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How to get traffic to your Chatbot Singapore website? Here are 7 Strategies you can use for your Chatbot Singapore website to have unlimited clients and candidates.

The key challenge for 95% of the Chatbot Singapore websites is that there are not enough relevant visitors, many are having less than 10 people visiting their website and eventually the amount of money that spend on create a wonderful Chatbot website had gone down the drain because nobody actually visited their Chatbot website.

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Having been helping over 20 countries client marketing their Chatbot websites, I would like to share some simple and yet effective tricks that will increase more potential candidates and clients to your website.

Strategy #1 Spreading the Eggs

Many people actually use 1-2 online marketing strategies to market their Chatbot website to drive traffic to your website. For online strategies, use Twitter, Blogging, Facebook, Linkedin, email marketing, whatapps marketing, apps and other popular platforms to try out the engagement and responds, test them out for at least 3 to 6 months to decide whether it is useful and with good ROI.

Eventually, you will be able to have 1-2 good platforms to focus on with good return on investment,but I would like to stress that one should never put all their eggs in one basket, it would be best to spread them out into as many as 4-6 different platforms so that you can do the initial testing and see what are the better methods and later further narrow down to about 3 main marketing methods. Once you have done that, put all your resources into the selected ones. 

Strategy #2, Massive SEO

If you were to do it correctly, you will have a big chunk of visitors and traffic to your website from search engine itself, from Google, Yahoo, and maybe Bing respectively to your Chatbot website.

Don’t go for SEO on 10-20 keywords,  it will not work very well in the long run, I will usually focus on 50-100 keywords. Given a choice, a few hundreds of SEO keywords will be ideal.

Once Google changes its formula, at least 50% of the keywords you are ranking will be gone and you have to restart your optimization again. Hence, it will be good to focus on high among of targetted keywords. 

10,000 Visitors from Organic Traffic

For SEO, you will need to give it some time to rank well, for new Chatbot websites, be prepared to wait 3-6 months before anything interesting will happen. Bearing in mind that for a new website, there will be a sandbox period where it will stop you from ranking in the first page out of respect to the existing Chatbot websites that had already ranked on the 1st page. 

Strategy #3, Reverse content

If the content you are providing looks normal, then the problem is that the user likely not be too interested on it, hence they will not be keen to read further and share with their friends about it. Something it is good to go against the normal as long as you can justify them and back them with substances.

Most Chatbot websites are very boring and plenty of self-praise on how good they are, this will likely not attract good responds and engagement, as such, provide something valuable and entertaining

Strategy #4,  Focus Content in Your Chatbot Website

Do not put any or every content that you like, for example, in my website www.dougleschan.com, I focus in SEO Singapore and SEO Services, hence, I will focus very much into that area, this not only brings great value to the users who visited the website, it also makes Google loves your website as your content are valuable and they will rank your website very high with minimum SEO activities. So to traffic to your website, your website ought to be focused on a specific topic or category. 

Strategy #5, It’s not about words

Remember that your content should not be always words, words, and words…. You can include photos, videos, places, music, and voices too…remember that the search engine searches everything, not just content. 

Strategy #6, Constant sharing

You can have the best content, but if you are not sharing them or promoting them, the search engine will not even pick them up at all, remember that 90% of the world’s websites pages are not even indexed at all, because nobody talks about it….

Share them on social media, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, to your friends, emails, etc….

Strategy #7, Database collection

For every visitor to your website, you must find some ways to collect their information, especially their email address, you will need to constantly collect them so that you will have a sizable database so that you can email them with the latest updates.  Remember that 20% of the sales of your business will likely come from this list…..

When you do all or some of the strategies above, you will likely to have a very positive impact on your traffic to your Chatbot website, keep working on it and improves the ranking in Google. 

To your success.

An article by Dougles Chan –  A 15 years experienced best SEO consultant and SEO experts that specialized in Search Engine Optimisation, provides quality SEO services in Singapore. An author of 8 books and has 25 years in business and SEO hands-on experiences in SEO services and SEO Consulting in Singapore, London, NJ and New York.

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