Top 10 Most Popular Cosmetic Brands in the World

Women like to improve their beauty with little aesthetic attention as much as they can. Through this Makeup Tips article, we will select the best cosmetics brands, which have proven to be lifeguards for millions of women (and maybe a few men; -p) around the world.

Cosmetics are the miracle workers. The power of cosmetics is nothing magical, as evidenced by the obsession we have had with them over the years. With Kohl being as old as the human civilization itself, it is safe to say that our love affair with cosmetics only has better with time.

To honor these master magicians who created these beautiful products for us here are some icons of the cosmetic industry.


L’Oréal Paris has been eponymous with beauty since its founder, Eugène Schueller has developed a hair dye formula which he decided to name Auréale.

L’Oreal today is worth its weight in gold, dabbled in hair and skincare products, makeup, perfumes, and more. Acquisition of the UK company The Body Shop of the company 2006 has created headlines, due to a massive clash of principles concerning animal testing. Overall, everything worked well for the cosmetic giant, posting huge profits each year.

2.MAC Cosmetics

Every woman’s heart is obsessed with cosmetic MAC. This hero is operational since 1984; the brand was actually founded in Toronto, Canada. Currently headquartered in New York, USA, MAC manufactures high-end makeup products that are intended and loved by women of all skin tones and textures. Plus, MAC happens to be a hot favorite with celebrity makeup artists as well, to be the go-to brand during the prestigious New York Fashion Week. And if that’s not enough, all of their products are without a doubt of the highest quality and are guaranteed humane.

3. Clinic

‘Happy’ is what immediately comes to mind at the mention of the Clinic; it is hard not to love their summer perfume of incredible inspiration, which is indeed. Clinique belongs to the Estée Lauder family, who pioneered the scientific art of creating care products specific to the region.

Clinic comes with high recommendations from dermatologists who vouch for the effectiveness of the brand. Most of their products are beyond affordable for all, but plebeian then, beauty usually comes at a high price.

4. Lancôme

Every fashionista swears by Lancôme Hypnôse Volumizing, its formula without lumps promises long eyelashes that give the illusion of expressive animated eyes like. But that’s not all.

The Lancôme Visionary Care Line is an absolute pleasure to use with the equally delicious results that follow. It is formulated with their patented ingredient and promises to leave your skin super-soft and spot-free.

5. Neutrogena

Neutrogena products find these favors with many people, which accounts for almost $ 7 billion in the company’s revenue. This American brand was born in 1930, which makes some skincare products very affordable that have given users prodigious results. Their moisturizers and anti-aging serums are magical and are attested by a long list of celebrity clients, including Vanessa Hudgens, Diane Lane, and Jennifer Garner.

6. Nivea

The Nivea brand belongs to Beiersdorf; a German company set up the way back in 1882. The company’s first products were shaving creams and toners, after which they branched into manufacturing products including the skincare set.

Their moisturizers that have entered the blue tin pots are just as emblematic even today. The skin milk Nivea is another legend of their stables, and you are sure to find one in homes around the world.

7. Avon

Avon is a US direct selling cosmetics company that has a dominant presence in nearly 140 countries. The ‘Avon Lady’ stands for true brand mantra-representative “a company that not only brings beauty to doors but also opens them up.” Avon is marketed by more than 6 million women around the world, for whom it is not only a means of income but a mission to spread happiness, awareness, and optimism.

8. Dove

Dove is a market favorite, especially if you consider its brand value of more than $ 4 billion from 2013. The brand gives us body cleansers, lotions, moisturizers, facials and facial cleansers. Hair care products that are appropriate for every skin imaginable and the type of hair.

The success of Dove lies in the fact that it has provided its customers with high-quality beauty products that can always be trusted and purchased without any hesitation.

9. Revlon

Revlon can really wear the crown of the great lady of American cosmetics, not in terms of the year of establishment (the company was founded in 1932), but in terms of popularity. For example, their Super Lustrous Lipstick in Love This red first hit the stores in the 50s, but can still stand strong against most of these new age entrants on the scene. Revlon’s products are reminiscent of the old Hollywood school, with their classic yet affordable vibe.

10. Olay

Its massive popularity is in line with its equally dominant market presence. You find an Olay product for a teenager with modest means, as well as a middle-aged woman with a large bank balance. It’s hard to be a brand that can actually achieve these goals, but Olay has indeed managed to pull it off with effortless ease.

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