Best 10 SEO company in Singapore

Looking for the best SEO company in Singapore? Here are some suggestion by Dougles Chan, the SEO Master Shifu. Who specialised in coaching SEO experts and SEO agencies.

As a business, you only want one thing; to saturate the market as much as possible. With the advent of high technology and social media, each business is now able to reach out to a vast market.

Each brand has a chance to be known to the billions of people surfing and browsing the internet every day.

The issue now is with each and every company using the internet as a marketing platform, how would your business stand out from among the rest? The answer: resorting to the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies there is.

SEO is not as simple as it seems. In essence, SEO is optimizing your company’s online media channels such as its website and social media pages so that it appears on top of every search engine like Google. Being on top of internet search sites means that customers will get to see your website first whenever they try to search something that you sell or provide service for. For you to be able to do that, complex strategies must be applied. You have to deal with keyword density, search engine algorithms, reputation maintenance, and regular online activity.

Of course, you will have to hire the services of the best SEO company in Singapore to succeed. But not all SEO companies in Singapore are the same. Different strategies yield different results, and not all are effective. You also have to consider the price and the quality of the SEO service they provide.

For you to make the right choice, I managed to make a list of the top 10 SE0 companies in Singapore. Each of these companies in the list can provide you with high-quality, effective, and personalized SEO approach with very reasonable prices.

1. Scotts Digital 

While many local SEO Singapore agencies share a common mantra about being in the “TOP 3”- “Your business deserves to be in the TOP 3” and so on and so on. While ranking is a huge part of what SEO agencies are about, reaching the top ranking is only the beginning.

Even if you’re among the top search engine SEO Singapore results, hypothetically there will be an influx of visitors, but how do you manage that interest?

Big questions aren’t solved with stock answers

How do you convert that interest into sales? What are your selling points and how do you make them work for you? Those are questions that rarely have the simple answers. That’s why Scotts Digital’s SEO Services are here to help you answer those questions with custom-tailored solutions that work especially for you.



Address:             146 Robinson Road Level 8 Singapore

Contact No:       93880851

2. Reelmedia

Reelmedia is a company that uses SEO as a part of a bigger strategy to make potential customers visit your company’s website. What they do is that the company creates unique, interesting, and high-quality content that is then shared to giant multimedia platforms such as Facebook and YouTube which has backlinks to your website that visitors would then click on. As content are shared by netizens, the wider your audience gets and the higher the potential of website traffic. Not only does Reelmedia provide your website with high-quality blogs and articles that keep readers hooked, they also create informative and fun videos that people get to watch. Keywords are strategically placed on every content to ensure that your website is on the top of search results all the time.

Speaking of videos, Reelmedia actually specializes on videography as the primary means of increased website traffic.                 They banner video marketing as their main strategy to reach out to the highest number of potential customers. They have video production services and video marketing packages that has the potential of increasing website traffic without additional costs.



Address:             46 East Coast Rd. #07-03 Eastgate Singapore 428766

Contact No:       5272655

3. Digibrand

Digibrand is an SEO expert in terms of lead generation. The company employs a variety of means including viral marketing to ensure that as interest from potential customers build up, the contents they create live up to the hype and eventually convert to a good ROI. They successfully incorporate this strategy to their main services such as web development and digital marketing. They effectively use SEO techniques that not only pushes the website up the rankings but also generate a large amount of following and increase website traffic as a result of viral campaigns through social media websites such as Facebook and YouTube.

Digibrand offers other IT services that focuses on increased ROI such as web development and maintenance. They also banner the service Gsuite, which is an all-in-one shared cloud drive which improves workflow and efficiency in the workplace especially if the group is created virtually. The company also provides e-commerce strategies and assistance to help company start-ups.



Address:             25 Kaki Bukit Road 4, #06-44 Synergy@KB, Singapore 417800

Contact No:       6527469

4. Novage

Novage is mainly a web design company. But their approach to main design is not just aesthetics and flashy graphics. For Novage, a good website is a website that drives traffic, generate leads, and makes sales. This is their approach in providing their clients with their web development services. They can also improve your company’s existing website by strategical placement of SEO techniques, unique and interesting content, and also apply SEM (Search Engine Marketing). All the while creating a visually stimulating website design.

Novage also provides other services such as Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing, E-commerce management, and other tools to ensure that your company can get the highest possible visibility in all media platforms. They also have a dedicated technical support team for you to contact anytime for any assistance. The company also provides a website analysis for you to monitor the performance of your website and to make the necessary adjustments to improve it further.



Address:             The Commerze @ Irving 1 Irving Place, #09-01 Singapore 369546

Contact No:       67444064

5. E-Alchemists

In terms of SEO strategies, E-Alchemists does not just have a vast arsenal of optimization tools, but is also an expert in using those tools appropriately. The approach of this company is to understand the client deeply; what does it sell, the target market, and the preferred approach, before giving a comprehensive proposal of the effective SEO strategies needed to make it work. Its not just about having the right tools, it is also having the right usage and approach.

Part of this company’s huge repertoire of SEO techniques are local SEO, website optimization, mobile phone SEO, landing page optimization, and great SEO strategized content including unique articles and videos. But prior to launching any of this strategies, E-alchemists employ analyses such as SEO monitoring, SEO consulting, market analysis, keyword research, and targeting. All of these to ensure that each strategy will yield the best possible results.

Along with the SEO expertise, E-alchemists also offer website development and design, website maintenance, and many more. And if you are unsure of what your company really needs, you can contact them to have a no-obligation chat where the company can provide you with everything that you need to increase the online visibility of your company.




Address:             55 Market Street #10-00 Singapore 048941

Contact No:       68718921

6. Rapidcloud

As the company name connotes, Rapidcloud is one of the premier cloud computing solution providers in Singapore. But the company also excels in website development service and employs effective SEO strategies for increased rankings in search engines such as Google. Not only do they provide top-notch SEO services, but they also ensure that all the strategies applied to comply with algorithms necessary to maintain the rankings organically without having to shell out more money. They also provide analysis, monitoring, and qualitative and quantitative results that can be measured. Their website maintenance service is very reliable with a tech support that is easily accessible.

Their one-year SEO packages include research and analysis at the early stages, a selection of the number of keywords, a certain period of keyword optimization, and website page optimization in which there is an option of as to how many pages of your website you want to be optimized. The company also provide keyword research to ensure that you use the most effective keywords for your website and also conduct website SEO audit and competitor analysis.

The company also provides services such as link-building, RSS feed generation, URL structure optimization, HTML sitemap creation and search engine submission, and site performance analysis. All of these are essential to ensure that your website has employed all the means necessary to increase traffic and generate leads which equate to an increased ROI.



Address:             2 Leng Kee Road, #05-09 Thye Hong Centre, Singapore 159086

Contact No:       68839555

7. Serpshake

Serpshake is a digital marketing company that focuses on customer satisfaction and success more than anything else. The company prides itself with highly effective SEO services tailor-fit to each client’s marketing needs at the same time ensuring that they comply with the highest standards and norms of online etiquette for the sole purpose of keeping the client from any violation, penalties, and from being removed from the rankings.

The company invests in research and analysis of Google algorithms to ensure that its clients would get the most out of it safely and organically, meaning to say for no additional advertisement costs. They employ keyword research, create an online marketing plan that suits the client’s business, and avoid any automated tools that risks of blasting dangerous links to the website. Everything is custom-made and meticulously designed to meet the clients needs and ensure their safety as well.

Serpshake provides free SEO consultation to discuss with potential clients all the means necessary for them to achieve their marketing goals. The company also ensures that they will only engage in the partnership if they truly believe that they can help the client increase their website traffic, lead generation, and eventually ROI. They also do not engage in long-term contracts so that clients can opt-out of the service if they deem necessary.



Address:             14 Robinson Road, Singapore, 048545

Contact No:       31522423

8. The Verticals

The Verticals is not just a company that specializes in SEO, but also provides a lot of online marketing solutions tailor-fit to the needs of each client. The primary focus of this company is to create organic, safe, no “black-hat”, SEO techniques that ensures lead-generation and increased online traffic. They boast of 15 years of experience in website development and optimization and a compilation of success stories of their previous clients on their website. Aside from effective tailor-made SEO strategies, The Verticals also provide 24/7 SEO reporting system, monthly link report, and page 1 in 6 months guarantee policy.

The company’s strategies include authoritative backlinks, unique and interesting content, social media marketing, and other effective techniques. They also provide other services such as web development, e-commerce development, marketing consultancy, corporate branding, and more.



Address:             1 Genting Lane, #03-01, Singapore 349544

Contact No:       62257335

9. Media One

Media One can be considered as a one-stop shop for all of your company’s online marketing needs. One of their many expertise is SEO, which incorporates ethical and best practices to ensure that rankings are organic and based on “white-hat” SEO practices. The company is so confident that their clients will get their website on page 1 of google within 6 months or less, otherwise the company will not stop working until the websites land at the first page no matter how long it takes for no extra charge. They also provide 24/7 SEO reports that clients can acquire anytime of the day for real time monitoring of the website’s performance. All of these services will start with a no-obligation consultation and keyword research and audit. Once everything is clear-cut and agreed upon, that is where the process will take place.

Media one also provides multimedia marketing, SEM, online reputation management and so much more. They also provide trainings and courses about SEO and Digital Marketing among others. They have a very presentable and user-friendly website where you can get to chat with an online representative right away.

They also have several branches across Singapore where you  can get to discuss you company’s marketing needs in person.



Address:             Central HQ

40B Tras Street S(078979

Contact No:       67899852

Address:             East Branch

70 Ubi Cres S(408738)

Contact No:       67421048

Address:              West Branch

1 BtBatok Cres #08-38 Plaza S(658064)

10. First Page Digital

The name speaks for itself. This company will definitely get your website to page 1 of Google rankings. They are very confident that the SEO strategies they employ will work for their clients that they implemented a 90-day promise of guaranteed results or else they would work for free until they are able to do so. First Page Digital also offers a free 30-minute strategy session with an experienced digital marketing executive which is valued at SGD500. Upon visiting their website, you will see a number of testimonials from satisfied clients.

Aside from expert SEO service, the company also provides other digital marketing services such as Google Ads placement, SEM, Social Media Marketing specializing in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn, premium content writing, and reputation management. All of these strategies are meticulously applied and tailor-fitted to ensure increased website traffic, lead generation and eventually a higher ROI.



Address:             144 Robinson Road, #20-01 Robinson Square Singapore 068908

Contact No:       62702193  Fax: 62702139