The Clash of the Recruitment Agency Bosses and Recruitment Agency Consultants

When talking to many recruitment agency consultants and listening to their stories, I hear many of them complain about how “lousy” their company is, how terrible the boss is, and how very dissatisfied they are about things.

Apparently, there is a much different focus between the employer world and the employee world, and the contrasts are usually very great.

The employee wants to have the best and highest salary, have the highest commission plus other allowances, and work the fewest hours possible.

Employees would love to have a 2 ½ hour lunch break with someone interesting, and, of course, if the boss is not in the office everyday—that would be the very best scenario!

And wouldn’t it be great to work for a company without any QUOTA or KPI, plus having a great working environment with plenty of pretty ladies and handsome men around you? And would you like a manager to invite everyone for tea break everyday?

Well, that sounds like a dream and ideal environment, but it seems that it is almost non-existent as far as I see. If you do encounter such a company, do let me know, and I would love to write an article about them and feature them on our page.

As for the employer, most would want to pay the lowest salary and commission and squeeze the employee very dry.

They will set the sales target so high that the employee will never be able to hit the it, and will therefore  not be able to get the commission and still make money for the company where company will keep most of the sales.

Also, the boss will become a special detective and always be in the office, monitoring everyone’s computer and emails so that the clients and candidates are totally secured!

Then, when someone is late for work, he will announce to all the staff, reminding them to be on time or deliberately embarrassing the person who is late!

The boss will also schedule meetings after normal working hours so that the meeting will not eat up normal working time.

In addition, he has this belief that meeting is not “working”, so there is no need to pay the employee over-time pay.Furthermore, the bosses of recruitment agencies are always concerned about whether the recruitment consultants are able to generate enough sales to cover the salary, allowances, and the commissions payable.

On top of that there are still the rental charges, internet connection fees, telephone bills, and electricity bills, plus his own salary…No wonder most recruitment agency bosses have less hair, and many of them even have grey hair—at a young age!

Well, looks like we have a challenge in this case: recruitment consultants will always want to earn and enjoy more while working less, but the bosses of the recruitment agencies will always focus on the benefit of the company.

It seems that the clash of the recruitment agency bosses and the recruitment consultants will stay a long while….enjoy the journey anyhow…Cheers!