Tips for Curvy Shaped Butt Without Surgery

Is your butt not big enough as you would like them to be, and you are looking for a way to make them bigger? If you have been admiring those bigger curvaceous women that you end up wearing all types of booty scrunch leggings, booty panty, high rise shorts, or butt shapers just to look like them, then we have some tips for you. You will be surprised that you can achieve such a look by eating the right food, doing simple exercise, and wearing the right clothes. You need to understand that bigger butt without surgery will take some time, roughly 6-8 months, with a growing volume of 3-5 cm.

Here are tricks that will literary make you but bigger;

  1. Tighten the waist

Regardless of the size of your belly, your butt will look more proportionally if you emphasize the waist.

If your waist is larger than you would like them to be, wear booty lifting leggings, butt lifter shapers, or booty pants to tighten the waist. Your butt will definitely look hot and bigger. The advantage of booty lifting leggings is that you can find buttlifter shapers that are seamless and breathable. Since they are invisible, you can wear them underneath all types of clothes. Besides, it’s easy to put them on.

  • Use stairs

Using stairs is not only good if you want to loseextra weight but also if you want to shape and grow your butt. When walking up the stairs, you put direct stress on the butt area and legs. This is the right way to strengthen, tighten and tone the butt. When using the stairs, it is recommended to wear breathable butt shapers underneath your clothing or highrise leggings as they will help tone the area.

Rather than using an elevator, use the stairs instead as much as possible. You will get a tighter smooth butt, better than butt surgery.

  • Do Long Squats

Long squat tops the list for bigger butts because they work on all three glute muscles (gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, and gluteus maximus). To get the best from squats, ensure you do them appropriately. First, ensure you wear fitting workout clothes such as booty scrunch leggings, butt shapers,or buttlifter shorts. You can either do “air squats,” or you can add hand-held weights if you want quick and bigger impact. Stand with your feet parallel and slowly lower your hips as if sitting on a chair. Keep your buttock tucked in and your abs tightened. Then return to the standing position slowly. Squats will bring tangible effectsquicker than you can ever imagine.

  • Right Food

Even as you wear your buttlifter shorts or booty panty every day to make your butt look bigger, it’s crucial to have a long-lasting impact. Maintain a healthy diet. You won’t increase your butt while you keep eating fatty foods. A healthy balanced diet will make your butt bigger. Increase protein intake as they contain building content for muscles. High protein sources include lean fish, boiled eggs, and all kinds of dairy products, veal, and beef. Carbohydrates are also essential but not from fast food or sweets. You need complex carbohydrates that can easily be absorbed in the body to provide a sense of fullness for a longer time and give you energy. Some carbohydrates diet plan includes brown rice dishes, cereals, breakfast cereals with no sugar, whole bread, etc.