10X Your Recruitment Website Traffic

 It is imperative to gain consistent customers and revenue using digital marketing. That goal cannot be achieved without the right traffic to boost your sales and revenue. Many budding recruitment entrepreneurs have done everything that is practically possible to increase their recruitment website traffic, but only a few of them succeeded.

While some people believe that generating massive traffic demands that you spend an enormous amount of money on advertising, researchers have debunked this claim. You could be missing something important on your traffic strategies. That is responsible for your failure to grow your traffic to the desired level that will boost your traffic and lead to more sales.

1. Increase your site load time:

According to a study conducted by Akamai Technologies in 2010, almost 60% of online shoppers can’t wait for more than 3 seconds for a website to load. They consider any site that doesn’t load within that time as a waste of time. Shoppers between ages 18 to 24 find a site with over 2 seconds of load time to be too slow. In most cases, such customers will abandon the site and never to return. That will lead to a gradual loss of potential clients. It underscores the urgency in ensuring that your website loads pretty fast to appeal to visitors and retain their patronage. The ability of a website to load fast is one of the factors considered by search engines to rank sites. If you are ranked high on Search Engine pages, that will lead to more traffic and conversions.

You can increase your website load time by using a Content Delivery Network and optimizing the site after that. A CDN is a collection of different servers from various parts of the world. When you use a CND, it improves your website load time in two ways. First, it helps your site to send files faster and also shrinks file size to make files smaller and easier to load. The faster your data loading time and the smaller the file, the better your website will rank on Search Engines. You can also use some tools such as the ones listed below to improve your loading time:

Pingdom Tools: The tool is useful for analyzing your website load speed with practical tips to increase your site load time if it is slow. Some of the amazing features of this tool include helping you to examine the parts of your web page, testing your website from different locations to determine its load speed, and conducting a general performance overview of the site, among other features.

Google PageSpeed Insights: This is a free web page service that performs a detailed analysis of your page speed with practical tips on how to improve your website load time and performance.

You can’t afford to ignore the fact that the speed of your website is a significant factor in determining your success. Therefore, go out of your way to find and implement effective techniques to boost its loading speed, and your traffic will naturally grow.

2. Content is king

It is common knowledge among successful marketers. Without good content, your website will always struggle to have the right traffic. What makes content valuable differs from niche to niche, but there are some standard features of the good content. Some practical ways to make your article great and drive traffic to your website include writing an audience-targeted article, highlighting the features of the jobs you are promoting, and making sure that your content speaks directly to the audience without beating about the bush. Try to hook your readers from the beginning by making a brief reference to the benefits of the post or stating a problem that the product will solve

3. Include video

Yes, including video on your website may help increase the traffic. If you are promoting a product that you have an in-depth knowledge of, you can make a short video that will improve your audience’s understanding of the functions and benefits of the product. That will influence the decision of some people to try out the product. The effectiveness of adding a video is underlined by this neat experience. In 2012, one of the co-founders of Dollarshaveclub.com created a video to encourage his readers to get a good shape for a mere $1. Since he already knew his audience, he directed his approach to them and delivered a compelling message that spurred his audience to action. The result? In less than 24 hours, the short video went viral. It led to thousands of committed customers as demonstrated by over 5,000 viewers who subscribed to his email list. As of the time of this writing, the 1: 33 minutes long video has garnered almost 24.5 million views on the popular video site, YouTube. That’s a proof of the power of a good video on traffic. So, make it a part of your traffic-driving strategy to add a video to your post. It will make it more informative for potential buyers who may encourage other people who are in need of the product to visit your site. When making a promotional video, make it informative and short. Hit the nail on the head without wasting your viewers’ time.

4. Use eye-catching images

There is an element of truth in the saying that a pictures worth more than a thousand words. Using eye-catching images on your site can impact your traffic positively. They will make your site more appealing, make readers spend more time on your site than they ordinarily would have done, and increasing people’s desire to share the post on social media. The more your contents are shared, the more awareness that is created for the product. It will increase your sales and boost your commission.

The effectiveness of using images to increase traffic is highlighted by a study conducted by Socialbakers. The result of the survey showed that posts with images were responsible for 93% of jobs that are the most engaging on the platform in comparison with other updates. If you supplement your catchy title with good content and images, that will increase your chances of generating more traffic. The result is increased visits which will eventually lead to more clicks. The best part of this is that you don’t need to pay too much to get appropriate images for your content. There are tons of free stock photo sites where you can find thousands of beautiful images without paying a dime for them.

5. Leverage the social media

The social media is a good way to get more traffic for your website. I have spoken briefly about the power of social media for driving traffic. But, how can you do that right? Here are some valuable tips for taking full advantage of the social media and sharing your content for improved engagement and traffic:

– Conduct platform-dependent optimization: If you share a post on different platforms, the post will be displayed differently on those platforms. To ensure that they are well-displayed, optimize the position to eye-catching. The appeal of the job will increase how much it is shared. To find out how to optimize for your target social media platform, research that. The result will outweigh the effort you put into it.

– Don’t be spammy: If you post a post for the first time and the engagement is low, it is not advisable to repeatedly share the post. Your audience will find that spammy and may be put off by such attitude. Rather, it is desirable to tweak the post a bit to meet the need of the target audience. A little updating or modification can make an appreciable difference in people’s opinion about the post.

– Add sharing buttons to your website: It is not out of place to add sharing buttons to your site. While personally sharing your post is commendable, you can employ your readers to do same for you without applying them for that. Add share buttons to different social media platforms on your website and your users will

6. Host a webcast or webinar:

If you have a product with general acceptance, one of the best ways to increase its popularity is to host a webinar or webcast. During the webinar, speak glowingly about the potential benefits of the product and make it appealing to the audience. Make your presentation as fun and informative as possible. To increase the potential impact on your audience, take these tips:

– Choose a good platform for your webinar: There are different platforms with a variety of features. Check them out and choose the right one that meets your requirements.

– Have a co-presenter: You can collaborate with someone experienced in the field or someone who also has something to promote. Your combined effort will reduce the potential for error and help you maximize the strength of each other. That will boost your confidence and help you speak to your audience better.

– Don’t be in a rush: Don’t rush your information down the throat of your audience. Your delivery should be regular and slow to retain the attention of your audience. Rushing over your presentation will give your audience nothing to take from the webinar. Speak as slowly as you can. Make your points stand out. Don’t mix up your points with speedy delivery. If you do, your audience will miss out on some of the important information you want to pass across to them. That will defeat the goal of the webinar.

– Stay calm: When preparing your webinar, prepare for exigencies. The camera may freeze. You may have a problem with the audio; the slide show may malfunction, or there maybe some other challenges. Don’t’ panic when issues like these arise. That way, you will minimize your errors. If you panic, you tend to make more mistakes that will undermine the purpose of the presentation.

 Leave time for Q&A session: You are not the only one with the right of expression during your presentation. Your audience shares similar freedom with you. Create the platform for them to ask questions about your product, or any other issues that bother them. Give them real and satisfactory answers that will move them to take action.

7. Don’t’ ignore internal linking

The strength of your traffic is not determined by external links only. The degree of the internal linking on your website can also make or mar your traffic. When creating your marketing post, make sure that it has a firm internal linking structure. If you are promoting different jobs, you have to work on this. When your internal linking structure is stable, it will reduce your bounce rate and people will make it a duty to visit your website job post. It will boost your SEO and result on Search Engines. If they are satisfied with your products, they will be tempted to visit your site regularly and increase your traffic.

8. Interview successful marketers

Another technique that guarantees improved organic traffic to your website is conducting an interview with some strong markets in your niche. During the interview, ask them questions about the secret of their success and other relevant information you may find helpful the name recognition will play a role in boosting your credibility. That, on the other hand, will increase your traffic. Don’t forget that the interviewee will likely share the post too, thus, expanding the reach of the interview. The more the reach, the higher the number of young visitors you will have on your blog.

9. Make your website responsive

Access to websites and the internet used to be from a personal computer. With their big screens, you have no issue viewing them. However, things have changed. There are now smaller and portable devices for accessing the Internet than ever before. You have iPhones, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. For your visitors to enjoy visiting your website regardless of their mode of accessibility, your website must be responsible. For instance, a study conducted recently showed that almost 60% American adults own a mobile device. The study also showed that about mobile devices are responsible for about 55% of all website traffic in recent years. Add that to the fact that 8 out of every ten online shoppers shop with their smartphones. Imagine having a website that is not responsive and with a poor user experience for mobile user customers. That will be tragic. Visitors will be turned off from visiting such a website if it is not easy to access via a mobile device. So, to drive more traffic to your site, make the experience a memorable one for all and sundry, irrespective of the instrument through which they visit your site.

10. Research your competition

If your competitors have achieved more success than you can imagine, that doesn’t warrant unnecessary envy. Rather, study the opponent and find out his strength and weaknesses. Take time to know what step he took to achieve his success. If done very well, you should learn a useful lesson or two from his technique. Adopt the same technology they have tested and proven effective. On the other hand, you can work on those techniques to meet your marketing needs. By implementing such techniques, you can improve your website and other methods you use. That is another way to create more awareness for your site and gain more loyal visitors.

11. Attend seminars and conferences

There are chances that stakeholders indoor niche will organize workshops, seminars, and conferences. You can take advantage of these organized meetings to showcase your website to people. Cultivate the habit of attending major conferences and workshops that are relevant to your line of business. That is a good idea. It is even better if you can speak at these events. It will help you establish yourself as one of the authorities in your industry.

12. Offer reasonable discounts

Since there are some players in the industry before you ventured into it, you must devise an effective way of getting buyers to see your product. You can only achieve this with the right incentive. For instance, what about offering potential customers a discount for if they purchase any product via your link? The few dollars you offer a discount will encourage more customers to visit your website. If they are satisfied with their first experience on your site, they will surely come back some other time.

13. Target the right keywords

You also need to target specific keywords that will meet the needs of your target audience for a significant increase in your visitor. The general advice is to concentrate more on long tail keywords when writing your post. It will reduce your competition and improve your ranking. You already know the importance of ranking high on a search engine on your traffic rate. Targeting the right keywords will speed up that process.

14. Share your content on Reddit

Reddit has over 250 million users with over 500,000 different communities. The platform is used in over 200 countries with an average monthly page view of 8 billion. Why these stats? They give you an insight into the traffic opportunity offered by the platform. If you share your content on this platform, you can take advantage of the millions of users to improve your conversion. That will give you some thousands of visitors. Note, however, that Reddit frowns at personally sharing a post. So, you can ask a friend or guests to help you with sharing your post.

15. Submit your content to mix.com

In addition to sharing your content on Reddit, you can still present it to mix.com.  is a content discovery engine for ranking your content. Depending on how informative and valuable the readers find it, they will vote it. If it garners enough votes, it will rank high, with the potential for giving your thousands of new visitors. It shows the importance of submitting well-written and high-quality contents only.

16. Promote your content on social media

The power of the social media as a marketing tool shouldn’t be underrated. It is an easy and efficient way to build a large audience for your recruitment business. You can choose from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and other platforms for building your audience. Although the choice of the platform depends on your niche, you can find the appropriate social media that will give you the desired result: more visitors to your website. To start with, let your social media accounts be functional and engaging. Take time to build a good followership or friendship. When you have earned the trust of your friends, you can introduce your service or product to them. They will trust you enough to have confidence in it.

17. Guest posting on other websites

If your site is new and relatively unknown, you can promote yourself to the wider audience by showcasing your skills and expertise on other people’s websites. Get in touch with site owners with significant traffic and guest post for them. You need to make your posts engaging and reflect your knowledge of the niche you guest post on to attract people’s attention. As more people get to know you, the traffic to your website will increase an increasing number of individuals will get wind of your recruitment business That will increase your chances of making more inquiries and resumes.

18. Building an email list

Although some people consider email marketing as a dead marketing technique, I disagree with that belief. Email marketing is still a very efficient way to build your audience. As a recruitment company, email marketing is crucial to the success of your business. You can start building your mailing list by asking your readers to sign up for your regular updates. You may also offer them laterst job listing or updates for free, you are guaranteed of increasing your mailing list. Exercise some caution when using this approach. Don’t spam their account with emails; be shrewd and tactful when promoting your jobs by using this method.

Some of the important reasons why you should give a thought to building an email list include:

  • It is the easiest way to keep in touch with your customers, no matter where they live.
  • Email is targeted. Instead of sending messages to random people, it allows you the privilege of targeting a particular audience. That makes it more useful without wasting your precious time and resources.

19. Use SEO technique

A convenient and efficient way to increase your site’s organic search is to make it SEO-ready. Organic search is one of the best sources of traffic that will add value to your website in addition to giving you access to more potential buyers. When writing your content, in addition to keeping your audience in mind, don’t also forget to keep some SEO rules in mind. By doing your SEO right, you will rank high when searched on search engines such as Bing, Google, and others. The higher you rank, the more traffic you get. And that will translate to more sales and more commission.

20. Using paid advertising

It is another avenue to increase your traffic. Many recruiters use this useful technique to improve their recruitment website traffic to improve their sales. You can test the efficiency of this method by advertising your product on social media. It is due to the affordability of paid advertising on those platforms. Facebook is one of the most used social media for paid advertising. It is inexpensive and relatively easy to set up paid advertising on this platform. Twitter and others also run effectively paid advertising sections for marketers to boost their sales. Conduct a comprehensive study of these platforms and choose the ideal one for you. If you have some small sites, you can also place paid ads on them. You can also drive more traffic to your site with paid advert on Google AdWords too. These platforms will help you increase your reach and also your sales.

To increase the efficiency of these techniques, you are advised to adopt the Rinse, Wash, and Repeat principle. It implies that you repeat these methods for as long as you need more traffic to your website. By such repetition, your success rate will receive a massive boost.

An article by Dougles Chan – Millionaire Business Mentor. A Business Coach & mentor that specialized in business mentoring. Author of 8 books. 25 years in business coaching & mentoring business owners. Training business owners in Singapore, USA, UK, and Australia. He specialized in business, sales, marketing, digital marketing, , SEO Services, SEM, and social media recruiting. For 121 business coaching, kindly check here.

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