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Throughout the years when I was doing recruitment I saw a trend where the staffing agencies are having extreme difficulties in getting new clients for themselves. Even until the present, the same thing seems to be happening.  Well, I do not know how staffing agencies learn how to get clients but apparently, I can see that many of them are still using the old fashion method of getting new clients.

So how to get clients for a staffing agency???

The good news is that with the technology available, we can sweep all the old methods of getting clients and let’s do something more interesting, I call it the 3 MUST C Rules of Generating new Clients for Recruitment Agency.

MUST Consolidate 

You will need to collect data from as many places as possible, such as name cards, directories, suppliers, ex-customers, internet, friends data, etc etc etc…..Anyone can become a client, YES anyone. Do not be judgemental and decide that they are not a potential client. Even though they may not be a client now, you never know who they know may need your services.

Using email extractors available in the market to harvest for new data from the public. This will prove to be very valuable once you gather about 100,000 names and data.

Personally, how I do the consolidating process is that I focus on using email marketing as the main channel of communications. Hence, I only collect email address and their names. Anything else I will not focus on.  Once I have collected at least 1,000 or more, I will start to do the next C.

MUST Communicate 

Upon consolidating of the data, I will send the list on the services available and will continue to update them with what are available almost every week. You see, the best part about email marketing is that I need not have to spend hours to call them; it just takes me a press of a button and BINGO!

If you do it right, you can expect to get about 10-20 inquiries from the list itself, hence every day I will focus on the 10-20 of them and definitely will be able to close many cases every week! For the last few years, I have consolidated over 400,000 email database which is very active. Imagine if you are only working on 1% of the list…..you will be super busy!

MUST Connect 

Clients are human and you must always position yourself in such a way that they are your partner. When you do that, the clients will treat you as a friend rather than just another supplier. Here is what I meant by CONNECT, for example, when I see that there is something wrong with their websites or email signature, I will notify them. If their website got so error, drop them a note. 

Connect with them via Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc….CONNECT with them as many and as much as possible, if you see a video from Youtube that is worth watching, send it to them. If Facebook notify you that it is their birthday soon, send them a note….you see, you can go all the way to connect with them. With this connection, you will be able to retain them further and longer! That is most important!

Once you have started to establish a relationship with them, people will start to like you and trust you, eventually you will be able to get clients for your staffing agency.

An article by Dougles Chan – The Recruitment Guru. Also known as the Zhuge Liang for recruitment. A recruitment coach & mentor that specialized on coaching recruitment business owners and staffing agency recruiters.

Author of 8 books. 25 years in recruitment business coaching & mentoring. Focus countries will be in Singapore, USA, UK, Australia and others.

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