Top 10 of the Best Executive Search Websites in Singapore

There are different executive search websites in Singapore. We are listing 10 of the best executive search websites in Singapore.

Acquire Search Consultants:

It is one of the best executive search firms in Singapore. It provides jobs in different categories, particularly in information technology. It specializes in the recruitment of talented human resource and competently keeps high standards. It efficiently uses the 360-degree approach, which deliver talented individuals to the industry. The website is as follows:

ATR associates: It is a reliable legal consultancy firm. It extensively operates in different countries. It is completely focused on the career development of an individual. If you need rational advice and clear approach to the strategic process, then you will be guided at each step. The modern needs of clients are catered competently and only qualified legal associates. Furthermore, the confidentiality of the whole process is the keen aspect of the firm. The website is as follows:

ABLE Fisher: It is another legal consultancy firm that ardently searches qualified attorneys. It is preferably selected due to its expertise around the globe. It understands the legal requirements of corporate firms and banks. It focuses on the middle up-to senior level posts. The whole process of selection is disciplined and organized, which is managed with the help of research teams in different parts of the world. It works for the ultimate satisfaction of the client.  The website is as follows:

Brunel: Brunel is one of the best consulting firms that cater with different categories, including information technology, finance, engineering, and many more. Moreover, it deals with deployment of professionals in oil and gas industry. Its aim is to provide excellent service to consultants as well as clients. It manages the planning process so that the whole process is completed efficiently. The recruitment staff is highly specialized in their work. The website is as follows:

BTI Consultants: It is a prominent consulting firm that is currently operating in different parts of the world. It focuses on ‘CEO’ level searches all over the world. It aligns all the resources in a disciplined way and understands the diverse needs of corporations and executive posts. It eagerly searches the best talent so that the strategic needs of the organizations are fulfilled. The website is as follows:

Capita: Capita is leading consultancy firm. It mainly focused on developing connections through its efficient services. In the same way, it manages the human capital with the help of knowledge and expertise. It believes in meeting the requirements and winning the trust of the clients. The website is as follows:

Kerry Consultants: It is considered to be reliable consultancy firm in Singapore. The long-term relationship with clients and trust building is a key strength of the firm.  It has professional and committed staff. The website is as follows:

Morgan McKinley: It is a leading consultancy firm currently operating in nine countries. It searches out the finest talent to achieve strategic goals. It is determined to provide excellent services to its clients. The website is as follows:

Straits Talent: It is a notable consultancy firm. It understands the significance of human capital and acquires the best resources. Teams strive to search executive and professionals to meet the requirements of clients. The website is as follows:

Hays Singapore: It is one of the best recruiting firms that deals with a broad range of professions. It passionately works to search out right candidates for right jobs. It is currently operating in forty eight destinations. The website is as follows: