(The Only SEO Company in Singapore that Guarantees Sales & Leads using SEO)

Sales & Leads. That is the promise we can give to our Guaranteed SEO services clients. We are so confident that we do not charge you any single cent upfront, we only charged based on the actual sales or lead generated, depending on how you want to be structured.

We will take care of the SEO campaign in Singapore and also your digital marketing campaign, you will take care of the actual sales and delivery of the product and services. We will also work with your sales team, operational and management to ensure that the marketing and branding message is clear to the public to ensure the best sales and leads generated.

Case Study 1 : Michelin Star Restaurant in Singapore

A Michelin Star Restaurant in Singapore where their sales had been consistent, however as their digital marketing is weak, the boss of the restaurant approached Dougles Chan to assist and take care of the entire online and offline marketing for Beni Singapore. Dougles organized the team for Michelin Star Restaurant and revamps the entire website, system, structure, and pricing to create more sales and creating more awareness of the company.


Dougles Chan is the top sought after Digital Marketing Guru in Singapore,  also known as the SEO Master Shifu with 15 years of SEO hands-on experience and author of 8 books. Currently, he provides top quality, result focused Google SEO consulting and digital marketing services to companies in Singapore, mainly involved in restaurants, technology systems such as AI ChatbotWedding VideographyWedding Photographyaircon servicingphysiotherapy, SAP, Microsoft Resellers, Cloud Computing Companies, Headhunters, Recruitment agencies and others.

He specialized in local and international SEO consulting and digital marketing services. His Google SEO consulting ability had also created many businesses to generate millions of dollars of sales and profits in various businesses.

Regardless of whether you are looking to optimize your website in Singapore ( or international (, he will be able to provide valuable advises and consultation on Google SEO and digital marketing advises.  He had SEO over 20,000+++ keywords and generate millions of visitors to multiple websites locally and internationally.

Currently, he is also a BNI member in Singapore and an Ambassador for BNI in the Far East Region.

For expert SEO consulting, SEO services and digital marketing campaign by Digital marketing Guru: Dougles Chan, kindly reach out to him at dc or text (65) 93880851