SEO Training Singapore

Scotts Digital is proud to have Mr. Dougles Chan, who is the SEO Master Sifu that had optimized over 2,000 search key phases in local and international search engines that had brought in over 1 million visitor.

With over 15 years in doing Search Engine Optimization for his website and the clients websites and with over 25 years in doing business, he will integrate the business aspects and SEO together to ensure what you have learn is a complete workable business package that brings leads and sales to his students.

He clients that he serviced including SEO services, digital marketing, group training and private one-to-one coaching includes PC Dreams, Digital Hospital, SAP authorized Gold Reseller, award winning recruitment agency, Recruitplus Consulting Pte Ltd, international recruitment agencies with over 15 branches worldwide – Temp Team Pte Ltd.

With his extraordinary ability and experience that combining Business + SEO, he is helping many of his clients generating millions of dollars every year.

SEO 1-to-1 Training – Dougles is currently provides 1-to-1 practical SEO training and coaching to individual who desires to be dominate their own industry. (To ensure tip top quality, no public classes will be held.)

Total number of students for SEO training and coaching will be limited to 4 per month due to maximize the learning and coverage for the students.