Top 10 Data Recovery Services in Singapore

You are working in the IT industry or use your computer heavily on a daily basis. This makes me assume that at some point in your life you have faced the situation when your hard disk crashed.  It is one of the dreadful situation which we try and avoid. And if you don’t, you should: your data is far more important than the hardware you’re running it on. Laptops can be replaced, but the ones and zeroes they contain absolutely cannot. But perhaps they’re not gone forever.

Someone once said that there are two kinds of people: those who’ve suffered a storage failure, and those who’ll face one in the future. With this in mind, the 3-2-1 rule of backups which calls for three copies of your data on at least two kinds of media, one of which is stored off-site.

If disaster strikes and you haven’t done this, you’re not necessarily out of luck – you may be able to get something back. Nothing is 100%, so these packages won’t replace a good backup routine, but you’re at least in with a chance if something goes wrong or if you’ve been a bit delete-happy.

So, let’s get onto our today’s list where I am going to pick the top 10 data recovery companies in Singapore.

1. Kroll Ontrack:

Who doesn’t know Kroll Ontrack? It is one of the most reliable and professional data recovery services provider specifically geared to looking after small to medium businesses. Their services include specific email recovery functions which dig into Outlook mailbox files and diagnostic tools to find bad blocks on your failed drives.

There are also imaging and copying tools to ensure both an easy backup process and a quick restore when all the nasty file recovery business is complete. OnTrack also includes a disk refresher – we’re not entirely convinced that it’ll be able to do much more than make you feel better about yourself, but if it can sniff out bad sectors early enough you might be able to strike before anything goes wrong.

2. Drive Data Recovery:

Drive Data Recovery Singapore, is the leading provider of data recovery services in Singapore and Asia Pacific regions, for failed hard drive, thumb drive, SDHC micro sd memory card, USB flash drive, raid, NAS, server and encryption devices. They have more than 10 years of data recovery experience and are very quick in recovering your data.

3. Quvaco Solutions Pte. Ltd.:

The leading provider of powerful data recovery, undelete, drive image, data security and PC privacy utilities for the Windows OS family.It is the industry’s premier data recovery service and recovery software company for both physical and logical hard drive recovery.

4. DriveSavers:

DriveSavers is the worldwide leader in data recovery services and provides the fastest, most secure and reliable data recovery service available.

5. Singapore Data Recovery Centre:

 The company is run by SANS certified Data Recovery Professionals. They are in this business for the past 10 years and take thew data recovery of each and every disk very seriously. The company possesses passionate technicians and engineers who love to do this. When someone loves to do their job, shall you complain?

6. Accplus:

 The unique thing about this company is that they are the fastest. I have known them to recover data as fast as in an overnight. Unexpected disk failures can be a pain and although Accplus’s service is already fast. But, if you are in a hurry, you can get your data recovered by paying them a little extra amount.


Their team of data recovery engineers retrieve data off of every hard drive on the market and use proprietary recovery techniques that can recover data other companies deem unrecoverable.

KLAZZ provides recovery service on a full range of hard disk drives and operating systems including IDE, EIDE, SATA, SAS and SCSI hard drive assemblies all makes and models of servers, desktops, laptops and netbooks.

8. Adroit Data Recovery Centre:

Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC) is the first data recovery centre established in Singapore since 1998 with class 100 clean lab facilities to recover data from damaged media such as crashed hard disks. ADRC currently is the largest provider of data recovery services in Singapore and Asia.

Together with the full-fledged service lab in Malaysia, ADRC has also extended its services to other countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Philippines, Hong Kong and Japan.

9. Greenergy Pte. Ltd.:

Greenergy has been providing data recovery solutions, emergency repair, and restoration services of mission critical data storage arrays, drives and media since 1997. with biggest data recovery centre in Singapore, and 2 branches in China, serve more than half of public listed company and thousands of corporations. 

10. CBL data recovery:

CBL was founded in 1993 as a hard drive repair centre for distributors and OEMs. Two years later, data recovery services constituted the largest segment of revenue growth. At the end of 1995, CBL Technologies officially became CBL Data Recovery With over 15 years of data recovery service experience, and more than 140,000 completed recovery cases, CBL has the knowledge and resources to quickly identify hard drive failures and implement a successful data recovery solution.

CBL maintains an active and growing parts inventory of more than 30,000 hard drives to assist in data recovery cases on a daily basis. Additionally, CBL has developed a relationship with a network of international storage providers, from which CBL can source components anywhere in the world and deliver them to CBL labs overnight.

If you are a Singaporean and need data recovery services, feel free to visit the data recovery centres of any of these companies. They are the few best service providers in the market that you can easily rely upon.