Getting to Know the Different Types of Wedding Videography

Many people buy video cameras so that they can record without problem. These digital cameras, allow you to store images on memory sticks. It is undeniable that this piece of equipment has made our lives easier if we want to capture those little moments that make our hearts fonder. It has eliminated the use of films like what you see in the movies. When you want to playback the videos, all you have to do is switch modes and there you can enjoy watching what you have recorded. People are so thankful for this invention because they can now enjoy quality images without a big hassle. Moreover, the use of film has virtually been eliminated. You can record videos and store videos with ease simply by transferring your data to the computer.

However, there are times when rolls of films are preferred. Yes, even with the new age camcorders lying around, professional videographer still choose to use professional video cameras. Although they look bulky to carry around, they are still commonly used. Have you ever seen Indie films (or stands for independent) in HBO or in your local theaters? They use these kinds of cameras so that they can carry it around to capture moving images.

This device is also good to use for wedding celebrations. People, who seek for wedding services, may hire professionals to do their wedding videography. They will be using this camera and stock it with films. Some of the films used to create beautiful images from your weddings are:


This describes the width of the film used for recording. They have sprocket holes that are on one side of the film. This film is generally used for home movie market.

Super 8mm

This is a variant of the 8mm film. They have sprocket holes smaller than the previous one. They are commonly used for music videos. However, they are still used in making videos for your wedding because of the natural effects it gives to the movie.


These films are 16mm wide. Noticeably it is bigger than the standard 8mm and its version and it runs twice as fast. You can record it with sounds.

All of these films have great uses and are economical for professionals to use. However, even though these films are around, there have been advances to technology for people to enjoy quality videos without the use of projectors for viewing. Wedding videography has evolved too through the use of high definition cameras. Therefore, do expect that your rates for this service will definitely cost over thousands of dollars. However, you will never be disappointed with the effects.

Despite the advancement, great filmmakers still make use of these analog devices to create their movie. This is the same reason why some wedding videographers prefer this mode of filming. But thanks to technology and for the people who aims to preserve films, professionals who use such analog technology have been given a chance to convert these videos digitally. The quality of film is still the same. Nevertheless, if you are up for an inexpensive alternative to high definition videos for your wedding day, you can opt for these three films.


Despite the changes over time, people still use analog devices for video recording, especially on weddings. These three films are commonly used as an inexpensive alternative. But thanks to technology, these films can be transferred digitally to make you view your wedding videos without the use of projectors.