10 Keywords -Basic Package
20 keywords – Standard Package
30 keywords – Intermediate Package
50 keywords – Advanced Package

What is SEO Off-Page, and do I need it?

The short answer is yes, you do. And SEO Off-Page Optimization is part of each of our packages and it includes all the additional services you need to make your website rank higher in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). Basically, the more Off-Page Optimization techniques you utilize, the better are your ranking stats. Here we will break down the basics: social networking, backlink building, gathering positive review status across platforms as well as managing brand establishment factors.

What do we cover? Simply everything.

These are the strategies that we utilize to make the most out of your online presence:  Search Engine Submissions, Article Syndication,Blog Optimization,Web 2.0 Properties, Company Profile Creation, Document Sharing, Social Bookmarking (High quality), Press Release Marketing, Broken Links Checking,RSS Feed Marketing, PPT Marketing, Forums, Image Sharing, Video Marketing, PBN Creation, Reddit Submission, Classified Ads.

Think globally, rank locally.

What we do is also that we put heavy emphasis on local ranking, relying on in guaranteed information quality by doing niche research into your category. We also can add your business in authority directories.

A-Z in Social Media Integration and Keyword Analysis

We analyze how well your site handles all social network connections. From profile creation on every imaginable network to the perfect positioning of buttons and embeds. Also, keywords are simply not enough unless you have “the best words” as some might would say. Our research team looks at the market you’re operating within, taking an extra-careful look at your competitors and using the better keywords for better results and ultimately better conversions.

Backlinking and Audience Curation

Looking at competitors’ backlinking, we create backlinking for your website that drives more quality visitors rather than quantities. For SEO agencies It’s easy to get numbers, it’s harder to get sales. That’s why we specialize in audience curation, bringing you potential customers rather than just visitors.