Three Reasons to Wear Lace Bras Every Day

Most people think that an everyday bra is a distinct type of bra: plain with thick foam cups, generally in beige. However, about half the bra inventory in the world is lace. The reason for this is simple: they tend to fit better and last longer. So, let’s find out why you should try on lace bras.

Lace Bras Tend to Fit Better

The more rigid a bra’s cup is, the harder it is to fit. Rigid cups are already a shape; if you’re not the same shape, the cups and your breasts tend not to mesh. Typical issues include the wire being unable to rest in the crease under your breast and the top edge of the cup either digging into the breast, causing a bubble or gapping off your body and creating a definite line under t-shirts.

Lace cups are more flexible and allow for more variety in breast shape and texture. The lace molds to your unique shape while, at the same time, the seams and panels can give more lift and structure than a stiff, rigid cup. With a better fit, you will feel more comfortable in your bra all day, and you’ll have the added benefit of not needing to adjust or tug at your bra every 15 minutes. The black lace bra is also lighter and much more breathable. Between the lift from the seams bringing your breast tissue up off of the skin of your ribs and the more breathable material, your skin will dry off any perspiration more quickly, which is always a good thing!

Lace Lasts Longer

Most people tend to think of black lace bras as being flimsy and unsupportive. This prejudice on black lace bras is because most of what they encounter is of low quality. Well-made black lace bra will last years of wear because of the weave’s strength and construction. More rigid cups can also last a long time, but they tend to lose their shape over time, for they are made of foam. The cups are made out of foam, and other smooth materials are made out of one piece of fabric, so the weight of your breasts will pull the cups down and eventually make them lose what lift they provide. On the other hand, Lace tends to have less stretch in the fabric to start, if any, and the seams help keep the cup’s shape and lift intact.

Lace Bras Are Prettier

Which bra would you choose? It may seem shallow on the surface, but this is a big part of why you should wear lace bras. Aesthetics matter a lot to many people. Black lace bras will be a good fit for you. It can be a small thing, but knowing that you have something pretty on contributes to confidence throughout the day, especially when you know it fits well. Everyone will assume you’re wearing a bra, so you may as well wear the pretty ones. Lace isn’t the panacea of bras for everyone, but lace bras are worth consideration, even if you believe you don’t like lace. You might find your perfect fit in a bra you would never have tried otherwise.