20 Practical Tips for Recruitment Agencies to Get Their Website Listed on Google #1.

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It is the wish for every company that owns a website to be ranked at the top in the world’s most popular search engine—Google. But one would soon realize that this is not an easy task to achieve, and it takes a lot of effort to get to the top. The popular ones are those that are most trusted by the consumer.

There are several factors involved in getting a website ranked high in Google. Let us now look at 20 of them:

  • Listing the website in a directory is one way that helps to increase the ranking in Google. One needs to list in a minimum of 15 directories, and only then will this help in increasing the ranking.
  • Back links also help in increasing the ranking. Commenting on a competitor’s website, blogs, etc. is the way to create back links.
  • Inviting guest bloggers is another way that helps increase the ranking. This way, not just the website, but also the writer mutually benefits from the blogs.
  • The loading speed of the website also determines the ranking of the website. The faster it loads, the better the search engine will be able to catch it while it crawls.
  • Google will never rank websites containing explicit terms at the top. It has a policy and will not allow such websites to be browsed by the kids. So, even if the use of such terms were unintentional, the ranking of the website is bound to fall.
  • The older the domain, the better are the chances for getting ranked on the top. So, while selecting the domain, one must not go in for a new one or one that started a few years ago.
  • Some websites are called special sites. For example .edu websites and .gov websites are considered as special. If one can get back links from these websites, it helps immensely to increase the ranking of the website.
  • With the increase in popularity and use of the social media websites, one can get back links from them as well. This also helps as these social media websites are already ranked in Google, thereby increasing the ranking of the company’s website as well.
  • Rich content is very important for a higher ranking in Google. Content should follow SEO guidelines, but it should not spam. Keywords should not be used unnecessarily in order to increase the ranking.
  • Meta tags and keywords also help in increasing the ranking, but before using the internal linking technique, one must learn how to use and create anchor links. Only then will it be helpful.
  • When giving the website link on external websites, it is better to check if they are legal, and if not, it would be more harmful than good.
  • Another method is to use the No-Follow attribute. This should be used very sparingly, or else Google will take harsh action by never considering you for ranking.
  • One can increase their activity in the web world immensely by writing blogs and other articles in your area of specialization. This helps Google to see that you are indeed genuine and increases the ranking.
  • It is extremely important to have a check on what your activities are, especially when you are signed in Gmail. If it is seen that you are visiting adult websites when you are logged in Gmail you may be penalized on your website.
  • A dedicated IP address also helps in increasing the ranking of the website.
  • While SEO use of primary and secondary keywords is important, determine the relevant keyword for your business and then use it.
  • Articles written should be submitted only to the best websites. Only then will there be any activity on your website. The more the brand is genuinely marketed, the better will be the rankings in Google.
  • Activity should always be related to the business. If it is seen that you are drifting away, it will affect the ranking.
  • Only use the white hat method for building links. All search engines have a few guidelines that should be followed and applied at all times. In case you default, you will be penalized and the website ranking will fall.
  • Finally, the most important thing is never to buy links. This in no way helps to increase the ratings and is just a waste of money.

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