Solving Marriage partner destiny chart (o) in Qi Men Dun Jia #qimen #qimendunjia #qmdj #metaphysic

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What happens when your marriage partner, this particular symbol is not very strong, especially has an emptiness or a death door inside under the destiny chart?

Normally, when you see a death door or an emptiness under the divination point of view, there is a high tendency that nearly 80 percent of their marriage may not be so good. It means if they get married, they will get divorced.

In the destiny chart, it tells us that this person’s luck in this partnership means a relationship will be at the lowest end and which also means the luck is bad. In this case, it doesn’t automatically mean this person’s marriage is going to be divorced, it tells us this situation is not going to be fantastic, that means it is going to be gloomy.

On the other hand, we can make it even better if we know that this death door is the lowest energy.

The question is how can this person be able to get the right kind of person who is in harmony with them in terms of the element to element relationship. That means you have to choose the right person to be with you rather than depend on the partnership.

If the luck is not good to find a good partner, we have to involve ourselves in more activities. That means do not focus too much on making money, you have to meet more friends, socialize more, put in more effort to make yourself more attractive.

The relationship takes two people to come together, you can not just have a relationship with one person that means yourself.

When the death door with the partner of if that’s emptiness in destiny chart, it is telling us the energy is the lowest and you have to make super extra effort to ensure that your relationship is better. Do not do it once, do it many times and it will take a while.

If you keep continuing with that kind of energy, a big situation happens that means you keep the lowest energy, the bad energy and because of that, your relationship will never be improved.

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