Top 3 mistakes by SEO experts

Mistakes by SEO experts below extra experts in this industry actually make a lot of mistakes, but let me summarize and three of the methods and the mistakes that are not quite as you explained himself.

Hi, my name is Douglas Sean IDs. You must answer the phone. I teach a coach people in SEO and industrially self.

So what are the mistakes are SEO experts as experts claim to be first the never actually followed the latest Trend where the latest algorithm comes in the never really full and what happened is that they learn the most outdated methods of SEO for the can beat of your website. So they learn from many many.

Those look training classes cause us even salmon has or even uglier YouTube, but you eventually do you know that most of the methods they are used for SEO actually very outdated what happened with the use outdated method is static method that you put in the back link that you So important is that when you use the account data method your website, your client website will be penalized when they say penalize meaning that is either a big blister or your ranking will never even go up to a perspective of page.

There is the worst scenario that could happen another mistake of this SEO expert is that we follow the formula too tightly always remember When you do SEO as I see you expect you must always think about the people the customer the user experience. Is it the best experience if you do not very technically. Yes, you may be right? Hi, but in terms of the boundary, you will be pretty high also and because of that the customer is self will not be able to generate the

The seals and inquiries that they are looking for. So be more organic more natural in such a way that King from Customer portal view King from a human point of view and from data structure the website the structure and content in such a way is for the purpose of a human being rather than a cougar born or a spider. To detect matters of a mistake in of this SEO expert instead, they focus very much in the volume key words or even know till keyword because of that is very easy to write in the first page on your by the top train if you have no volume and very very long tail keywords because of that you may be right with that. The question is is able to problem customers only to ourselves. A

few mistakes Park SEO experts Is of course, there are also many many other mistakes done by Massive expense, but these are the three more important things as an SEO expert. So if you are able to explore want to be actually expect including to be active, but if you have not missed this re mistake good for you. All right. Thank you for watching the video. Ciao.