Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic coating


Ceramic coating is a lot more familiar today than it was in past years. Ceramic coating is a clear coat on the car’s surface which includes a liquid polymer, usually based on nanotechnology. When ceramic coating is applied on a car’s surface, the properties of the liquid polymer allow it to forms a chemical boding with the factory paint protection, especially due to mentioned nanotechnology. Once the surface is coated, ceramic coating can only be removed by abrasion and not by any chemicals. As most things, ceramic coating also has its advantages and disadvantages.

First advantage is that ceramic coating provides great protection to the car’s surface. Newer nano ceramic coating rated 9H (on pencil scale) provide protection from dirt and chemical contaminants, and limited level of protection from types of scratches, all while the original paint is not affected anyhow. Ceramic coating has longer life span that the regular paint. This is mostly due to bonds chemicals form with the surface of the car. This coating is proven to sustain heavy shocks and vibrations. Another advantage of the ceramic coating is it being smooth and free of abrasions which results in easier cleaning of the car with less time needed. Once car with coating is cleaned, it is back to its radiant finish. Usually, for shinier finish, people apply car wax. It does provide that extra shine, but most of car waxes are temporary and need to be reapplied after some time. This is where ceramic coating comes, saving time and wallet. Looking in the long run, coating is better than waxing due its longer life and better finish easier for maintaining. Advantages for those who love having car looking fresh new, ceramic coating lets car look ready for car show room.

With everything mentioned in previous paragraph, first disadvantage is not surprising and that is quite expensive price of ceramic coating. But there is a catch with the price. Coating with high price is one that needs to be applied by professional, but it is a high quality one with long life span. A little lower price have DIY kits for coating, but with lower price comes lower quality. Even professional ceramic coatings can in the end be cheaper that paint protection films (PPF). Other disadvantages include time needed for coating to be applied. If coating is applied by professional, car will be at the detailing shop for around three day, sometimes even longer depending on the size of the car, paint, damage on the paint. If coating is not done right or in a hurry it can leave marks on the original paint finish.

Even with these disadvantages, people still choose to spend a bit more, but feels safe about their car’s surface while it shines brightly. Some of the popular and well-known companies that make great ceramic coating are Ceramic Pro, 3M and Nanoformula. For those who choose to save some money, there are always cheaper car waxes and car polishes.

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