Top 10 Secret Benefits When you Become the Top 10 in Your Industry

Why should you become the top 10 in your industry? Are there really many secret benefits and advantages when you become the TOP 10 in your country or even the entire industry?

Having worked and partnered with over hundreds of companies, individuals and websites for the last 20+ years, I have managed to turn many “nobody” into the top 10 in the industry, some have retired and many are still enjoying the benefits of being the top 10 in the industry.

Here are some of the Top 10 “Secrets” you may not know, here goes!

1. You will get plenty of visitors and traffic to your website

This is pretty obvious as if you are already become the Top 10 in the market, many customers or potential customers will find you based on your brand name, or even search “Top 10 _______ (Industry) and your website will continue to reflect in front of them. The higher ranked you are in the Google ranking, the more people will go to your website everyday!

2. You will get plenty of sales

Another obvious benefits when you are already top 10 in the market as when more people visited your brand, online or offline, more sales will be very possible, it is always about the number, more people knows you, more people visit you and more people buys from you.

3. Your Brands get Notice

When you are at the very top 10, more people will see your brand, even thought many of them may not buy from you now, there is a possibility that some may buy from you next time when they need your services or your products.

4. Your Trust Level Gets Better

This is important, the better people knows you, more visible you are, the more people see you OFTEN, the trust level will increased as time goes by. When you have more trust, it is an invaluable asset that many companies and brands.

5. Customers will Compare Your Brand with the Big Boys

When you reach the top 10 status, not only you will be perceived to be a branded company, you will have more trust on your brand, they will also compare you side by side with the bigger boys who are already in the market for many years. This is truly an honor if the big boys are very big names who had spend millions or billions in their branding process.

6. You may get acquired by the Big players

Some industries big players are either lazy or they find the buying over a reputable brand will be a faster way to achieve their corporate objectives, at such, if you are already at the top 10 in the industry, the bigger players may approach you and buy over your company or brand.

7. Internet Multiplier Effect (IMF)

If you notice, there is a saying, the rich get richer, same as the Top 10 scenario, the top 10, who are already famous and branded, gets more famous and branded. The reason is simple, the Internet Multiplier Effect (IMF) and is doing a favor to the TOP 10 players. What do I mean by the Internet Multiplier Effect (IMF)? It is a situation where other top 10 websites, or top 20 websites, or even top 5 website that writes articles about the top and best of the industry.

What happen next is that this IMF group of websites or magazines will write about the TOP 10 (If you are in it, that will be great), and the top 10 become even more famous because they will push their website to the top 10 in Google. There type of articles and magazine usually are written by writers, usually they will not interview you and they will just copy, spin and paste the similar information gather from the internet.

This is a definite leveraging on their resources to make you even more famous and branded.

8. Selling the Company

In the event you are selling the company or brand next time, you will be in for a surprise, the brand itself can be very valuable, imagine YOU are the top 10 companies or brand in your industry and the top 2 players in the market wants to buy your company, the value of the company and brand can be very huge and such exit plan for a company will yield much better profits compared to a normal sales of a company basing on Profit and Loss of the company, you will be able to sell a bigger values to the buyer, usually such values can easily in terms of millions of dollars or more, if your brand is famous.

9. Creating Multiple Sub Brands

If you notice, when you are at the very Top 10, and when you want to create another new product, service or another brand, the new brands, product or services can be very easily acceptable by the public and consumers. The reason is because the public had perceived that you are able to provide and give high quality services and product which had been endosed by the first company and brand that is already at the top 10 of the industry.

In this way, you can multiple the value to the company, create more sales and profits as a whole in a very short time compared to if you were to start from zero, the best part it is that you can create multiple brands at the same time, which are always restricted based on the available resources. Your growth of the company is practically unlimited which at the same time, you can upsell, cross-sell from different companies to companies and brands to brands.

10. Attracting Top Talents

This benefit is very interesting, as you get more and more branded and popular, you will attract more talented people who are very good in the field of work, this makes your quality of work and services much better compared previously. In turns, creating more clients, and also making more profits in the long run.

Here you go, the top 10 secrets of being at the top 10. If you would like to embark into the journey to be the top 10, email me at dc or contact me at +65-93880851 and let us explore how I can help you to become the top 10 player in the market.