A couple of years ago, an SEO wedding videography client in Singapore referred a potential SEO client to me, which is somewhat of a similar trade as him.

However, this time, it is specialized in wedding photography instead of wedding videography, understanding they worked together in various projects for married couples in creating moments for their beautiful wedding.

About Yipmage

I look through the profile of Yipmage Moments and realised the photographer took awesome shots of wedding photos, whether pre wedding shoot or actual day photography, the quality and creative of the shoots were simply amazing…

I love the wedding shoots! How I wished I would have engaged him 22 years ago for my wedding day last time, anyways, I still can engage him next time when me and my wife wants to take a wedding photoshoot together….LOL

Anyways, moving on Yipmage Moment, I met up with the photographer and he shared with me a bit of stories how he tried to SEO his website but without much success. He had tried to DIY SEO, engaged a few third SEO agencies, but all did not happened.  (Not to my surprised anyways and being in the SEO industry for almost 20 years, I know it is not so easy as many SEO Experts claims.)

We Have a 2 Million ISSUE!

I researched further and realised a BIG PROBLEM.  

Yes, and Yipmage Moment website is heavily damaged, what do I mean by heavy damaged? Meaning that the “best” SEO experts previously have created chaos in the website and there is a need to repair the damage and the repair of the damage can be very extensive and it might not work at all.

I told Yipmage owner that I may not be able to SAVE the website at all, as the total number of POISON backlinks are over 2 millions of them…..Yes, you hear me right. 2,000,000 over backlinks to It is almost a mission impossible to salvage the website.

However, I told him, we have 2 choices, either to start a new website and do the SEO for it OR we stick with the existing website and I will attend to “operate” on it and try my best to repair, but the repair will take a few months and it will not be guaranteed, after that then we can do the SEO services for

He decided to go with the 2nd option and allow me to repair the website with an additional cost of repairing of the 2 millions backlinks.

With that, I started the journey to make Yipmage the top wedding photographer in Singapore.

When I first started, I will have to restructure the entire website look and feel, yes, Yipmage does have amazing photos, I love them. However, there are quite a few missing LINKS in the home page, which I mentioned to Yipmage and he gladly change accordingly to what I have suggested.

I allocated some assets from Yipmage Moment and started the SEO process.

In the first few weeks it was pretty quiet.. nothing change. However after another few weeks, things started to be interesting, their website is moving towards the 2nd page already.

At the same time, I am also deleting and repairing the 2 millions backlinks that was created by the so call SEO expert previously.

The swing in the Google search engine ranking was crazy, one week it can goto 1st page, the next week the ranking can go disappeared from the listing. (Which I am not surprised due to the aggressive repairing work.)

Within the first 3 months, I managed to get Yipmage to the top 10 in Google Singapore on 2 of the most competitive keywords, Wedding photography and Wedding photography Singapore.

My job is not done yet, there are still repairing work need to be done….millions of it!

The client – Yipmage Moment, continues to gather more enquiries and sales from being the top 10 in wedding photography and wedding photography Singapore, which are 2 of the most competitive keywords and he was very excited about it. Here is what he says:

Before engaging Dougles, I was struggling to try to grow my website SEO status trying options like engaging other agencies or learning methods of my own but to no avail. barely having a few keywords past the 5-6 page of Google.

I got to know Dougles from a biz partner whos SEO is managed by Dougles, and I’ve seen him getting leads via SEO and that got me intrigued to consider him for my own website SEO. After contacting Dougles and discussing options to grow my website, I left the whole SEO growing/fixing to him and true enough, within 2-3 weeks he gave me an update, showing me that the keywords have already reached 2-3rd page.

Honestly, I was very impressed by seeing that my website could have reached that position is such a short has been about 2-3 months, and I’ve already seen 50% of the keywords up to 1st page(not even kidding!) and have been getting leads from SEO importantly.
Dougles really did an awesome job pushing my company forward and I’m truly grateful for him to help me out!

Mathias Yip – Yipmage Moments, Wedding Photography Singapore

Mathias even introduce his wife to me, who is a wedding bridal makeup artist and asked me to help her doing her SEO for her website. Okay, not bad for a referral, done deal!

The Wave..

Before I started the SEO services, I told Mathias, be prepared to brace for the worst!

And after the next few months, it happened.

The ranking of the website – tumble back to 3-4 page in Google search engine, which I expected and I am still repairing and there are over 500,000 backinks to be deleted!!!

At least 3/4 of them are gone! Phew.

I informed Yipmage about it, although Mathias was abit disappointed but it was already communicated beforehand.

It was expected.  

Yipmage Moments is not getting any sales or enquiries from Google search engine.

I continued to repair and stop any NEW backlinking for the website.

Finally I am looking at the last 100,000 of backlinks to be repaired and deleted. I know that I cannot be too aggressive in repairing also as it will backfired, I take my time to repair the “tissue” one by one, like a surgeon in a hospital.

The Simile!

After repairing one-by-one, things started to see some lights. The ranking of Yipmage moments are steadily pushing up and up….it goes back to 2nd page…and 1st page….

And eventually to top 5 of Google Search Engine.

The last it was hovering around top spot, sometimes in 2nd spot or 3-4 spots.

The repair had been completed. The website is clear and clean. Job done.

What happen next?

I inform Mathias that he eventually will become one of the most FAMOUS and top wedding photography in Singapore. Many websites and media will start to write about you.

He asked me: How will it happened?

I answered: Once you are at the top 3 in Google search engine, you will be perceived to be the best, let it happen, it takes a bit of time BUT it will happened.      

The Top 5 and the Top 10!

As expected, more websites who writes about Top 5 and Top 10 in Singapore eventually writes Yipmage Moment as one of the top wedding photography in Singapore and website not only generate traffic from Google natural search, it is also generating additional traffics from other multiple websites.   

My job as the SEO master Shifu is completed. Ranking to be #1 is not important, getting sales and leads are more important. Mission accomplished.

Here are more photos done by Yipmage Moments if you love the wedding photographs done by them.