The Logic of Qi Men Dun Jia

Before we study Qi Men Dun Jia or even other Chinese metaphysics, it is essential that these ancient arts have a foundation on the Chinese cosmic trinity which is a philosophy of how Heaven, Earth and Man contribute to our success in life. When we understand these concepts, we can see the concrete basis of where Chinese metaphysics stem from.

Heaven, Earth and Man are the three aspects that make up the foundation of a person’s life. This is also known as Tien-Di-Ren. Heaven or Heaven Luck is something that you are destined with. It is something that you have no control over as Heaven gave this luck to you. Examples of Heaven Luck are the time of birth, your grandparents, siblings and parents. Earth or Earth refers to the country that you are born in. This luck correlates to the art of Feng Shui as it revolves around your environment and how it affects you and your Qi. Remember that Qi is energy, and it is also vital for us humans. Earth Luck can be changed, because you can control your environment later on in life, but as you are young, there is very little possibility in changing your Earth Luck. Finally, Human luck refers to our attitude, personality and actions. It also includes our beliefs, knowledge and attainment of education. Human luck is something that we can fully control as this is not subjected to the confines of the first two luck.

What is the purpose of learning these three types of luck? Well, it is essential in all forms of Chinese Metaphysics as these three are present in the readings of any form of divination or practice. There are more ways of divination such as Da Liu Ren which is more inclined to predicting human actions, or I Ching divination. Learning this trinity means that any form of Chinese metaphysics is not absolute. These are basically predictions and will not fully work unless you put an effort to follow through with it. Remember that at the end of the day, it is you who is largely responsible for the outcome of your life. Qi Men Dun Jia is only a powerful tool that can help guide you with what you need to accomplish.

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