The Dangers Of The Feng-Shui Dragon

You must have heard about the prosperity that a Feng-Shui dragon brings. But, do you know the dangers? 

A Feng-Shui dragon, even though being a symbol of good luck, can negatively harm your life if not wielded with great precaution. It will start with flowing bad energies in your life, and you will feel uncomfortable at every step. 

Are you having doubts? Well, then the lives of South Korean presidents are free for you to observe. But, unfortunately, with the last one jailed, most of the 11 presidents have faced a similar fate.

Experts point out the place, colors, and forming the shape of Feng-Shui elements of the executive site for this misfortune. Further, they claim that if Feng-Shui is not harmonized precisely, it’s capable of even ruining your life.

Thus, let’s explore the dangers of Feng-Shui dragons in-depth, and you will also get to know how you can avoid them in the end. 

Potential Dangers of The Feng-Shui Dragon:

  1. Bad Chi/Energy: You will always become the victim of bad energies roaring towards your happy life. It happens while placing the Feng-Shui dragon in a dirty place.
  2. Mishaps in Marriage: You might have purchased a Feng-Shui dragon with the hopes of blessing your marriage. But, putting it without Feng-Shui Phoenix will end you with a rough and messy marital life.
  3. Incepting Arguments:  While you desire to have good relationships at home, you can let that fade away if you place the Feng-Shui dragon on the right side of your house. It would be difficult for you to understand its negative impact as it would happen so swiftly. However, it will always start with little arguments with other family members.
  4. Harms Career: You may be tempted to place more than a Feng-Shui dragon at your home. But it will only make your life further miserable. It’s because a dragon itself has a lot of energy, and it hates being coupled with another Feng-Shui cure. Instantly, you will get bad news regarding your job life.

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