An artificial intelligence company building apps, systems and chatbots.

We partner companies and help them establish a digital presence and delight their clients with a great experience through custom-built apps and chatbots.

With digital data now made available, we further help companies to make sense of their data, through analytics, to derive insights so they can make smart business decisions.


Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Singapore, Qavar is reputed as a technology company that designs intelligent software with the human in mind. Simplicity is a core value and philosophy that guides every design and engineering decision at Qavar, because we know that we can build powerful technology that is simple and pleasurable to use. And we have.


Our chatbots is based on a set of powerful, custom-built technologies that together comprise what we call the Qavar Chat Framework. With our expertise in artificial intelligence, coupled with our strengths in linguistics, we have created a chat engine that is unparalleled in its ability to understand natural human language.


Our document management and workflow product, Qavar Docs, is heralded by many businesses as powerful technology, delivered simply. Provided both as a highly scalable cloud offering, as well as a secure on-premise deployment, Qavar Docs is easy to adopt, and even simpler to use.

Our clients across diverse industries testify that Qavar Docs has transformed what they expect when dealing with documents. Even more, it has brought machine intelligence into their operational processes with hardly any complexity. Processes that once had to managed and handled everyday by people, are now run by machines, automatically. Efficiency, productivity, simplicity, consistency and convenience, in a single package.


We realized that we were really good at capturing data, storing it reliably, and making it easy for our users to find the data they want. But they could not derive any insights from it.

Thus Qavar Analytics was born, a service that provided custom analytics solutions that helps our clients visualize, understand, distill and analyze their information — for the single purpose of deriving insights that help them make smart decisions.

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