Qimen Dunjia Divination; Predict – Influencer invited you to do have a business venture

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Hi, welcome to Qi Men Dun Jia. My name is Dougles Chan. I am a Qimen master. Today, we are going to talk about this case study related to Qi Men Dun Jia. We are going to do a divination. 

A famous influencer invited you to parner her new business online, investment is 50/50%, $10,000 each. Should you go for it?

In this case study, we talk about this particular Qi Men Dun Jia chart:

In Qi Men Dun Jia, what we need to do is to find the answer. The answer, generally speaking, we are talking about the Hour Stem. The Hour Stem is “Gui”:

We have to take reference with “Gui”. The symbol may be changed depending on what time you plot the chart. The time of this chart is May 25, 2014, at 9:36. 

From there, we are able to see “Gui” is in box 3:

“Darkness”, “Injury”, and “Bandit” are signified as the energy of the answer. We will look at box 3 and see what the general energy of this box is, and we will later on look at different boxes to identify what the overall answer is. In Qi Men Dun Jia, we have to look at it in a more holistic manner, in the bigger picture. So, we cannot just rely on the answer to decide whether an investment is good or not.

“Injury” is second class lowest energy. And we have “Bandit”, which is the worst in terms of money. “Darkness” means that something that is hidden inside in terms of this particular investment. General speaking is a below power energy in box 3.

Next, we have to see the person. This is “Bing ” which is in the Day Stem:

“Bing” is in box 3 and box 9:

At this point of time, we are unsure. We need to look at the details. It tells us that we should not have any impulse in terms of this particular decision.

There is an Emptiness in box 9, meaning that the real energy of ourselves is in box 1:

That one is not too important.

I want to see whether this particular venture is going to be profitable. We are looking at this particular thing called “Life” which is in box 8:

There are some worries over here because there is a “Serpent”. And box 8 is “Gen”, which is the mountain. There are some considerations regarding the profits. There are some worries about it. I am not too interested in this profitability.

Next, let’s look at some other things in terms of whether there will be lost money. Losing money is “BTortoise”, which is in box 2:

There will be some losses. At the same time, these losses are accompanied by a “Death” that means there is a very high chance that there will be moderate losses. But there is an Emptiness, meaning the losses itself may not be so great. Moderate loss discounted minimum loss. There will also be some losses involved in this indication.

We also have to look at “Bandit” which is in box 3:

“Injury” means that the major losses are going to be pretty bad. So, in this case, the losses are quite major. The question is how valid is this investment, how truthful is this investment. 

We also can see the information which is “Ding”. “Ding” is in box 6:

“9Heaven” indicates that this is a big liar. We also have “Problem Star” besides the “Ding”, meaning that the information is a bit fabricated. It is not true. It is a red light to tell people that something is really going wrong.

Next, we need to see additional information about the information. The proposal, is it really great? So, we have to see “View”, which is in box 9:

We have a circle in box 9, telling us the proposal is something wrong.

In this case, generally speaking, I would not really recommend going ahead with it because there are two indications that, although this is a famous influencer, the proposal is a lot of fake information, unless you really want to go into it and they have got more information . I would not even suggest going into it because, at the same time, the Hour Stem is telling us that it is going to be a loss. There are a lot of hidden agendas behind the scenes. In this case, it is a no-go and from there we are able to decide if this investment for an influencer by this influencer’s partner is not supposed to go ahead.

This is how we decipher the information regarding this Qi Men Dun Jia, and we are able to do this in multiple case studies in different scenarios depending on the time and the focus. Thanks for reading.

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