Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website or webpage visible in search engines in un-paid or natural state. SEO is one of the search engine marketing tools besides pay-per-click (PPC). The following are 30 key SEO tips that you should try in your company for you to realize positive results. They are divided into 2 broad categories; On-site and off-site optimization.

1. On-site optimization

  • Creative content production

Many site visitors do not have a lot time and therefore want content that is straight to the point. Avoid appending very long extraneous data. Your content should show a lot of logic and should be fact proved. Create your own content, this is what readers want. They want to see new ideas that they have not read elsewhere.

  • Steady and consistent content production

After the creative content, visitors will obviously want to come back. Therefore updating your page or blog frequently will also increase the frequency by which people read your content. No one will keep on visiting a page that is rarely updated.

  • Production of interesting content

The choice of topics matter a lot too. There are those topics that are interesting to read and those that are seldom in the public interest. Choose topics that  showcase real-life experience and ones that keep most people searching for answers.

  • H1 and H2 tags

This is the use of the H1 as the heading of the page and H2 as the subheading of the page. Separating the content with heading makes the content easy to navigate and improves its readability. However, do not use so many headings just because you want your page optimized.

  • Keyword rich contents

The most important things about keywords is to make them very, very unique. Keyword phrases works better than single keyword. The phrases used as keywords should be easily found on the webpage. It is advisable to use commas between keyword phrases compared to spaces. Keyword density is also a key point to consider. Density of about 6%-25% is advisable

  • Very Unique content

The ultimate reason why visitors come to your site is to get information. Make sure that the content displayed is your original work and it is not by any way plagiarized. If visitors come to your site and then find duplicate of the content they have read on other sites, they are likely not to read your content to the end. Therefore, unique content should be strictly adhered to. Moreover, unique content helps to increase inbound links to your site.

  • Domain

Your target audience is very important in picking your domain. Hyphens are healthy in domain names less than 4 words. You should as well use major keywords in your domain. Make the domain easy to type and remember.

  • Page Title tags

Using specific and important keywords in starting your title tag will help you get good website ranks. Use a very unique tag, completely different from others. Limit the length of the title to 8 words.

  • Meta Description Tags

You should create a meta description tag that attracts people to click. A lot of search engines display tag information in case it matches with the content and relevancy to the information. However, if the keyword relevancy is adequate, most search engines tend to ignore the Meta description tag.

  • Image alt tags

This are alternative text for describing images since search engines can read neither flash animations nor images. All tags should be displayed on the page when one hovers the mouse on the page

  • Responsive URL

Unresponsiveness in the URL is usually caused by bad URL practices such as use of lengthy and repetitive keywords in your URL. Odd capitalization will also reduce the responsiveness of your page

  • Good folder structure

The contents in the folder should be easy to access. The structure should be in that anyone can access the information without any difficulty.

  • Redirections

It is important to tell readers that the content they are looking for has moved to another page. This is achieved through the use of the redirects. If you leave your content readers with no guidance, they will quickly leave your site hence there will be little interest in the service you are offering

  • Comments

It is very, very important to get feedback from the content readers. The ability of your page to allow them leave the feedback will help you establish your strength and improve on your grey areas.

  • Mobile friendliness

Nowadays most people use mobile phones to access information. Make sure your page allows access by both the PC and mobile phones. 

  • Sitemap

This is a list of content pages that are available on the website. It shows the number of pages and internal links on the website. It is important because it is one of the tools used by the search engines to display your content.

  • Page loading speed

Quick-to-open websites are visited more compared to slow website. One should strictly follow Google recommendation on speed to ensure that their website can be accessed with ease.

  • Images and other multimedia elements

Images and multimedia elements make page more interesting and easy to read. However, they tend to lower the loading speed of your page. Therefore, ensure a balance between content delivery and speed.

  • Internal links

Make sure within your content the pages are inter-linked through use of internal links. Link the keyword in the original content to the destination content. The information in the destination page should be reflective of what has been represented by the keyword

  • External links.

Use of external links in your page is healthy and allowed. However, care should be taken to limit the number of external links otherwise this might inconvenience the readers. The external links should open in new window.

  • Bold/Strong and Italics

Using bold/strong words does not have any significant weight on the SEO optimization however they are search engine friendly.

  • Location

The content in your website should clearly show the where your services can be obtained. It is a good practice to make sure that the keywords and content give a clue about your location.

2. Off-site SEO


  • Inbound Links

This links helps other sites to link with you. If you have a content that is relating to content that the reader wants, the other page can reference it through inbound links

  • Citations

This is when another site writes about a topic and quotes your page to fact-check the content. This helps generate traffic to your website.

  • Social Media activities

If your link your sites to the social media sites such as facebook, twitter and instagram, it makes increase the number of visits from social media users. Through this, you can be contacted and feedback given and hence the activities on your page will increase.

  • Subscription option

This option allows those who likes your content to subscribe and hence expands the target audience.

  • Brand

What you are offering will also make people to either visit or not visit your website. Unique, well-thought brands attract a lot of traffic than ones than are copied. If your product is recognized as the best, then it is easier for you.

  • Enhanced customer relations

As much as you need feedback, your customers, who in this case are your readers, also need feedback. Your website should be such that it can give a message of appreciation and encourage them to come again

  • Audience

What is the target audience of the web page? The knowledge of the target audience will help you deliver user-specific message.

  • Social Bookmarking

This is a form of inbound link where you get popular sites to market your content.

In conclusion, if good SEO techniques are implemented, the visibility of company will greatly improve without the need for paid advertisement. Additionally, a good choice of a SEO agency will further improve the response of the people to your content.

Article by Dougles Chan, an SEO Master Shifu, Digital Marketing Guru and Business Consultant in Singapore. He trains and mentors and gives consultation to drive website owners to 10X their website traffics and conversion of leads. For enquiries, please call 65-93880851 or email to dc @dougleschan.com 

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