Four Most Common Causes of Neck Pain

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Perhaps you craned your neck for too long while bird watching. Or, maybe you slept-and woke up-on the wrong side of the bed. Whatever it is that may have caused your neck pain, you know you want to do something about it right here, right now. Fortunately for you, most neck pains respond very well to simple home care. It doesn’t hurt to take Joint Advance either. You won’t need a prescription to get your bottle, and you can rest easy knowing your joint health formula is hard at work to give you long-term joint comfort.

Below are the four most common causes of chronic neck pain. Read up on each one to determine what problem you have. When you know what the problem is, you can better consider solutions for it.

Worn Joints. Your neck is just like any other joint in your body. It suffers wear and tear, which become more marked with age. You can prevent worn joints (and the stiffness and pain that go with it) with supplements like Joint Advance.

Injuries. Ever bumped into someone or something, and ended up writhing in agony? Whiplash injuries occur when your head is forcefully and suddenly jerked forwards and back. This movement stretches your neck’s soft tissues beyond limit.

Disk Disorders. As you become older, the disks that cushion your vertebrae become stiff and dry, narrowing those spaces in the spinal column where your nerves normally come out. Or, your disks could herniate. Or, nearby nerves could be irritated. It’s also possible that bony growths and other tissues will press on the nerves while exiting the spinal cord, thus causing pain.

Muscle Strains. Spending too much time hunched over the steering wheel? Believe it or not, activities like that can trigger muscle strains. The muscles found in your neck can suffer fatigue as a result of strain, resulting in chronic pain.

You’re young, you’re active, and you don’t think taking care of your joints should be at the top of your To Do list. Well, it’s time you change that thinking. If there’s anything the top four causes of neck pain should have shown you, it’s that never too early to start taking care of your body, your neck in particular.