Taking Care of Your Shower Curtains

Shower curtains can add a lot to a bathroom decor. While selecting a shower curtain, one should make sure that it goes well with the color of the bathroom tiles and other accessories. In addition, to make sure that the curtain lasts long, it is important to take good care of it.

Even though a lot of water splashes on a bathroom curtain, it gets dirty after a while and needs cleaning. So what makes them dirty? Hard water and soap scum slowly builds up on the curtains and remains even after they dry off. These dry soap deposits give off a moldy smell over time and are visible as ugly spots on the curtains.

Most people these days opt for vinyl or plastic shower curtains. While these curtains are easy to use and maintain, they should be cleaned them at least once a month to make sure that they look good and remain usable for a long time.

Listed below are some tips that one can use to clean bathroom curtains:

The Pre-Cleaning Procedures

When the curtain is quite dirty, pre-treatment is required to ensure that a single wash will effectively remove all the dirt. In cases where there is mildew or mold, the person cleaning them needs to be more cautious. It is a good idea wear proper masks, glasses, and gloves to prevent respiratory and other ailments. Next, a quality bristle brush should be used to clean the mold from the curtain.

After the mold is removed, the plastic shower curtain must be soaked in some water and bleach. If the curtain is not made of plastic, white vinegar will give the best results.

Cleaning tips

For best results, follow the tips listed below when cleaning bathroom curtains:

  • When taking the shower curtains down, ensure that it is removed from the rings properly. Handling the curtain in a rough manner may lead to some tearing in the process.
  • Baking soda or laundry detergent can be used to wash the curtains in a washing machine. It is best to use lukewarm water. While fabric and vinyl shower curtains are fine in washing machines, cheaper plastic curtains need to be washed by hand.
  • If the curtains are made of cloth, one must follow all the necessary washing instructions that are given for the material. Washing should be done very carefully so that no harm is caused to the material.
  • Once finished washing, just take the curtains out for hang drying. It is never a good idea to put them in a dryer. It is best to dry them in sunlight.
  • For plastic curtains, it is necessary to be careful with the kind of laundry detergent used for washing. When cleaning plastic shower curtains, soapy water mixed with vinegar is much better.
  • To remove mildew and mold, hot soapy water with some lemon juice works well. Afterwards, let the curtains dry in direct sunlight. As lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent, it will help in cleaning the curtains well.

Remember, curtains last longer if they are cleaned properly. It is best to check the tag to find out more about the washing techniques recommended by the manufacturer. Regular cleaning will help in controlling mildew and mold deposits on these curtains. This will make them last longer and keep them looking better.