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SEO Keywords for Videographer singapore

SEO Keywords for videographer singapore, videographer in singapore, Singapore videographer general guide:

Do you want to have more NEW clients calling you for your services?

Why not use Google to help you. By doing SEO for your website, you will be able to generate more clients for you in the long term.

You can DIY or engage a third party to help you, it is that simple.

For SEO related to videographer singapore, you will need to have a few variations in terms of the FOCUS words you would need to use for your website, not just ONLY “videographer singapore” but can be a variation of “videographer in singapore” or “Singapore videographer” to be used in the content of your website or articles.

Here are the general rules for SEO for videographer singapore.

1. Check the Keywords

Check on what are the keywords you are looking to do for your videographer singapore website. You can start off by going to Google Keyword planner for a start by doing some research on what are keywords to do.

After that get the keywords you want to focus and go to SEMRush to further research on the keywords volume and actual competitiveness.

Focus on a few keywords, such as Singapore videographer, videographer in singapore, videographer singapore and other related words that might be similar, even different words but have the same meaning it is good to go.

For a start, I would suggest about 5-10 keywords related to videographer singapore, after 6 -12 months, you can add in more keywords.

For easy reference, keywords for SEO is like a “store front”, the more stores you have, the more people see your website.

 Some store front has more people visits, some would have less, in technical term, we call it as “volume.”

*I would need to stress that #1 is the MOST IMPORTANT STEP if you are doing the SEO campaigns as choosing the incorrect keywords will not make your SEO successful.

Some of the suggested keywords that you may used are:

videographer singapore
videographer singapore job
videographer singapore rates
videographer singapore wedding
videographer singapore freelance
videographer singapore cost
videographer singapore cheap
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videographer course singapore
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videographer forum singapore
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funeral videographer singapore
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hire videographer singapore
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videographer internship singapore
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freelance videographer in singapore
budget videographer in singapore
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photographer videographer in singapore
videographer service in singapore
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videographer price singapore
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wedding videographer singapore price
proposal videographer singapore
videographer singapore rates
freelance videographer singapore rates
event videographer rates singapore
videographer singapore gumtree
videographer salary singapore
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student videographer singapore
videographer singapore wedding
singapore wedding videographer rates
wedding videographer singapore price

2. Website Content

 You website content, ideally should be over 1,000 words within ONE page, when possible go for over 2,000 words talking about videographer in singapore, Singapore videographer, videographer singapore and others.

3. Good Loading Speed of the videographer singapore Website

Ensure your loading speed is good in DESKTOP version and MOBILE version. You can check your website loading speed via Google OVER HERE.

4. Title and Descriptions

Do ensure your TITLE and DESCRIPTIONS of your website is surrounding with the keywords related to videographer singapore, videographer in singapore, Singapore videographer or similar words or meanings.

Take for example:

Title: Best videographer singapore | videographer in singapore

Descriptions: Looking for Singapore videographer, check out our videographer singapore website and see how we can assist you…….Contact : or call us at xx-xxx-xxx-xxxx (You may also choose not to insert the email and contact number, but to me adding it will make the potential customers call you faster.

5. Create Backlinks

Creating backlinks are part of the SEO process, your backlinks can be in the form or articles, videos, photos or audios in other websites that LINK back to YOUR website that you want to optimise.

Here are some simple guideline.

  • Generally, the more backlinks you have, the better your ranking of your website.
  • The more popular the website that gives you backlinks, the better in terms of the ranking
  • Natural backlinks by other people are better than your own created backlinks for your videographer singapore website
  • Sudden increase in terms of the number of backlinks to your website will NOT do good to your videographer singaporevideographer singapore website

6. Tracking Keywords Ranking

You can manually go to Google and search the keywords videographer singapore, videographer in singapore, Singapore videographer to see what are the rankings.

You should do it about 2-3 weeks, if you have too many keywords to track, you can try SERanking too, they have a trial subscription and they also have good powerful research platform if you are seriously want to dominate your industry.

7. Website Mobile Friendly

Check your videographer singapore website in mobile view and see that is mobile friendly, how do you know it is really mobile friendly, check the illustrations below:

If  your videographer singapore website is not mobile friendly and responsive, there will be problems in getting your website rank to a respectable page.

According to Google, they will choose not to rank website if the website is not mobile responsive. If you do have problem in your website that is not responsive, check out this LINK by Google and they will teach you how to solve the problem.

8. Awesome User Experiences

Do ensure you give good user experiences for the people that visit your videographer singapore website, how do we achieve that?

  • Gives valuable content
  • Readable, your fonts size should be at least 16 or 17 when possible
  • Add photos and videos when possible
  • Good loading speed  
  • Clean and simple language, paragraph your content, separate them with bigger titles, pointers and “quotes”

With good user experiences, the users will likely to stay on the page longer, share the page and even bookmark the page.

This will creates an impact to your Google ranking in the long run.

Alright, here you go, these are the SEO tips and strategies for videographer singapore, if you have any questions related to SEO, or how I can assist you in SEO, you can contact me at +65-93880851 or email to

Below are some videographer singapore wallpaper, you might just love them. Enjoy!