Fashion as we know it is ever changing. The trends in fashion keep metamorphizing so fast that it takes a great deal of enthusiasm to keep up with the current styles. Whatever the occasion or season is, one thing is sure – what you wear is the first thing people notice.

Shorts are particularly popular during the summer. This is obviously because of the need to dress lightly in the heat of this season. It is known that shorts are comfy but have you tried high rise shorts? In addition to being comfy, they bring out the sexy in you. High rise shorts are shorts that go beyond the traditional waistline sometimes to the level of the belly button.

There are different types of high rise shorts. This categorisation can be based on the material with which they are made or the design.

Based on the cloth they are made of, high rise shorts can be of the Denim, Spandex or Wool variety. Do you feel like looking great while taking a jog or during that yoga session, how about a spandex high rise short – you can never go wrong with those. Denim never disappoints. Made from cotton, it is a girl’s best friend on a sunny day. Does that weather seem a little chilly? Wool high rise shorts are here to keep you warm.

High rise shorts are trending. You can love them or hate them but one thing you can not do is ignore them.