Cloud Computing Services – Excellent Collaboration With Minimum Infrastructural Costs

Cloud services are scalable, easy to implement and extremely cost-effective. Recently, Gartner Inc. has predicted that by 2012, 80 percent of Fortune 1000 enterprises will move to cloud. Their research also revealed that a 30 percent of them will pay for cloud-computing infrastructure. Similarly, Merrill Lynch has reported that cloud computing market will reach $160 billion by the end of 2011.

However, a business should decide to move into the clouds only if it’s having products with very high server usage and varying loads. If it’s facing quick business changes, global competitive pressure and social responsibility demands, then also it can go for the cloud. Many companies also move their solutions to the cloud for adjusting with the increasing end-user sophistication and rapid information growth.

If a business decides to move into the cloud, it should only trust a professional service provider. Fortunately, there are many professional cloud computing service providers available today. They offer services like cloud consulting, test management, collaboration, shared infra utilization, product migration, web server & portal, directory services, cross domain services, app deployment, network simulation, security evaluation, version control services and many more. Cloud services ensure many benefits like lower infrastructural costs, improved performance, instant software updates, improved document format compatibility, unlimited storage capacity, increased data reliability, universal document access, latest version availability, easier group collaboration, device independence and much more.

A professional cloud services company can enhance a business’ existing products to expand in the cloud. They can add cloud components to augment a business’ server capacity and design migration strategies to move current production servers into the cloud. However, a business should consider certain points before moving into cloud computing. The cloud service provider they choose must have a proven track record. They should offer high network and periphery security. They should ensure that their servers are completely secure for the storage of business-critical information and offer a good customer service by resolving issues instantly.


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