Why Most SEO Campaigns have proved to be Unsuccessful

Are you doing SEO campaigns for your website and are wondering why after so many rounds of SEO, your ranking is either not improving or you are not getting the correct inquiries from the Google traffic itself?

Over here, I will touch base on some of the basic SEO issues and some advance SEO problems so that you are an SEO consultant or an SEO expert, will be able to understand the situation more clearly and able to explain to your clients.

1) Website layout

Your role of a professional SEO consultant, you will need to ensure that your client website is very user-friendly, which is to say that when a potential customer goes to the website, it will be smooth and simple so that the information can be understood by the user.

Basic of mobile-friendly is a MUST. Google does penalize any website that is not mobile friendly. If your client website is not mobile-friendly, get your website designer to help you.

The content of your website must allow more “white space” so that readers can read the content easier and not straining their eyes.

2) Poor Website Content

The logic is about the same as above, if users do not find the content useful or enriching in any way, they will also move on to another website.

3) Poor or no Graphics

Remember that many internet users are “picture” persons; therefore,if your content consists of only words or your graphics are not too professionally designed, your readers will not be interested in reading what you are offering.

4) Poor branding

Branding is all about the logo, color, and theme of the entire website. If your website does not project a decent brand, it will not make the user “trust” the company,and with no trust, you can jolly well conclude thatyour SEO campaign will be a total failure.

5) Targeting the wrong audience

Many SEO “experts” are only experts in carrying out search engine optimization and fail to understand the specific industry in-depth. As a result, the keywords sometimes suggested by them may not be totally relevant. Even if the keywords are ranked #1 in the page, the traffic that’s brought in is not composed of the right group of people.

6) Proposal of Wrong Keywords

Contrary to what they claim, SEO experts don’t hold all that much expertise after all – many have used broad-based keywords to optimize where the potential traffic will be high,however, the relevancy of the targeted audience will not be present. Hence it is always better to narrow down to exact keywords, where the potential traffic will be lesser but the audiences are much more highly targeted.

7) Putting all eggs in one basket

Remember that SEO is only ONE of the marketing tools; you will still need many other digital marketing platforms such as email marketing, social media, pay-per-click, banner ads and other digital platforms to make an overall impressive impact on your marketing campaign. You need to spread your risk and use multiple workable platforms in order to yield the best returns.

8) Do not have a mode to collect potential clients’ details

Remember that you will not be able to convert ALL your visitors to clients, hence you need to create an interesting platform for them to leave down their name, email or contact details in exchange for something such as a free e-book related to your products and services, a discount coupon, voucher or anything that they feel is valuable. Once you have managed to collect their contacts, keep in constant contact with them so that they remember your offering. One fine day, they could become your best client.

9) Not keeping Updated on Google animal farm

Google always comes out with updates on Google Panda, Google Penguin and even Google Hummingbird. With these “animals” being generated from Google, the updates will change the entire “equation” of SEO, and apparently if one is still using the old methods of optimisation on their website, the URL will be completely “lost” in the Google search engine.

An SEO article by Dougles Chan, a Recruitment Guru whose recruitment website is www.dougleschan.com

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