I will go with the flow and I started to talk about the problems iPhone X has and it seems to ring a bell to him.

As we were discussing the negative aspects of the tablet, I notice he was very keen on the topic and I continue to gossip further about the iPhone.

Within a few minutes I had aligned to the “direction” I was looking for, to be in “TUNED” with me…after talking about the iPhone, I began to switch to another topic about how neat and comfy his office is and I can see that this actually boost his ego about the company and that is what I wanted.

Although it is not a must to polish the boots of the other person, it is always good to give a sincere compliment to them or things related to them. Some nice and sincere words will usually help.

After I aligned his thinking, gaining his trust and boosting his ego, I start to discuss on the main topic and he explained to me how difficult he is able to find someone to help in the assignments that he can trust.

With that, I also start to relate real stories about his industry that are also having this problem and from there I showcased on how I managed to solve the client problem within a short time.

This actually is called “Stealth Selling” where you are selling your product and services without actually going through the hard selling process.

With the real example of the previous client problem solved, I am able to build strong confidence and let him know that I have the ability to help him and solve his problem and within the next 30 minutes, he told me he will give me the assignment exclusively.

After which the order was fulfilled within a short span of time where it builds further confidence and trust. With that, the client became a loyal client for a very long period of time.

Rapport building is actually a skill and cannot be learned via through reading, you will need to be on the ground to test, evaluate and see how it will help you.

You will need to go through plenty of rounds of failure before you actually start to see some lights and answers, it takes times and sometimes it can be quite long.

However, you need to be persistent and learn from every mistake or error that you had made. Never stop learning and use rapport building extensively because it will help you in almost anything that you do.

Cheers and good luck in finding buyers for new launch condos.