Cheap phone/tablet for children

If you are already a parent, has this ever happened to you: your child is turning, for example, 5 years old but is already asking for a phone or a tablet? Well, it is a very common situation nowadays. The real question here is do you want to spend money on something your kid will use and abuse, and most likely smash a couple times? Maybe, but probably not a big amount. We have compiled some facts, which prove that cheap smartphones and tablets are great for children.

Ok, why don’t we start with the best part –if you choose a less advanced option, it’s not going to cost you a fortune to get such device for your offspring. Kids don’t need powerful internals or a high-resolution camera anyway. Aim to get something that is reasonably priced and that you won’t mind being damaged, because let’s be honest – this phone or tablet will probably suffer some damage. As long as the gadget supports all the apps for your child, can connect to Wi-Fi for those toy-unboxing videos and just helps to keep them entertained while you are busy, it’s a great deal.

If we talk about the disadvantages of inexpensive devices, the most important would be that some of them offer very poor build quality; you can periodically stumble across cheap plastic, flimsy buttons or fragile glass in them. It also spikes up the chance of cracking and other risks even more. This might put your kids in danger as something could break accidentally and injure them. Yes, we have already mentioned how you won’t cry over such phone or tablet breaking, but safety comes first.

Many disagreements arise regarding the topic of youngsters using too much technology recently. Everyone has their own opinion but, in general, it is safe to say there are two sides to every coin. While children can play some learning games and watch great cartoons, using a smartphone or a tablet also provides them access to the black hole of modernity – the Internet. Most devices let you activate the parental control, which helps filter out the unsuitable applications and unwanted information; but in case you forget to switch it on, kids can be exposed to all the bad things in the world.

In the near future, it is probably going to be even harder to shield young ones from the onset of technology. Maybe this is for good, as innovations are believed to make our life better and easier. But if you care about is what your children do right now and how to provide the best interactive activities for them, consider buying a new gadget for them. Find a trusted cheap smartphone and tablet retailer in Singapore and gladden the little ones with a new amazing “toy”.


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