Top 50 SEO Keywords for Recruitment Agencies in Singapore

Below are the top 50 SEO keywords that recruitment agencies in Singapore can optimise to make their website to have more traffics, more clients and candidates:

KeywordAvg. Monthly SearchesCompetition
part time jobs2460000.81
part time jobs singapore148000.81
jobs in singapore148000.8
jobs singapore148000.68
monster singapore121000.22
singapore jobs99000.63
part time jobs in singapore81000.75
job central54000.3
job singapore54000.77
singapore immigration44000.1
career singapore44000.29
employment singapore44000.35
part time job36000.67
singapore job36000.71
marketing jobs in singapore29000.64
job websites29000.61
safety coordinator jobs in singapore29000.61
job site29000.73
job sites29000.79
temporary jobs24000.68
job in singapore24000.88
singapore work24000.73
security jobs24000.91
admin jobs in singapore24000.74
maid agency singapore19000.92
job search singapore19000.83
job search19000.86
part time job singapore19000.61
temporary jobs singapore16000.69
singapore government16000.02
singapore travel agency16000.61
singapore part time jobs16000.69
travel agency in singapore16000.7
cleaner jobs in singapore16000.86
temp jobs16000.68
job vacancies in singapore16000.86
work permit singapore13000.56
sales jobs in singapore13000.81
executive jobs in singapore13000.77
recruitment agency13000.62
services singapore10000.2
wda jobs10000.71
receptionist jobs in singapore10000.57
sap jobs in singapore10000.81
quantity surveyor jobs in singapore10000.61

* Search volume = number of people searching the keywords per month | Competition = the higher the figure, the more website competition for the keywords.

General guide to create a better SEO campaign for your recruitment agencies:

  1. Rich content is very important for a higher ranking in Google. Content should follow SEO guidelines, but it should not spam. Keywords should not be used unnecessarily in order to increase the ranking.
  2. Meta tags and keywords also help in increasing the ranking, but before using the internal linking technique, one must learn how to use and create anchor links. Only then will it be helpful.
  3. Activity should always be related to the business. If it is seen that you are drifting away, it will affect the ranking.
  4. Articles written should be submitted only to the best websites. Only then will there be any activity on your website. The more the brand is genuinely marketed, the better will be the rankings in Google.
  5. One can increase their activity in the web world immensely by writing blogs and other articles in your area of specialization. This helps Google to see that you are indeed genuine and increases the ranking.

These are just the basic of doing SEO for your recruitment agencies, to get a SEO campaign to be successful, there are more steps needed to be done.