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People often get confused when they first start their SEO journey; either they receive very bad advice or they don’t quite understand what they’re reading when self-educating. This is also the reason why most choose to let the experts work their technical writing services magic. Whatever the reason might be, a lot of people make a lot of deadly mistakes when first trying their hand at SEO tactics.

Here are five of these deadly mistakes that you should avoid at all cost: 1. “Learn from the best.” The internet is a very vast plain of knowledge with a lot of so-called and self-proclaimed experts handing out advice like everyday is Christmas. Almost all these individuals have some kind of impressive website with a lot of free advice, even more expensive programs, workshops and workbooks you can buy and they always have a comforting slogan such as “learn from the best”. Well, ladies and gentlemen, here’s a very simple and free lesson that applies to most things in life: know your source.

Have you never heard this famous experts name before? When you are looking up books regarding SEO with rave reviews; do they even mention this so-and-so? An even better question: why doesn’t he have a book with rave reviews? This is where a little research and a little gut instinct come in to play. If it sounds too good to be true; it is. No-one can guarantee you that #1 ranking. Find out who the really credible people with true authority on the subject is.

There are a lot of SEO advice you can take onboard, but ensure that it’s good and sound advice. And if all else fails remember that there is no shame admitting you’re in above your head. Sometimes it’s a smart move to use one of these credible expert’s technical writing services instead of wasting valuable time without truly achieving any success.

You only need to learn everything about SEO ONCE. Just like the fashion industry (although not quite as sexy), SEO is driven by trends. You wouldn’t be seen dead walking down the street in a true 1980’s get-up, and neither do you want to be using 1990 SEO strategies in 2016. Neither of these scenarios will have a happy ending.

Tactics that had amazing SEO results a few years back might not be quite as relevant today. A very good example is how everything around keywords has changed. Once, they were one of the most important factors impacting your search engine ranking. Now they are more or less useless unless well researched and not overcrowding your content.

Once again, it’s not a bad idea to get the help of a content writing agency if you don’t have the time to stay up to date with trends or you simply find the constant changes too complicated. 

Using a little bit of underhanded black hat tricks will get you faster and more positive results. Uhm…not quite. Google is not stupid. They have created bots and algorithms especially targeting any sites, posts or pages using these unethical tactics. Trust me, you will not get rewarded like some would have you believe; you are much more likely to get penalized and hurt your site’s ranking. No matter how hard it seems, rather navigate your SEO within the boundaries of Google’s rules and regulations – it might take you a little longer, but you will reap the rewards.

As with many things in life, it’s never easy when starting to learn and trying to understand a new concept, especially when you are not using the services of a content writing agency. But you need to be patient with yourself. If you follow these guidelines, you are already miles ahead of the rest who will have to learn the hard way.

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