BNI Pinnacle Members List – Singapore

Kenneth Chee Chong Poon 97644144 President of Chapter Pinnacle
Serene Leong 91805541 Vice President of Chapter Pinnacle
John Chang 96480931 Treasurer/Secretary of Chapter Pinnacle
Gillian Wong 90088525   Pinnacle
Alan Ang Wai Kong 94237599 Great Eastern Life Assurance Co., Ltd Pinnacle
Alvin Lee 90694699 The Lee.Vin Space Pinnacle
Andrew Soon Kwong Chew 86990057 Epione Private Limited Pinnacle
Anthony Ho Lian Yi 91798521 Organisational Development Concepts Pte Ltd Pinnacle
Brian Khang Chen Pang 94513549 Enagic Pinnacle
Clarence Zeng 82337779 ZENCOMPUTES PTE. LTD. Pinnacle
Cliff Goh 96497571 Assurance Partner LLP Pinnacle
David Chan 91999019 Nanyang Education Group Pinnacle
Dougles Chan 93880851 Scotts Digital Pinnacle
Edward Leong 98167999 BookaSlot Pinnacle
Gary Tan 98346623 Phil brew golf academy Pinnacle
Jennifer Lim 93279127 Amazing Floral Gift Pte Ltd Pinnacle
Jenny Chen 92730069 Jupiter Lightz Pte Ltd Pinnacle
Jimmy Liew 96669122 Sim Lim Electronics Pinnacle
John Chang 96480931 Promiseland Independent Pte Ltd Pinnacle
Joseph Teo 98459376 Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd Pinnacle
Junior Chew 91199416 Forte Visuals – Wedding Videography Singapore Pinnacle
Keith Tay 94551226 OrangeTee and Tie Pte Ltd Pinnacle
Ng Wee Ling 97937334 Qi Men Oracle Pinnacle
Nick Ng 96749537 Memorable Light Studio – Photographer Pinnacle
Patrick Goh 90286866 COM-2000 Network Services Pinnacle
Rosalind Lim 97397292 The Conscious Chef & Coach Pinnacle
Seow Ling Liew 96499333 HOusekeepers Management Services Pte Ltd Pinnacle
Serene Leong 91805541 Pinnacle
Shin Jiun Khoo 91793419 Physio Dynamics – Physiotherapy  Pinnacle

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