Excellent Service and Repair of Fridge and Air Conditioners


Singapore being an Island city is a tourist attraction of the world. If can also be considered as of the busiest cities with tourist visiting Singapore all around the year. The city has become a very big commercial hub with many major business establishments setting up their business in Singapore. The city is also very popular with famous and renowned restaurants, pubs and club houses besides many beautiful parks and monuments. The weather of Singapore though pleasant can also be hot and humid in summer. Being a famous tourist destination, the city requires its business establishments, restaurants, clubs and offices to be facilitated with proper air conditions and fridges. It is not an easy task for the major establishments and luxurious homes and accommodations to maintain their Air Conditioners and fridges properly and maintenance free. Besides that the well known and famous restaurants uses big commercial fridges which require regular servicing and maintenance. It is not only the commercial establishment and houses but these days people use expensive fridges at homes for domestic purpose.

We are into the profession of providing service and also repair these expensive fridges which are ought to create problems due to constant use. Our company exclusively deals in repairing your expensive and delicate fridges and keep it working and give high performance. We provide our service at your door step and ensure you the best of our service. We are available 24/7 and our engineers are well trained and polite.

Our services are not limited to repairing and servicing of fridges but also we deal in repair and servicing your aircon installation in singapore. Our technicians are trained to tackle any complicated problems of Air Conditioners. We understand that the Air Conditioners are of different make and model but our companies technicians are trained and certified to repair and service any model and make. We have all the required parts of Air Conditioners which are necessary to be replaced during servicing. In doing so we are able to give you satisfied refrigeration services within the stipulated time. Our team is always ready to serve you and we believe in discipline and punctuality in executing our service to our customers. We claim ourselves to be the aircon cleaning services with short waiting time in resolving your problems.


We, as a team are dedicated and work together to maintain a very good market position, and strive to make our service available at your doorstep.