What is an Executive Search Consultant– In simple term, it is a higher level of a recruitment consultant when they focus on a higher level and charge higher fees.   They will focus more to middle to high level positions and apparently, they do not charge base on one month salary but charge base on […]

If you are involved in Recruitment Agencies in Singapore for the last 10-20 years, you will notice that the number of cases and sales value a recruitment consultant can close compared to many years ago is declining every year averagely. 10-20 years ago, a normal recruitment consultant in any recruitment agencies in Singapore will be able to close an average sales […]

Many smaller size recruitment agencies that have fewer than 10-15 people will feel not so comfortable reading what I am going to write. However, if you are one of them, do read what follows below with an open mind and perhaps you will be able to get something good out of it. The reasons why […]