Qimen Dunjia for Business Coach.

A business coach actually asked me this question on how Qimen can help them in helping their client. So a business coach is somebody who is a person that helps in terms of decision making, streamline the process and even advising clients in what are the things that can be do and cannot do.

But of course having big and business coach is based on the experience of the person of the coach, and probably they have learned a certain system or way of doing things and because of that they integrate the system together with the experience and become a business coach or they call an executive coach to help people in their life or their businesses.

So the thing about Qimen is it comes from another dimension, a dimension whereby you don’t really have to have experience, a dimension where they tell you a certain story whereby you may not be looking at it. So which means that using Qimen if you have no experience in business, you still can see it from a very interesting perspective whether this business still is going to be profitable or it’s going to make a loss. The chart is going to tell you what is going to happen, easily 80 – 90 percent of accuracy. But many times is that if you have the business experience and integrate with the knowledge of this Qimen, you’ll be much better because you can internalize all the knowledge together with what is the chart talking about that will be an advantage. So what other things can a coach, business coach use in Qimen also talk about employees, employers, we’re talking about the money, where is the money come from, we also talk about a loan, business loan, all this will be able to see under this Qimen Dunjia.

To say where is the problem of the business whether is it the boss or the problem or is it whether the human resource got problem or the account got problem, production got problem, all of this can be seen under Qimen Dunjia chart very clearly and because of that we are able to narrow it down even without talking to the person involved.

That means let’s say if the company has 100 staffs, just based on the chart replot we are able to see which department has a problem and which department is strong enough to survive on its own. But as a business we need to see the operation part whether it’s operation, logistic, accounts, sales, marketing and everything all this will be able to see from a different perspective and know what are the problems and tackle the problems so on and so forth. So business coach have the advantage and integrate this skill of Qimen into their whichever the DISC will you know all the characters.

It can be integrated together and then from that you merge everything together and you can see things from a very different perspective. So this is for the business coach and executive coach out there who might be interested in looking at Qimen as one of your tools in helping your client. Thank you very much! My name is Dougles Chan.

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