How to Get Fast, Effective and Permanent Chronic Back Pain Relief Naturally

Treatment for chronic back pain relief (and other chronic pain relief) is easier, more effective and much more comfortable than you may think.

One of the biggest problems with the traditional body manipulation pain relief techniques is that the treatment is done to you, i.e. somebody else manipulates your body to give you relief. Examples of this are massage, chiropracting, and physiotherapy.

One of the biggest lessons for me was in realizing that body manipulation therapies do not permanently relieve pain. In fact, it is likely that the more often you go to a body manipulation therapist, the more frequently you will need to return.


Well, when your body is treated by somebody else, the results are temporary because you don’t learn how to put yourself into that state. The focus is on getting somebody else to “fix” you… so there is no responsibility taken for bringing awareness to your own unconscious patterns or for creating your own healing.

I began to realise this fact after years of trying many innovative and established pain relief techniques to relieve my chronic, back, neck and shoulder pain. I discovered that the more dynamic the pain relief technique the more the pain continued.

In fact, after years of using “common” pain relief techniques and getting no permanent relief, I began to become less and less active, eventually hoping to find pain relief just lying around. Although my chronic back, neck and shoulder pain decreased with inactivity, I could still feel areas of immobility, pain, and a lack of energy.

This led me on my search for simple and permanent pain relief that I could do myself.

After years of research and exploration into self-healing, I began to understand that true comfort and freedom from pain comes from the spirit within. It is only through acknowledging our pain can we truly heal and live a joyous pain-free life.

But the question remained, how do we go within when there is so much outer all-consuming chronic body pain?

Through trial and error, I found the greatest relief of chronic pain occurred when all parts of my body were simultaneously supported. This meant that all of my body was held in a precise, relaxed position where all joints were centered and all voluntary muscles were disengaged.

So I asked myself, “Where do I remember being the most relaxed and pain-free?” The answer that came to me was: “when I was entirely submerged in water”. It was basically when I felt weightless!

Then I had a moment of revelation. I realized that my body became completely relaxed when underwater because all my joints were centered and all my muscles and fascial sheaths were allowed to rest in their natural length. This allowed my body energy to flow unimpeded (a position we don’t often experience with the tension and stresses of day-to-day life).

Since I did not relish the lack of oxygen under water or the shriveling of my skin after a period of time in water, I decided to recreate this “weightless” body position on land.

So, after a period of combining cushions to support my body in this “weightless” position, I eventually developed a solution that provides permanent relief from chronic pain without the need to do anything! The result is actually so profound, that after a few months of use, I no longer needed to use it because I no longer had pain.

And the final result? I achieved my goal of finding a way to easily self-heal; where there is no more need to rely on somebody else for your own well-being!

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