SEO – Coaching Newbies

All search engines use algorithms and each search engines have different ones. An algorithm is the formula that the search engine uses to evaluate your web pages. The robots will crawl all pages on your site but not all pages will be indexed.

They do not crawl the exact page that a person sees but rather but rather the “view page source”.

If you want to see what the robots see, right click on any site that is opened in your browser and go down and click on “view page source”.

What the robot or bot or spider is always going to check is your title, keywords and description.

Search engine optimization is a combination of keyword research, doing competitive analysis, getting back links to your site and using the keywords in the correct way.

Always buy a URL that has at least one of you keywords in it. To be able to do this a keyword search is required. When you want page ranking it is better to choose keywords both long and short tailed that do not have a great deal of competition. If you do a search on Google Keyword Tool for the keywords you want, you will immediately find how many searches are being done globally each month and you can see how fierce the competition is for that each word.

When using keywords, it is advisable to keep the keyword density between 3-5% because if you are going to have a density of 25% for example, the search engines will consider it to be spam and it could be banned.

Traffic that arrives at your site as a result of a search is regarded as targeted traffic and this visitor is looking for a relevant product or service information or even a solution to a problem. Search engines are constantly working.

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