4 Google SEO Strategies for Actual day wedding Videography

Are you running a wedding videography business or a wedding videographer in Singapore that is looking to get consistent leads and customers?

Do you want to have more wedding video taking assignments REGULARLY every single week?

Are you posting or boosting in Facebook almost every single day you in your beautiful videography Facebook page and still get very disappointing results?

I have a piece of great news for you! Provided you are a wedding videographer or running a wedding videography business, let me show you some basic steps to use Google and ranked in Google Singapore so that you can have about 20-40 enquiries every week! (By the way, you know it really works, because you somehow managed to get to this page title as “Actual day wedding Videography Google SEO Strategies in Singapore” from Google Singapore search also.

BTW, just to introduce myself, my name is Dougles Chan, people called me the SEO Master Shifu. I have been doing SEO for over 15 years and one of my focus client is wedding videography and also wedding photography. One of my wedding videography clients is Forte Visual and they are ranked number 3 in the keyword “actual day wedding videography” in Google.com! Not too bad, considered it is in .com, not .com.sg.

Before we begin, I would like to share a SECRET, and this is very important….

Most wedding videography business owners DO NOT DO SEO. Many used traditional and referral marketing to get leads and clients.

So what is great about this?

Let me explain, please read it carefully. It will make a HUGE difference in where your wedding videography business will land.

80% of the wedding videography business or videographers DO not do SEO, either they do not know, they do not believe, they have no time or simply they are not able to afford the cost of SEO, it can easily take about $7,000-$10,000 a year to outsource SEO to someone like myself.

The 20% of the wedding videography business owner who does SEO, 80% of them will not generate the results they are looking for, reasons are that likelyhood, they used the wrong methods of doing SEO, outsource to the wrong SEO consultant or they failed to take into account the marketing and branding process for SEO, there are other reasons why a SEO campaign will not work, I will cover them in another topic.

So averagely only 4% of the wedding videography business

Step 1: Choosing your website platform

It is important to be careful on what platform you are using to publish your website, some of the common ones are WIX, Weebly, WordPress, HTML or even adobe.

My recommendation is that when possible, stick to Wordpress. Wordpress is the most user-friendly for Google SEO and is the most popular publishing platform.

If you choose the wrong platform, and if you are competing with other wedding videography business or a wedding videographer in Singapore, your ranking likely will not outrank them, when you are not above your competitors, your enquiries send to your mobile phone or email will get lesser.

Step 2: Choosing the Focus

Here is a tricky situation, I notice many of the videography company or videographers are doing the same thing, they put many services in their website, not only they do actual day wedding videography service, they also do corporate videography service, product videography, wedding photography service and even photo booth!

And yes, those creative ones will add other services such as event organizing, wedding planner, catering……You get my point…

But to be very honest, this is not the best way to do things. Here are 2 directions I can share with you:

  • Google loves websites that has only 1 focus, the better the ranking it will get. But you will argue, I am doing wedding what…..no no, hear me out, I need you to be laser focus, throw away everything else. If you are doing wedding videography, just focus on wedding videography ONLY and Google would love to rank your website higher because it will please the users who are searching for anything that relates to wedding videography. That is the reason why my website www.dougleschan.com focus on one thing only – SEO, nothing else…LOL and Google loves it…. and that is how you get to this page and read this information, anyways lets move on.
  • From the customer point of view, if you are the lady that is going to get married, do you want to get a videographer that specialized in videography or someone that is the jack of all trade, someone that is also doing corporate videography service, product videography, etc…The lady would love to have the best wedding moments captured by the expert, the specialist, not someone who knows everything….

Step 3: Your Website Content

I know you would love to showcase all your videos on your website but mind you. SEO is still very much in TEXT based, yes, there are images and videos too, not saying that videos are BAD but I will cover how to use video on step 4.

Many of the Google searches is in TEXT based, hence, make sure your wedding videography website is filled with a good number of relevant text.

When I mentioned relevant text, meaning that whatever “keywords” you are focusing on. Take for example the keywords below, these are some potential keywords you can use for your wedding videography website:

wedding videography singapore
wedding videography singapore rates
wedding videography singapore review
wedding videography singapore forum
affordable wedding videography singapore
malay wedding videography singapore
pre wedding videography singapore
indian wedding videography singapore
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aerial wedding videography singapore
actual day wedding videography singapore
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wedding videography singapore review
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wedding videography cost singapore
wedding videography course singapore
cheap wedding videography singapore
church wedding videography singapore
wedding videography singapore forum
drone wedding videography singapore
actual day wedding videography singapore
actual day wedding photography and videography singapore
wedding videography vimeo singapore
singapore top wedding videography
wedding videography singapore price
wedding videographer singapore price
wedding videography photography singapore
malay wedding videography singapore price
wedding photography and videography packages singapore
malay wedding photography and videography packages singapore
pre wedding videography singapore
actual day wedding photography and videography Singapore

If you are focusing on the keyword – wedding videography, make sure the word “Wedding Videography” is inside the content, at least 2-5 times in different places. it can be in any “order”, not a big issue.

If you can put the text on other pages, that will be good too.

If you are choosing more than 5 to 10 keywords above, then it gets a little complex, but anyhow, see below on how you should do the text layout.

Example of how it to write your text on your website

Title: Best Wedding Videography in Singapore (Correct)

Title: Best Wedding Videography Singapore (Wrong), the grammar does not make sense, so write for the users to read, not for the Google robot to crawl.

Title: Wedding Videography Singapore (Wrong), it does not make sense at all. Even though plenty of SEO expert said you should put the entire EXACT keyword on the content.

Step 4: Upload Your Videos

Yes, you will also need to upload some of the videos you have done for other wedding couples and showcase your ability, choose the best few and put them in the HOME page of the website.

Upload another few in another page of your website so that you have many touch point to the viewers, good for SEO too.

Remember to add about 100 – 200 words of text per video.

Here is a tricky question, should you upload your website to Youtube and embedded them in your website or directly upload in your wedding videography website?

Things to consider:

When you upload to youtube:

  1. Additional exposure, if your video is popular, and if you do create a backlink to your website, it will benefit your website in terms of ranking
  2. Loading time will be lesser (Good for SEO)
  3. You are making Google happy because you use Youtube (Google bought over Youtube)
  4. The video may lead to other competitor videos via youtube
  5. Youtube may terminate your account or delete your videos if there are many complaints

When you upload to your own hosting:

  1. It takes some time to load, not too good user experience.
  2. It will take up space for your hosting if you have a small budget for hosting, not recommend
  3. Complete ownership
  4. Not easy for competitors to upload your proprietorial wedding videos

Well, there are no fixed rule saying which method is the best, it will be very much up to your own preferences.

Step 4: Promote Your Wedding Videography Website

Here is the toughest part, you need to promote your website to many platforms, such as Facebook, Linkedin, emails, SMS, whatapps…..and build some backlinks by yourself or outsource the entire process to a third party. It may take a few months of the promoting activities to make your website see some lights and start to get enquires, usually, when any videography company asks me to help their SEO, I will tell them will take about 3-6 months to see anything interesting.

Promote your website regularly but not spamming, it will help in the organic growth of your wedding vidro graphy website rankings.

Cheers and good luck in your SEO thing!


Dougles Chan, https://dougleschan.com/SEO Consultancy Singapore – 65-93880851

How Can an SEO Consultant Double Or Triple Your Profits in Best Physiotherapy Singapore Business?

You’ve invested in designing a quality best physiotherapy Singapore website. It looks professional, and it reads well. But now you need to drive traffic to that website. More visitors means more potential customers. And, of course, more customers could help you substantially increase your profits. How do you attract more traffic to your best physiotherapy singapore website? The most effective way is to hire a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant to modify your best physiotherapy singapore website for the search engines. You need to present your information in a way that the search engines view your site as an authority on a particular topic.

When someone sends a search query for information on that subject, you want the search engines to list your best physiotherapy singapore site in the results, preferably on page one, and the higher on page one, the better. Most searchers start at the top and won’t go past page one results. A website that isn’t in the top 10 listings might as well be invisible.

An SEO Consultant Can Improve Your best physiotherapy Singapore Website’s Ranking
So how can you get search engines to show you the love? A professional search engine optimization consultant can evaluate your website and make recommendations to improve its ranking. He or she can assist with:

* Analyzing your website and determining opportunities for improvement
* Identifying keywords to target
* Writing content for your site and also other sites for promotional purposes
* Creating meta tags for each of your website’s pages
* Obtaining inbound links from other quality websites
* Optimizing the HTML code so that the search engine spiders can index your pages
* Submitting to search engines
* Submitting to directories
* Generating ranking reports to monitor progress

As you can see, optimizing a best physiotherapy singapore website is a complex, multi-faceted process. Therefore, you’ll want to take care when selecting a search engine optimization consultant.

Questions to Ask Your SEO Consultant

When doing your due diligence, start by asking the SEO consultant for his credentials and experience. How long has he been doing SEO work? Where did he learn to become an SEO specialist? What are some of his most successful campaigns? Perhaps he can provide you with some specific case studies of his clients. What SEO methods does he use? Some SEO consultants will focus only on one aspect of optimization such as link building. The best SEO people realize that multiple variables factor into a website’s success, and they’ll have strategies for improving all of the website’s components.

You’ll also want inquire about the SEO consultant’s optimization techniques. Ethics matter in SEO. You can use trickery like invisible text, keyword stuffing and doorway pages to get to the top of the search engines, but that only works in the short term. It’s not a matter of whether the search engines will catch you; they will catch you. And when they do, it’s likely they’ll ban your site, or at the very least, punish you with a poor ranking. Therefore, it’s best to choose an SEO consultant who uses only approved, ethical practices in optimizing your site.

How does the SEO consultant measure success for your best physiotherapy singapore website? Will he be providing you with regular reports? Does he have the necessary tools to track your website’s movement on the search engines?

Find out if your SEO consultant offers any type of guarantee. While no one can promise you a specific spot on Google, a reputable consultant should offer some type of money-back guarantee if after a certain amount of time, you are not pleased with his service. Finally, ask your SEO consultant for a long-term plan. SEO is not a quick fix. It’s an ongoing process whereby your site steadily climbs in ranking for its main keywords, then maintains that ranking, and eventually expands that ranking to include additional niche keywords.

Get Started Today with a Search Engine Optimization Consultant

A qualified search engine optimization consultant can help you enhance your online presence. The additional business that results from increased visibility could greatly increase your profits. The sooner you get started optimizing your website, the sooner you’ll reap the rewards.

9 SEO Tips for Lasik Singapore

Hi, thank you for visiting my website – dougleschan.com, a website specialized in sharing Google SEO tips for you to rank the first page in Google.

Having been doing Google SEO for almost 15 years already and had ranked over 20,000 keywords and ranked many top keywords in number 1 in Google Global (Google.com), Google Singapore (Google.com.sg) and many other Google countries domain.

I am glad to have brought millions of visitors per year to many of my websites and my clients’ websites. I will show some samples to you below to help your Lasik Singapore business to rank number 1:

Below I will share with your some advance SEO tips to rank #1 in Google that will be helpful to:

1) Long article – 1901 words or more to be exact.

In order to have a respectable ranking for Lasik Singapore, your article on your Lasik Singapore website needs to have good content, having said that, it needs to be of plenty of substances and length.

There have been extensive research by my Singapore SEO team and apparently the total number of words within a page that you want to optimise need to have at least 1901 words.

Anything less than that will not be too respectable.

2) Content marketing  – Using 19 as a reference

So you have great content for Lasik Singapore, 1901 or more words on that page, and walah!

You are going to be ranked on the first page of Google in the keyword “Lasik Singapore”.

Hold your horse, my friends.

Having 1901 words is only the first requirement, the next step you will need to use this ratio:

1: Content creation, using the ratio of 1

9: Content marketing, using the ratio of 9

Part 1 (Time) – If you are spending 5 hours of your time writing the content on Lasik Singapore, you need to focus 5 x 9 = 45 hours in content marketing for Lasik Singapore.

Part 2 (Money) – If you have spent $1,000 on creating the content on Lasik Singapore, then you will need to spend another $9,000 in content marketing for Lasik Singapore.

So you might ask, what do you really need to do in content marketing?

Content Marketing Strategies for Lasik Singapore

  1. Email marketing, email to your clients, past clients, potential clients on what you have, let them visit your website and impress them.
  2. Social media sharing, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc
  3. Social sharing in Google +, this is HUGE, respect it.
  4. Social sharing must be shared with the correct group of people, the more focus the better.
  5. Send msg, whatapps, Line, Wechats, Vipers, etc, let your friend go to your website by providing a short write-up with a URL
  6. Advertise, online, offline, paid, free and other methods of advertising works too.

3) Backline Creation for Lasik Singapore – Pay ZERO focus on it.

Well, all the SEO experts and SEO consultants always said that to build quality backlinks to your own website, but here is what I can offer to you.

BUILD NO BACKLINKS AT ALL. (Stop doing all the dirty works that will damage your SEO ranking)

The more backlinks you create for your website, the more it will harm your website, the reason is that Google knows you are the one creating the backlinks. (Or your team is doing SEO)

Wait, read my words carefully, I am saying – Do not create your own backlinks, it does not mean backlinks are not important.

It is, but only when backlinks are done by OTHER PEOPLE – NATURALLY, then it will be good for your website.

So here is the deal – Backlinks create by you or your own team or even done by other SEO agencies will not bring you anywhere.

Backlinks created naturally by other people that have no relationship with you will bring you to the top.

4) Make Google LOVES Your Lasik Singapore Website!

The idea of Google is to bring the best RELEVANT information to users.

So if your content related to Lasik Singapore is not relevant and nobody likes it and nobody pays attention to it, even if you forcefully push it to the first page, it will not stay there for too long.

Google will respect your website when you have relevant content that is liked and loved by many people.

And if your content has over 1901 words and every sentence is good data and information, your website will be very respected!

5) Backlink your Lasik Singapore website to other websites too!

Yes, it is not all about your website, your content, your brand.

If it is relevant, and if the user needs to make reference to another website, be generous and link it to the relevant website directly or indirectly related to Lasik Singapore.

For example, if nobody knows what is content writing, I will put a link directly on the key phrase “content writing” and link it to a relevant website that explains what is content writing.

If you notice in my entire article, I also link some key phases to another website, this is sending “SEO Juice” to another website, in traditional SEO marketing, it is not recommended.

My point now is that if you are educating your readers in the most simple and yet informative way, the readers will love it and likely to bookmark your page, read further, like it, share with other friends and they may even send a backlink to your webpage.

The high influencer websites that you have linked to may also take notice of your link and visit your website and you never know if your content is so good that the high authority website may create some links back to your website.

Hence, the benefits of linking to other website are by far more beneficial than just trying to keep all the link juice to yourself.

The more you give, the more you will receive.

6) Visual SEO for Lasik Singapore Website

The more relevant graphics you have on your webpage, the more interesting your webpage is going to be, remember that more people are a visual person, they like to see graphics that illustrate your points.

Having visual also makes your webpage have more depth and will let user believes that you have actually spent more time and effort to create better content for the readers.

Pictures give great backlinks – Yes, for example in Pinterest.com, it is a social media where people can pin to their Pinterest account and every PIN itself is a link!

Just for your information, Pinterest is generating so many links for my website dougleschan.com in some topics that some of the top keywords are already ranked top 3 in Google without me doing anything!

7) The CTR. It Matters!

So when you search Google for specific information, do you click on ALL the websites?

Not really, so which websites do you click on?

Likely the most interesting and more relevant websites to your search teams, isn’t it?

So your Title and descriptions of the web-page ought to be interesting and related to what the users are searching for.

So what does it matter, you will ask?

The more people click on your website in Google search, it is telling Google that your website is actually more relevant and potentially important for the users, hence, directly telling Google that your website content can be good.

So if your CTR (Click through rate) is higher than your competitors, the better your “points” are.

So Google will automatically push your website slightly higher in terms of ranking and the process will continue until it reaches a saturation point.

Of course, have a good title and description are important, but if the content of your website is not to an expectation of the Google users, then it will backfire, what you have done in point 7 will actually hurt your ranking and it will plunge further down.

8) SEO Dwelling Time for your Lasik Singapore website

So what is dwelling time? Dwelling time is the total time a user stays in your website or webpage, the longer the Google user stays, the longer the dwelling time is, and Google actually calculate the total time as an average to tell them how important your website is.

Remember I was mentioning about the 1901 words?

Now you are getting the idea?

The more words you have, especially it is of good quality and interesting, the longer the Google users will stay.

Do you know that you are at point 7 now and how much time you have dwelled in this article?

Probably a couple of minutes, and you have told Google that this page is important.

And the ranking for this page will be pretty respectable.

This is how you give quality information to the users, at the same time build your ranking and branding.

Next, we move on to point 8, which is the FOCUS POINT.

8) The FOCUS for Lasik Singapore Website

Do you know that my website used to have over 10,000 posts of almost everything under the sun?

I realized that I was doing the wrong thing, although I am getting over 1 million visitors every year, I am not focusing enough.

Hence I deleted the 10,000 posting (Super ouch!) and refocus on one SINGLE thing.

And dougleschan.com will only focus on Google SEO.

Nothing else.

So my purpose is that I need to focus, to tell other people I am the master of SEO marketing.

And to let Google knows that they are ranking dougleschan.com correctly related to Google SEO.

And more importantly creating a brand that anything related to SEO Master Shifu, I am the number one.

This is a very important lesson I have learned, being LASER FOCUS.

So if your website has a lot of many other things, I would encourage you to realign them and FOCUS on ONE topic or ONE industry that will give value to Google users.

With FOCUS, then you will get results.

9) Giving Values to Lasik Singapore Users

I learned the exponential value of GIVING 20 years ago, most people and businesses have this mentality that a potential needs to pay first to get a service or product but personally, I think this is a must better way.

That is by giving and expect nothing in return.

So to get different results, I use different methods, I give value to all my clients, even people who are not my clients.

I will give them the value.

So when a non-client become a client, I gave them even far much more that they will be overwhelmed!

A good example is that many years back, I am referring plenty of new potential business to companies (they are not my client) and I have referred them over 10 new businesses that easily add up to $20,000 to $30,000 worth of value.

Then 6 months later, the boss of the company called me and told me that they have terminated the service with their SEO Agency and asked me if I am open to help them in their SEO ranking.

I told them I am glad to assist them in their SEO services.

And now, today is already the 4th year the clients are with me and I have helped them to ranked 5 of their websites to be top 3 in Google Singapore.

Each of their websites is attracting thousands of visitors every single that and their revenues have skyrocketed to millions of dollars.

The rest is history.

Coming back to the GIVING part, in this article, if you realized, I am putting in plenty of valuable information and if you were to use some of them, you will likely to rank very well in Google and potentially can make money if you are doing business.

If you are looking to brand your company, it will be also very useful.

I could easily charge a few thousands of dollars per person if I am doing the training on SEO which many people are doing right now.

The value I am going to get from my contributing of these amazing value for free will be far much more than just a few thousands of dollar because I am a strong believer of GIVERS GAIN, quoted by Dr. Ivan Misner, who is the founder of Business Network International @ BNI.com

Yes, in order to rank well in Google, you need to give plenty of values to your readers

Your readers will likely not just appreciate your giving of information, data and case studies, they may also LIKE them, SHARE them, COMMENT on them, backlink to your website, mention your website in their social media.

This will directly help your website in terms of your Google ranking.

If you notice, I focus quite a fair bit on social sharing and using other peoples natural backlinks.

End of the day, it is still back to user experiences and if one does not have good user experience, especially in content, your ranking will never reach the top.

10) Do you REMEMBER?

When you read a long article, do you really remember most of the things they have written?

Most people are not able to remember many of the important points that the writer is given so your role will be to provide the easiest and memorable information to the reader.

Somethings there is a need to repeat certain things a few times.

For example, when I gave a presentation to Singapore BNI – Synergy Chapter as I am representing as an expert in SEO in that chapter.

And my showcase was given 10 minutes to present, and after the showcase, everyone remembers 4 numbers:

And I break down “1901” into sub-categories so that everyone is able to digest the information easily.

Ask any of the BNI Synergy members and they will be able to remember the event and what is SEO and how to rank well in Google using 1901.

Hence, the point I am trying to derive is this:

The easier the users are able to remember, subconsciously they will continue to come back to your website for more related information they are looking for;

And this not just increase your loyalty to your website, you will have returning visitor and potentially more referrals to more people to your website.

When more people who have the interest on what they are looking for, they will stay longer in the website, in turns, it gives Google the signal that your website is filled with good content and the “Dwelling Time” is longer!

If you notice, I have actually repeated the same information above in this area, simply because I want you to remember.

Alright, I believe I have covered enough to make you a semi-expert in SEO, try some of the techniques above and let me know the results, do comment below and I will try my best to answer your questions.

Thank you for reading.

Dougles Chan – SEO Master Shifu

For SEO Consulting Singapore, pleasec contact (65) 93880851 email dc @dougleschan.com