Qi Men Dun Jia Bazi Destiny Reading & Bazi Analysis

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Welcome to Qi Men Dun Jia. Hello, my name is Dougles Chan. I am a Qimen teacher. I teach people how to use Qi Men Dun Jia to change their life or their destiny. Today, I am going to use this video to explain to you and give you a case study of how we read the Bazi 八字算命 using Qimen destiny under Qi Men Dun Jia.

This is the chart of one person who was born on January 17, 1992, at 10:06. We will have to get the birth date and time (生辰八字)

There will be 2 sections:

  • Understanding the person’s character
  • Understanding the relationship between the person and the other categories related to business, indirect wealth, direct wealth, relationship, academy, etc.

To understand the person’s character, we need to look at the Day Stem which is “Ren”:

We take reference of this “Ren” in the 9 boxes below. “Ren” is in box 4 and box 9:

In this aspect, box 4 and box 5 represent the character of the person. We have “Leader”, “Open’, and “Fearless”. We also have “Serpent”, “Rest”, “Minister”, and “Problem”. Why are there 2 boxes?

Two of the boxes represent two different stages of their life. In this aspect, box 9 represents the stage before 35 years old and then box 4 is after 35 years old. But the reference point of age does not have to be 35 years old. It is just an indication. Sometimes it can be 30 years old, 32 years old or 40 years old depending on a lot of other external factors.

Let’s decipher this information regarding box 9 and box 4:

“Serpent” is somebody who is actually pretty worried. That means he or she is always worrying about things regardless of whether they are genuine or valid. He worries about everything in life. “Rest Door” represents somebody who actually does not like to compete with people, a very chill and very relaxed person. “Problem” represents somebody who is stubborn, easy-going, and may like to dream. So, before he is 35 years old, he will have this character. “Minister” means that if he wants to be a leader, he is going to be able to have the capacity to lead a lot of people, in terms of a few hundred or a few thousand people, but the question is whether he got the opportunity. That is another story. But of course, after he is 35 years old, his energy will transform from box 9 to box 4.

“Leader” means that this person is a very good leader. He likes to take the lead but does not like to listen to people. And of course, this person is pretty open enough. Because of this “Open”, he is a very friendly person. He likes to approach people. He is always a very good and open-minded person, so when you are with such an open person, you will enjoy talking to him. You will feel very good talking to this kind of person. “Fearless” (Tian Ying) symbolizes somebody who is very easily agitated and very temperamental. When you want to trigger this person, he will easily get angry. This is the representation of this character after 35 years of age. So, boxes 9 and 4 are the overall characters. The majority of the energy will be in box 9 when he is 35, and after that, the majority of the energy will be in box 4. At 35, he will still have the energy of box number 9, but the percentage will be lower. So, this is the basic character of this person who was born on January 17, 1992.

Let’s look at their relationship in terms of marriage. The symbol of marriage is “Partner”:

In box 7, we have “Injury” and “Doctor”. “Injury” is a very nasty door. There is a potential of being hurt, which means the whole marriage can be hurt in terms of physically or mentally. We can see a “Doctor” in this box, likely there will be a party consultant that is trying to help to salvage their marriage. In terms of whether they will get divorced, there is another story because we can look at different things.

Let’s look at the energy. When he is young, he is Fire. He will actually control this marriage, meaning that if you want to get married, he will actually control the marriage. The spouse may not like to be controlled. Next, after 35 years old, he is Wood, and the relationship is Metal. The marriage actually clashes with him, so he will not enjoy the marriage after 35 years old. Technically speaking, his life itself will be full of agony, he will not enjoy the relationship with the spouse. It is quite dangerous, so there is something we also have to be a bit more careful about.

The particular symbol “Ding” represents a party woman, the party lady. In this case, I may suspect that the failure in marriage is likely to be the third party woman. We can also see the person marriage bazi compatibility too!

We also have this particular symbol which is called “Wu” in box 9. “Wu” represents money, so I can also safely say that this person can be quite rich in his life. He is not a person that is poor, so the chances of him having a lot of money will be quite high.

Next, we look at the business. “Life Door” stands for business.

Before 35 years old, he will go after the money, which means that he is always chasing after money. That is where he will be able to make some money in this aspect. When he reaches 45 years old, he is Wood and his business is Earth. He will actually be able to control the business.Because of his leadership and the ability to socialize very well, he is able to manage and control his business. It is not really very prosperous. He will still have money, but he will have a lot of challenges in this aspect because there is a “Geng” in this box. There will be a lot of issues and challenges, but he will still make money. There is also “Ding”, meaning that his business will have a lot of party women surrounding him. He could be going to do business related to women’s business clothing, cosmetic jewelries, anything related to women. This is the representation of his business.

Next, we go into something related to the career. “Open Door” stands for the career:

In this aspect, he will have a very good career when he is young, before 35 years old. The career is always going towards him. He will have a lot of good opportunities in this career because there will be good leaders among him to lead him and guide him along. At 35 years old, his energy will be Fire, meaning that this person is actually very good in terms of this career. The opportunity is fantastic. He will have a good boss. He can be a good boss too. That is a very good sign for him if he wants to work for people. When comparing between business and career, I would suggest that he go for a career working for people because the symbol is actually very in harmony with him.

That is the basic representation and interpretation of the Bazi Destiny under Qi Men Dun Jia. Thank you very much.

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