SEO for Interior Designers

SEO for interior designer. Hi. My name is Douglas Chan. I’m the SEO Master Shifu today. I’m going to share with you something related to SEO for interior design. So let me give you a very simple trick for SEO YouTube is interior designer and you’ll be glad that you watch this video. So in cavities, I know you have. Little pictures of your designs of your Design of office design of Brazilian design of living rooms kitchen or even bedrooms. Do you know that this is actually very very good for Sao and from there you’ll be able to generate a lot of customers inquiries. Yes. It is true because pictures 7,000 words and if you were to upload your pictures in your website those good pictures, don’t worry. Facebook nothing wrong way Facebook but pray in your website and from De Chelly in social media. You see the key thing is it must be put in your website not in social media. In your website first, and then from every shade in for example, Instagram Facebook page Pinterest Twitter or even leak it share it after you close it in your website. So the process gives you must put it in your website first and you share to consistently you share every single day to different social media or you may send to your friends in WhatsApp. Lindedin or whichever, whichever doesn’t really matter ultimately is you have to share it with other people so that people come and visit your website a picture says a thousand words. So this will actually create a lot interactive Direction and not engagement in your website so much so that Google actually believe that your website is more Worthy. Are you right or top rank of the Google search engine? So from there you should be able to get us some customer from that. We your pictures. Of course, there are people saying that videos are good final problem, but pictures are actually one of the way to get more customers by your the Google search engine. Alright, so this is the tip for you if you are interior design. Thank you for watching.