Qimen Forecasting – Biz collaboration, should I go for it?

Qimen Forecasting – Biz collaboration, should I go for it?

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Do you know that you can use Qi Men Dun Jia to decide whether to do an investment or not?

Hi, my name is Dougles Chan. I am a Qi Men Dun Jia master. I was invited to a business venture and apparently this is kind of a collaboration for a couple of new business ventures for one of my friends who is in this creative industry.

Today is June 29, 2021, 7:45 when he approached me to continue with the discussion in terms of the collaboration to help him to market the particular website.

In this chart, let me decipher and explain how I actually derive an answer. How do we see a Qi Men Dun Jia chart? In this chart, there is an answer or an identity. Let’s look at where the answer is.

The answer of Qimen is in Hour Stem:

The symbol is called “Bing”. We need to find where “Bing” is located in the 9 palaces below. “Bing” is in box 3 and box 8:

In Qi Men Dun Jia divination, we only look at the answer that is on top. “Bing” in box 3 is on top, and “Bing” in box 8 is below. So, we only look at box 3:

Box 3 is actually the answer to my question. The question is: “Would it be profitable if I were to join a venture with this particular person?” In the theory of Qi Men Dun Jia, or maybe I would say in the app, there are red or black symbols. In this event, the more red it has, the better it will be. Generally speaking, it is true, but it is not always absolute. However, if you look at the sign and the symbol one by one, you will see what will happen.

“9Heaven” is the sky or heaven, which means that this is a very high level thing. This means a lot of things. And “Life” is a profit symbol. When “Life” combines “9Heaven”, it means that it will create a profit, and the profit is not small. It is actually a lot. It is also a very good combination, meaning that the person that I work with is definitely somebody who can be trusted. Box 3 is also the environment, which is called “Zhen”.It symbolizes the beginning. It also symbolizes the idea of a person having a brand new perspective, a new outlook, and a present surprise that things will be improved, and it is an upward trend. So, in the whole environment, three symbols are good in a good palace. This is the result that is likely to happen.

Next, we have to look at the total thing very holistically, meaning that we also have to look at other relevant boxes. So, where am I? I am actually in the Day Stem:

This is “Wu”, which is in box 1:

It tells me that I am able to create more opportunities. But of course, “Serpent” is not really a very good thing because I started to worry. so, that is why I am doing a Qimen to see whether it will be good. However, let’s look at box 1, which is actually the Water element. Box 3 is the Wood element. In the law of the five elements, box 1 actually produces box 3, meaning that I am the one that is able to create this very high profit. Of course, I can always choose not to go because everybody is still back to myself to see whether I want to take up this offer.

Generally speaking, the overall situation is very positive in this aspect. Usually we don’t see this kind of good Qimen chart. But of course, having said that you also have to be very mindful that whatever is being successful or not always depends on box 1 which is myself. That means I am the creator.

We look at things very holistically, so generally speaking, it is a good sign. It is a good collaboration.The person wants to go ahead with it. Having said that, I also have to share with you that Qi Men Dun Jia is only a divination tool. It is only a forecasting tool. At the end of the day, whether you do it or not, that’s another story. It does not involve the human element. When they choose not to do so, that’s another story, but accuracy can be very high, as high as 90% or more if you want to read the sign correctly and decipher the information correctly. Thanks for reading.

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